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Chapter 942: Entering the Sacred Dan Temple

 "Say that again! Huang Xiaolong hasn't come out from the Dan River even though half a year has passed?!"

"That cannot be true, right? Since he hasn't come out after half a year, maybe he died inside? Even a peak late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm master couldn't stay at the Dan River for half a year long!"

In a short time, the news of Huang Xiaolong still being in the Dan River after half a year reached the four corners of the Divine Dan City.

Cultivators in all cities of the Divine Dan World were astounded at the news. Of course, more than a few voices said that Huang Xiaolong had died inside the Dan River. Essentially, the weight of the news was too hard for them to accept.

In the past, there had been a grand competition champion with a cultivation of late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm, but that person only lasted for twenty-two days.

Twenty-two compared to half a year, these two were at different ends of a measuring scale.

While various galaxies' cultivators were filled with shock, another half a year went by!

By the time a whole year had passed since Huang Xiaolong entered the Dan River, the whole Divine Dan World was in an uproar about this. Every day, the inns and restaurants were noisy with discussions related to Huang Xiaolong.

Wangu Biran, You Wushang, Chen Man, Zhang Xinchen, and the rest waiting outside felt ever more amazed as time passed.

"... Er, Huang Xiaolong couldn't have truly died inside, right?" Chen Man asked doubtfully, his question directed at no one in particular, feeling a little worried and anxious.

One year's time was simply too long a period!

Chen Man couldn't help wondering if Huang Xiaolong really lost his life inside!

That darkness attribute Archdevil Barrier Huang Xiaolong put up still covered the length of the Dan River, concealing the situation inside from view.

Zhang Xinchen spoke with uncertainty, "How about we open the restrictions and check?"

Sun Yi snickered at them, "After being Eminent Elders of the Union for so long, don't tell me you lot have forgotten the rules. Only when the grand competition champion wants to enter at the Dan River are you allowed to open the restrictions; at any other time, regardless of who is it, they do not have the authority to open the restrictions as they like. Violators of this rule will be sent into the Gnawing Soul Cave for a hundred years as punishment!"

The Gnawing Soul Cave!

Both Chen Man and Zhang Xinchen shuddered at the thought of the Gnawing Soul Cave!

Anyone who had entered the that place, even after death, would never want to enter again.

Chen Man and Zhang Xinchen could do nothing but give up on the thought of going inside to check on Huang Xiaolong.

Days flowed past.

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed since Huang Xiaolong entered the Dan River!

After two years' time, literally every person in the Divine Dan World assumed that Huang Xiaolong had met his end, it was the most logical explanation they could come up with. It was easier thinking this way rather than believe than Huang Xiaolong spent two years cultivating at the Dan River.

It was an entrenched concept in their minds that it was an impossible feat even for a Tenth Order Highgod Realm master. It reached the point where people like Chen Man, Wangu Biran, and Zhang Xinchen lost faith in Huang Xiaolong, inwardly shaking their heads in disappointment.

Although the dark barrier enshrouding the entire Dan River was still present, in the minds of Zhang Xinchen and the rest, Huang Xiaolong most likely fell into a deep coma, half dead. In this kind of condition, though alive, it was no different than being dead.

Perhaps it was due to Huang Xiaolong's urgency to enhance his strength as fast as possible so that he could pass the Sacred Dan Temple trial that made him push himself over the limit in absorbing the medicinal energy from the Dan River, causing his godhead and godforce synergy to go awry, damaging his soul. Hence, falling into a deep coma.

If that was really the case, being subjected to the Dan River's continuous medicinal energy waves, the chances of Huang Xiaolong regaining conscious was next to nothing.

A dozen days sped past.

At this point, Chen Man and the rest no longer harbored any hope, but all of a sudden the calm dark barrier that had covered the Dan River for more than two years rippled ever more violently.

"What is happening?!" Chen Man, Zhang Xinchen, and the others were alarmed.

In the next second, a pillar of light pierced a hole through the dark Archdevil Barrier, rotating as it rose higher. Then, a second pillar of light appeared. Then another.

More and more light pillars appeared, emitting an overwhelming pressure and destructive power as if aiming to shatter the firmament.

As powerful as Chen Man, Zhang Xinchen, Wangu Biran, and the others were, the destructive fluctuations still affected them, pushing them far back.

In the next moment, a dragon's roar reverberated between heaven and earth, shaking the entire Divine Dan City. Billions of cultivators from various galaxies were startled, their gazes pointing in the direction of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union.

"Could this be...?!" Inside a luxurious residence, the Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu was shocked, an ominous thought flashed in his mind.

At the same time, the devil clan Patriarch Mo Dingtian anxiously gathered all the Grand Elders, sending them to find out what that earth-shaking dragon roar just now was.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong was sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the Dan River. Above his soul sea, his three supreme godheads were glittering brightly, while the surface of his body was covered in godforce of myriad elements.

Roughly half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong who had been cultivating inside the Dan River ended his practice, slowly opening his eyes.

Right before Chen Man and the present Eminent Elders' eyes, the dark barrier gradually disappeared, revealing Huang Xiaolong's figure.

"Peak late-Seventh Order Highgod Realm!" Sun Yi's exclaimed in a shaky voice.

The other Eminent Elders were staring dazedly at Huang Xiaolong, they too had noticed that his cultivation had risen to peak late-Seventh Order Highgod Realm!

Two years ago when Huang Xiaolong entered the Dan River, his cultivation had certainly been at peak early Seventh Order Highgod Realm.

'T-this, how is this possible?!'

As if he had just seen a ghost, Jiang Bi suddenly shouted, "Tho-those, those qi dragons, where did they go?!"

Chen Man and the others looked away from Huang Xiaolong. Only now did they notice that the Dan River that used to be swarming with qi dragons shaped from years of medicinal energy accumulation was now empty! All of the dragons were gone!

Chen Man gulped, feeling a sudden dryness in his throat, a little speechless as he looked at Huang Xiaolong. 'Could it be, Huang Xiaolong... all those pill dragons...?'

As the probability of it rose in Chen Man's mind, he and the others shuddered as the hair on their necks stood on end.

'Is he still human? That was potent medicinal energy taking shape in the form of dragons after countless years of accumulation!'

And this Huang Xiaolong merely used two years' time to completely refine them!

What confounded them even more was that, after refining all the qi dragons, Huang Xiaolong's cultivation merely reached peak late-Seventh Order Highgod Realm. Had it been any other Highgod Realm cultivator, more likely than not, they would have advanced to Eighth Order Highgod Realm, right?

Before the astonished group of Eminent Elders, Huang Xiaolong slowly strode towards them.

Sun Yi looked deathly pale.

When Huang Xiaolong was still a peak early Seventh order Highgod Realm, he already wasn't his match. Now that Huang Xiaolong's cultivation had risen to peak late-Seventh Order Highgod Realm, didn't it mean that even their Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu couldn't suppress him?

Now, the only person in the Fortune Gate capable of suppressing Huang Xiaolong would be their Ancestor.

Huang Xiaolong reached Chen Man's group, saying, "I want to enter the Sacred Dan Temple now, may I?"

Chen Man and everyone else regained their senses, nodding incessantly, "Can, you can, we'll bring you there right now!"

Suppressing the shock in their hearts, they led Huang Xiaolong, towards the Sacred Dan Temple, which was located close to the Dan River. After three to four minutes of flying, the group descended at the entrance to the temple.

Looking at the Sacred Dan Temple that he had only heard of so far, Huang Xiaolong was a little speechless. The architecture of this Sacred Dan Temple was 'too unique' in his eyes, resembling a common pill cauldron. The temple stood on four 'legs', and on the fifth floor, there was actually something akin to a cauldron top covering it.

As if no one noticed Huang Xiaolong's expression, Chen Man and Zhang Xinchen began pointing out things he needed to watch out for. Committing them to memory, Huang Xiaolong flew into the temple in a flash.