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Chapter 941: Half A Year

 Watching the qi dragons swarming towards him, Huang Xiaolong activated his Archdevil Supreme Godhead, causing currents of turbulent darkness element godforce to rush out from his body and enshroud the entire length of the Dan River, forming an Archdevil Barrier.

He then punched forward, exploding with killing intent.

Whether it was a Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Order Highgod Realm qi dragon, all of them exploded with a single punch from Huang Xiaolong!

The whole time, his Archdevil Supreme Godhead was buoyantly lapping up every strand of pill qi.

One dragon, two dragons...

Sixth Order, Seventh Order, and so on, the number of qi dragons was gradually reduced.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to absorb energy from those dragons, he clearly felt his godforce's purity increasing slightly, even his True Dragon Divine Physique was reaping wonderful benefits from their energy. After all, those qi dragons took form after years of accumulating the purest pill qi from the Dan River.

With every qi dragon Huang Xiaolong devoured, it was equivalent to refining several hundred kinds of three-million-year-old herbs, and those dragons comparable to a Seventh Order Highgod Realm master contained even more horrifying energy, equivalent to several thousand three-million-year-old herbs.

Unfortunately, those qi dragons were formed from medicinal energy and not objects of solid state, otherwise he could cultivate the Heaven Splitting Tenet as he absorbed their energy, enhancing his strength.

Soon, one hour had passed since Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Dan River.

Outside the restriction barrier, Chen Man and Zhang Xinchen exchanged a look.

Because the entire length of the Dan River was concealed behind Huang Xiaolong's Archdevil Barrier, the two of them were unable to see or probe what was happening inside. Even their divine sense was blocked outside.

While both of them were praising this darkness attribute barrier, they were also guessing Huang Xiaolong's situation within.

"Huang Xiaolong has been inside for more than an hour. Based on his talent and strength, he could stay inside for a month's time, at the very least." Chen Man reckoned in a serious tone.

From the time the Dan River came to be, there had yet anyone who could still stay inside a whole month. In fact, the longest someone had cultivated inside was twenty-two days.

This was due to the potency of the Dan River's medicinal energy, which wasn't so easily refined. In the Dan River, every passing day increased a person's internal burden.

When the person's burden reached a certain limit and was no longer able to endure the pill dragons' besiegement, they could only give up and leave the Dan River.

Zhang Xinchen's eyes glimmered, saying, "Who knows, maybe Huang Xiaolong can stay inside for two months, giving us all a pleasant surprise."

"Hehe, two months?" A sarcastic voice sounded in the two people's ears, "You lot are really treating Huang Xiaolong like a peerless genius, not even a late- Tenth Order Highgod Realm master could remain in the Dan River for that long. Moreover, this is barely relevant to one's talent."

A figure appeared in front of them in a flicker, who could it be but Sun Yi.

Then, the sounds of whistling wind sounded again. Wangu Biran, You Wushang, and other Eminent Elders arrived almost at the same time.

"I didn't expect Huang Xiaolong would choose to enter the Dan River first." Upon arriving, Jiang Bi's mocking words sounded, "Looks like he isn't as confident as he appeared about passing the Sacred Dan Temple's trial."

Sun Yi joined in on Jiang Bi's mocking, "This is him knowing his limits. He knows he can't pass the trial, thus dared not challenge it, but does he really think he'll be capable of passing the trial after cultivating in the Dan River? What a naive thought!"

Wangu Biran couldn't help interjecting, "He can clear all twelve floors of the Hellion Tower, why wouldn't he be able to pass a mere five sections of the Sacred Dan Temple?"

Sun Yi sneered, "The Hellion Tower can only prove that he has a higher level of talent than others, but passing the five sections of the Sacred Dan Temple trial is related to one's alchemy refining skills and strength. This is this and that is that, completely unrelated."

You Wushang's derisory glance fell on Sun Yi, his blunt words sharper than knives, "Sun Yi, if I were you, I would have ascended to the Divine World yesterday. I definitely wouldn't be staying in the lower realm, waiting for Huang Xiaolong to pass the Sacred Dan Temple trial before thinking of fleeing for my life. At that time, you won't be able to run even if you wanted to!"

Sun Yi's face turned black.

Honestly, he indeed had this thought, but he was extremely unwilling to leave just like that.

He was a Tenth Order Highgod Realm master, a Grand Elder of the Fortune Gate, not to mention being an Eminent Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union. Each of his identities gave him a distinguished status and veneration. Once he ascended to the Divine World, he would probably be worth far less than the average Saint realm cultivator in the Divine Dan City.

More importantly, he couldn't be sure where in the Divine World he would appear once ascended. If, by any chance, it was a primordial forest overrun with demonic beasts, it would be the end of the road for him.

That was why he wouldn't give up until the eleventh hour.

Seeing Sun Yi keeping silent, You Wushang no longer continued to taunt him, turning his attention towards the Dan River. Just like Wangu Biran, Chen Man, Zhang Xinchen, and the others, he waited for any movements from within.

As these Eminent Elders waited outside, one month came and went.

Seeing that one month's time had passed yet Huang Xiaolong was still cultivating, Chen Man's face blossomed into a wide smile, "Didn't I already say? With Huang Xiaolong's talent and strength, staying one month in the Dan River won't be an issue."

Zhang Xinchen chuckled, "Now, let's see if he can stay inside for two months. This little guy really fills me with anticipation ah! Maybe after he comes out from the Dan River, he can really pass the Sacred Dan Temple trial, becoming our Union's Chief."

Chen Man laughed, "If that really happens, we would have to address him as Union Chief Huang!"

Listening to Chen Man and Zhang Xinchen's merry conversation, Sun Yi was dark and sullen.

Jiang Bi didn't look well either, he and Sun Yi's friendship had always been very good. He also knew that his disciple Jiang Lei previously had some conflict with this Huang Xiaolong, hence, similar to Sun Yi in this aspect, he also didn't wish to see Huang Xiaolong sitting on the position of Union Chief."

Another month passed.

Huang Xiaolong had been cultivating in the Dan River for two months now, but the people outside still couldn't see any movement at all.

Seeing there was no sign of Huang Xiaolong coming out, Sun Yi's face had never been this grim.

Granted, the longer Huang Xiaolong managed to cultivate in the Dan River, the more benefits he would gain. When the time came for him to take on the Sacred Dan Temple trial, the chances of him passing would increase significantly.

Inside a luxurious residence within the Divine Dan City.

The Fortune Gate's Chief, Wang Yu, also wore a grim expression.

He and a group of Fortune Gate Elders had arrived at the Divine Dan City one month earlier only to find out that Huang Xiaolong had already been in the Dan River for one month, thus he decided to wait for him to come out.

After all, the Dan River was within the Alchemist Grandmaster Union headquarters. As powerful as their Fortune Gate was, they would have to think thrice before offending the Union.

Furthermore, in Wang Yu's opinion, since Huang Xiaolong had already entered the Dan River for one month, he should be about to come out soon. At most, it would be a two or three days' wait.

Never had Wang Yu imagined that this wait would end up being one month long!

"Chief, how about we just rush into the Union headquarters and be done with it?" One of the Fortune Gate Grand Elders suggested.

Wang Yu shot a look of daggers filled with killing intent towards that Grand Elder, "Do you have a pig's brain in that head of yours?"

That Grand Elder shuddered, not daring to utter another word.

On another side, when Mo Dingtian's group of ancient devil clansmen arrived at the Divine Dan City, they also found out that Huang Xiaolong had entered the Dan River to cultivate, thus made the same decision as the Fortune Gate group. The could only wait for Huang Xiaolong to come out.

However, three months had passed yet Huang Xiaolong still wasn't out!

Four months, five months, half a year!

Outside the Dan River restrictions, Chen Man, Zhang Xinchen, Wangu Biran, and other Eminent Elders who had been waiting here all this while, including Sun Yi as well as Jiang Bi, had a shocked expression that had deepened over the span of six months.

Not one of them had imagined that Huang Xiaolong was able to stay inside the Dan River for six months straight!