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Chapter 949: I’ve Held Her Hand

 'The Fortune Gate Ancestor wants to receive ten in-name disciples?' Huang Xiaolong blanked, he really didn't know about this until now.

He finally understood why there were so many cultivators gathered at the foothills of the Sacred Fortune Mountain.

Although it was only in-name disciples and not personal disciples, based on the Fortune Gate Ancestor's status and identity, it was sufficient to raise one's status greatly within their families.

"Brother, you really didn't come here for the exam?" That family disciple asked Huang Xiaolong again.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, "No."

"Then what are you here for?" That family disciple was bemused.

"I'm here to see somebody." Huang Xiaolong did not mention Li Lu's name.

At Huang Xiaolong's words, that person leaned back slightly, giving him a head to toe glance then grinned mysteriously, "See someone? A woman, right? Is it perhaps that dreamy ice beauty Li Lu?"

"Dreamy ice beauty Li Lu?" Huang Xiaolong was stupefied, 'Dreamy ice beauty? Li Lu has this kind of title?'

That person snickered good-naturedly at Huang Xiaolong's reaction, "Did I hit the bullseye? Don't try to deny it, in all truthfulness, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Don't think all of us are here only to vie for a chance to become the Fortune Gate Ancestor's disciple, a lot of the present cultivators' main purpose in coming here is to get a glimpse of that dreamy ice beauty Li Lu."

"Those ten in-name disciple spots are just too hard to get. I heard the exam is divided into three parts, the second part is handled by the dreamy ice beauty Li Lu. Even if you fail the exam, being able to see the legendary dreamy ice beauty Li Lu is still a wonderful memory ah!"

"I heard she is so beautiful that any words used to describe her pale in comparison to reality. A Wangu Clan disciple got lucky and saw Li Lu once. During cultivation, he was actually thinking of her and ended up suffering from cultivation deviation. He's now crazy in the head."

That family disciple went on enthusiastically nonstop, his saliva flying all over, rendering Huang Xiaolong speechless.

Although Li Lu was indeed an exceptional beauty, it wasn't to the extent of causing cultivation deviation. This was clearly over exaggerating!

A close-by family disciple chimed in, "Pity ah, this top-grade white cabbage Li Lu was eaten by that boar Huang Xiaolong... We can only see from afar, but cannot touch."

"Precisely! Because that Devil Son Mo Su incessantly pestered Li Lu, Huang Xiaolong flattened him like meat paste with a slap, killing him!" The first family disciple added. "Had it been us instead, Huang Xiaolong wouldn't even need to use his hand, just the strength from half of his finger could send us to hell!"

"Half of his finger? Huang Xiaolong doesn't even need to move his finger, just one blow of air and you're lining up to reincarnate."

Some disciples near them couldn't resist adding their opinions after hearing Huang Xiaolong's name being mentioned.

Huang Xiaolong was shaking his head inwardly as he listened, not getting upset at all.

"Ei, what do you guys think, did Li Lu really get 'xxx' by Huang Xiaolong?" The first family disciple suddenly lowered his voice to a whisper, posing a question to the small group of disciples that had gathered around him, making a gesture with his hand.

"That's hard to say. The rumors everywhere claim that Li Lu and Huang Xiaolong are childhood sweethearts, that Li Lu had already been 'embraced' by Huang Xiaolong when she was barely twenty!" A family disciple whispered in a barely audible voice.

"What fart! When Li Lu was participating in the Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition, although her face was concealed by a veil, many people could still see that she was still a virgin!" Another family disciple refuted loudly.

The discussion grew heated, more dramatic, and more exaggerated.

Huang Xiaolong had a bitter smile.

'What nonsense are the people spouting?'

Huang Xiaolong coughed dryly, saying, "The truth is, I've seen Li Lu's face."

All the noises around him died abruptly, burning gazes fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

"Brother, do you cross your heart on that?!" The first family disciple doubtfully looked at Huang Xiaolong.

"I have held her hand as well." Huang Xiaolong admitted with a serious, deadpan face.

The disciples who had been looking at Huang Xiaolong with great anticipation instantly scoffed loudly and directly ignored him.

At this time, a group of Fortune Gate disciples descended from the Sacred Fortune Mountain peak, a group of mid-level Highgod Realm disciples.

Having reached the foothills, a middle-aged man stepped forward, saying, "All of you are here to take the disciple exam? Follow me."

Hearing his words, all the present cultivators obediently followed behind them.

Huang Xiaolong hesitated, then followed as well.

Since the second part was overseen by Li Lu, he might as well join temporarily, it wouldn't take much of his time anyways.

On the way, the middle-aged Fortune Gate cultivator briefly introduced himself; his name was Wu Gen, the examiner in charge of the first part.

Soon, following Wu Gen's group of Fortune Gate disciples, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived at one of the mountain peaks.

On the front of this peak was a cave mouth that led directly to the back of the mountain.

Wu Gen pointed at the mouth of the cave, saying, "The first part of the exam tests your willpower. You pass as long as you can walk out from this cave's illusion array within one day."

As high as one's talent could be, if their will and determination were feeble, their future achievements would be limited. Therefore, a person's willpower was an essential factor in cultivation.

The moment Wu Gen finished, a number of various families' disciples were already rushing into the cave. Watching this, the rest followed. Amongst the latter group was Huang Xiaolong.

"Senior brother, among these cultivators, how many do you think would be able to pass the first stage?" One of the Fortune Gate disciples asked Wu Gen.

"There are more than thirty thousand people that registered, having three hundred or so passing is already a good result." Wu Gen roughly estimated.

This cave's illusion array wasn't as simple as it sounded, an extremely strong will was required to pass through it.

"I heard Senior Brother Wu Gen used merely six hours to pass through the illusion array." Another Fortune Gate disciple said.

Wu Gen laughed, "What's six hours? Junior Sister Li Lu also went through this illusion array, but it only took her half an hour to do it."

The Fortune Gate's Ancestor had seven personal disciples, and Wu Gen was his fifth, whereas Li Lu was the seventh personal disciple. The other Fortune Gate disciples with Wu Gen were merely in-name disciples.

"In half an hour!" The disciples with Wu Gen exclaimed in unison.

Wu Gen sighed as he nodded, "Yes, in half an hour's time. During the Eldest Senior Brother's time, he took two hours. There shouldn't be anyone who can break Junior Sister Li Lu's record."

Right when Wu Gen's voice fell, a rippling bright light shrouded the cave mouth.

Wu Gen and his junior brothers stared dazedly. 'What...!?' Only when someone had successfully passed the illusion array would the light at the cave entrance ripple.

Could it be...?

But, didn't the group just enter not long ago? Three minutes? Or was it four minutes?

Subsequently, Wu Gen's group saw a black-haired young man walk out from the cave mouth.

'Someone really passed the illusion array!' They could feel their tongues freeze in their mouths, dumbfounded.

"...Se-Senior brother, could-could it be, t-the illusion array malfunctioned?" One of the disciples stammered dazedly.

Wu Gen recovered from his shock, shaking his head, "Not possible!" The illusion array couldn't have been malfunctioning. There were great waves of shock in his heart as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

"Then, should we report this matter to the Ancestor?" One of them asked. One could hear the disbelief in his voice.