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Chapter 945: You Must Die Today!

 "They returned to the City of Devils..." A cold smile tugged at the corners of Huang Xiaolong's lips. Just as well, he would make a trip to the City of Devils and find out precisely what the Devil Bead was used for.

A whelming divine might surged around Huang Xiaolong as his gaze swept over Wangu Biran, You Wushang, and the rest, "The news of me passing the fifth section hasn't spread, right?"

The eleven Eminent Elders shook their heads incessantly, claiming they dared not whisper even a word without his order.

Huang Xiaolong stated, "I hope the news of me passing all five sections of the Sacred Dan Temple will remain in our small circle in the coming week." His gaze turned chilling cold for a second as he added, "Otherwise, whoever leaks the news shall be deemed a traitor of the Union and disposed of as such!"

One week's time, Huang Xiaolong was confident he could deal with the ancient devil clan and other troubles during this short period.

The eleven Eminent Elders' hair stood on ends sensing the killing intent coming from Huang Xiaolong, their little hearts shuddered inwardly as they hurried to comply.

"All of you may withdraw, Jiang Bi, you stay behind." Huang Xiaolong ordered.

Wangu Biran and the others, except for Jiang Bi, saluted and left.

Jiang Bi stood there with a pale face, daring not even fidget despite feeling as if his heart was about to explode from nervousness. Less than a dozen meters in front of him was Jiang Lei who was slapped into meat paste a while ago. The scent of blood was still thick in the air, impacting Jiang Bi's senses.

Huang Xiaolong watched the pale, slightly unsteady Jiang Bi, not wasting time with nonsense, going directing into the topic, "I'm giving you two choices right now. One, open your soul sea for me to brand your soul; with that, I will erase the mark I put on you before. The second choice is death!"

Jiang Bi's body quivered involuntarily, his expression turned even uglier.

Soul branding!

Huang Xiaolong continued indifferently, "Naturally, after you submit to me, I will provide you with one high rank sacred grade immortal spirit stone every year for cultivation."

"What? High rank sacred grade immortal spirit stone!" His head jerked up in disbelief, looking at Huang Xiaolong.

High rank sacred grade immortal spirit stone, hadn't they stopped appearing after the ancient times passed? Was Huang Xiaolong saying he had...

Huang Xiaolong lightly waved his hand in the air, and suddenly, high sacred grade immortal spirit stones fell from the void one after another, filling the entire great hall with vibrant spiritual energy.

Staring at the pile of sacred grade immortal spirit stones in front of him, Jiang Bi's throat felt dry. 'This, those truly are high rank sacred grade immortal spirit stones!' One hundred of them, all of them high rank sacred grade immortal spirit stones!

Huang Xiaolong's voice sounded in Jiang Bi's ears, "I'm giving you three minutes to think about it, and let me remind you, you only have one chance."

Barely a minute had passed, but Jiang Bi was already kneeling, professing his willingness to submit.

This result brought no surprise to Huang Xiaolong. Without delay, he branded Jiang Bi's soul with a soul mark.

Among the initial twelve Eminent Elders, six of them such as Chen Man and Zhang Xinchen were Patriarchs of families that had long been a part of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union.

These six people were absolutely loyal to the Union Chief, that was the current Huang Xiaolong. Adding Jiang Bi into the equation, Huang Xiaolong now held the advantage.

Sun Yi had fled. As for the remaining Wangu Biran, You Wushang, and two other Eminent Elders, Huang Xiaolong didn't plan to control them with a soul mark. Behind each of these Eminent Elders stood a super force.

Naturally, Huang Xiaolong estimated that these four people wouldn't dare to defy his official orders.

After exhorting Jiang Bi with some matters, using a Greater Space Teleportation, he disappeared from the Alchemist Grandmaster Union headquarters.

When Huang Xiaolong appeared, he was already far from the Divine Dan World, arriving at one of the neighboring world surfaces, the Ethereal World.

The average Highgod Realm masters' Greater Space Teleportation was limited to any location within the same world surface. Only high-level masters were capable of teleporting from one world surface to another, apart from a rare few mid-level Highgod Realm masters that possessed a deep comprehension of the laws of space and time and could transfer between world surfaces.

After having teleported to the Ethereal World, Huang Xiaolong did not stop, using another Greater Space Teleportation, arriving at the next world surface.

After sixteen consecutive teleportations, Huang Xiaolong finally stopped.

Greater Space Teleportation depleted a large amount of godforce after all, even the average late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm master could, at most, perform six to seven consecutive teleportations between world surfaces.

Half an hour of rest later, Huang Xiaolong's depleted godforce returned to its peak and he continued to teleport toward the City Of Devils.

In the short span of half a day, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the world surface closest to the City of Devils. As if he could already see the city's silhouette, Huang Xiaolong chose to fly on his sword for the remaining distance instead of teleporting.

Even when using sword flight, his speed was alarming, rapidly narrowing the distance between him and his destination.

At this time, inside the Ancient Devil Clan's great hall, Devil Son Mo Su was coldly looking at Grand Elder Mo Zhenru, "That Li Lu declined this Devil Son's invitation?"

Mo Zhenru hesitated, then nodded, "Yes, she said she's currently focusing on cultivating the Fortune Canon and is unable to leave the Sacred Fortune Mountain."

In recent years, ever since the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition ended, Mo Su had sent more than twenty invitations to Li Lu in the name of 'exchanging pointers' in alchemy and cultivation.

However, Li Lu used the same excuse every time, saying that she was cultivating the Fortune Canon and was unable to leave the Sacred Fortune Mountain, thus declining Mo Su's invitation.

At Mo Zhenru's reply, Mo Su smashed the wine cup in his hand to the floor, bellowing in fury, "Your mother, just a stinky slut, she actually dared to refuse this Devil Son's invitation time and again! Wait until she falls into my hands, I'll 'do her until she can't even climb up!"

Mo Zhenru gave a few dry coughs then said, "The rumors spreading outside are saying that Li Lu is also from the Martial Spirit World, that she and Huang Xiaolong are childhood sweethearts and had discussed marriage. Only, later, due to some events, Li Lu went missing. The two of them haven't met for many years."

As he was saying this, Mo Zhenru proceeded with caution, "Since this Li Lu has such a connection with Huang Xiaolong, wouldn't it be better if we forget it?"

Mo Su's eyes spat fire glaring at Mo Zhenru, "Huang Xiaolong again! Huang Xiaolong, be damned!! You lot are afraid of that Huang Xiaolong, but this Devil Son is not afraid of him! I don't believe he can really pass the Sacred Dan Temple trial, and even if he did and became the Union Chief, so what! What can he do to me?! I'm damn well going to toy with his woman! Even if I squeeze Li Lu's breasts till they burst, I want to see what that Huang Xiaolong can do!"

Hearing Mo Zhenru mention Huang Xiaolong, the resentment in Mo Su's heart went berserk.

If it weren't for Huang Xiaolong, he wouldn't have been pushed down to the fourth place, becoming a laughingstock in everyone's eyes!

"Unfortunately, you won't have that chance!" As Mo Su's anger echoed in the hall, an icy voice sounded.

Hearing this familiar voice, Mo Su and Mo Zhenru jumped to their feet: "Huang Xiaolong!"

"Bullseye, it is me." A bright light flashed in the hall, revealing Huang Xiaolong's figure when the light disappeared.

Seeing it was really Huang Xiaolong in front of them, Mo Su who had just thrown his temper around, uttering mighty arrogant words, now seemed deflated, "Huang Xiaolong, how could you be here?!"

Just a day before, didn't his subordinate report that Huang Xiaolong was still inside the fifth floor of the Sacred Dan Temple?

Huang Xiaolong smiled at Mo Su, but it didn't reach his eyes, "How I got here isn't important, the important point is that you must die today!"