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Chapter 937: Rank Nine Tribulation Grade Pellet!

 On the main terrace, Sun Yi watched intently as Huang Xiaolong's herb essences smoothly merged together, his hands hidden beneath the sleeves were tightly clenched together until his knuckles became white. Inwardly, Sun Yi repeatedly prayed, "Burst, burst, burst, burst for me ah!"

Sun Yi watched on without blinking, all of his focus was on Huang Xiaolong's every movement. However, those herb divine beasts and merging essence did not explode.

Instead, as more and more herb essences merged together, the glow emitted grew increasingly bright, like a lustrous gem. As it grew brighter, the herbal scent became stronger as well, giving everyone in the crowd the illusion of bathing inside a fragrant ocean.

Time flowed by.

More and more divine beasts were refined and merged together.

Watching all ten thousand divine beasts being completely refined and merged into one, Sun Yi who had been praying incessantly in his heart was finally enraged seeing that it still hadn't exploded, bellowing. "Goddamn son of a b*tch, burst for me!!"

The unusually quiet competition square was shaken by Sun Yi's abrupt outburst that rumbled like thunder through the square, rendering everyone stupefied as they slowly turned towards the main terrace.

Sun Yi himself was stunned silly, however, the words that had left his mouth couldn't be taken back.

Wangu Biran had always found Sun Yi displeasing to the eyes, hence, when he stumbled, Wangu Biran was right behind him, mocking, "What is Eminent Elder Sun Yi hoping to burst? Your 'chrysanthemum'? I didn't expect Eminent Elder Sun Yi to have such a hobby."


Hearing such a classic jab from Wangu Biran's mouth, the Dark Elf Eminent Elder You Wushang guffawed. A few drops of saliva flew out from his mouth and his body bowled over, shaking. His laughing seemed exaggerated, infecting the other Eminent Elders as well.

Sun Yi's face was black as charcoal, turning uglier from the snickers coming from around the square.

On the square, when all of Huang Xiaolong's herb essences had completely integrated, a crisp humming sound could be heard, brilliant light expanded outward as the herb fragrance gradually evolved into pill fragrance, like never-ending waves.

This phenomenon lasted for more than twenty minutes before a lilting hum of pill condensation rang out from Huang Xiaolong's cauldron.

The light coming from the integrated herb essences became too blinding to look at. In the next moment, thunder rumbled high in the air as a dark cloud swirled above the square.

Although many people had estimated that Huang Xiaolong was likely to produce tribulation grade divine pellets, the crowd still stirred anxiously upon seeing the dark tribulation clouds swirling above the square.

All twelve Eminent Elders wholly focused their attention on one figure.

"The tribulation clouds appeared so fast, I'm curious how many waves of tribulation lightning he will attract!" Wangu Biran commented.

"Considering his use of the Ten Thousand Divine Beasts Diagram, adding on Huang Xiaolong's current strength, it should be seven waves; eight waves is a little difficult, even more so nine!" You Wushuang said with a serious expression.

The other Eminent Elders nodded in agreement hearing You Wushang's conjecture.

Commonly in the past, the participant who could refine a rank seven tribulation lightning pill was inevitably the first place winner. Still, there were a few exceptions. Sometimes, an eight wave of tribulation lightning could appear, but even so, a ninth wave was nothing more than a record in their Alchemist Grandmaster Union's archive. It hadn't occurred in the last several hundred thousand years because the conditions for refining a rank nine tribulation divine pellet were simply too harsh.

First, the concocting had to be done using the Ten Thousand Divine Beast Diagram. The second condition was cleansing all ingredients with Chaos force; the third being the flames used to integrate the herb essences together must reach a certain level, and the fourth condition, the person concocting the pill must have a cultivation of Tenth Order Highgod Realm!

The last condition was easy to understand since only a Tenth Order Highgod Realm master could withstand the power of the ninth wave of tribulation lightning!

Any one of these four conditions was indispensable.

Sun Yi scoffed, "Until the pill condensation completes, any mishap could happen. Who knows, the cauldron might explode in the next second!"

Some alchemists were lacking in terms of cultivation, yet fantasized about attracting rank eight or rank nine tribulation lightning. Unable to withstand the might of tribulation lightning, at the last moments of pill condensation it would be struck by tribulation lightning, causing an explosion and resulting in failure.

By this point, the first strike of tribulation lightning flashed towards the pill cauldron. Huang Xiaolong pointed a finger at the streak of lightning, easily dispersing it, causing pure lightning force to fall and integrate into the pool of herb essence.

The next lightning strike was already rumbling in the dark clouds above, stronger than its predecessor by several times.

Huang Xiaolong dispersed the second strike without any effort.

Half an hour later.

"This is the sixth wave, Huang Xiaolong has attracted six waves of tribulation lightning!" The crowd watched on with anticipation, their hearts in their throats.

Huang Xiaolong steadily proceeded with another finger attack, dispersing the lightning, allowing the pure lightning force to blend with the pill.

"Say, do you think Huang Xiaolong can attract the seventh wave?" This was what everyone in the crowd wanted to know the most.

"I heard that Huang Xiaolong's cultivation is at Fifth Order Highgod Realm, but judging from how easy it was for him to withstand the sixth wave, I think he can withstand the seventh as well."

As the crowd shared their thoughts with their companions, lightning struck again.

This seventh lightning wave consisted of seven lightning bolts akin to dragons. The overwhelming destructive power they emitted gave the present cultivators great pressure.

In a split second, the tribulation lightning reached Huang Xiaolong. Each streak of lightning was as thick as an adult's thigh. The average Seventh Order Highgod Realm master would be hard pressed to take on any single streak.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong turned his palm to the sky, slamming out an Earthen Buddha Palm towards the falling lightning.

The seventh wave's streaks of lightning scattered before Huang Xiaolong's palm force.

Watching this, Sun Yi's face warped with anger, a hint of crimson tinged his eyes.

That runt actually withstood the seventh wave of tribulation lightning!

"The eight wave! Huang Xiaolong attracted the eight tribulation lightning wave!"

The crowd was in a frenzy, Sun Yi heard the commotion and looked to the sky. Above the crown of Huang Xiaolong's head, the eighth wave of tribulation lightning formed and struck.

Looking at the eight streaks of thick lightning, Huang Xiaolong's Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead spun quickly, causing lightning element godforce to flood out through his fist as he punched out.

An ear-splitting boom shook the square.

During this short span of time, Sun Yi felt his heart twitching.

Mo Su who was still in the midst of refining felt dizzy watching Huang Xiaolong withstanding the seventh tribulation lightning. He felt like he was going faint the very next second.

"The ninth wave! This is f*cking crazy man! Huang Xiaolong actually attracted the ninth tribulation lightning wave!!"

Everyone in the crowd was talking, shouting, exclaiming all at once. Mo Su took another peek at the brewing lightning above.

On the main terrace, Sun Yi, Wangu Biran, You Wushang, and the other nine Eminent Elders jumped to their feet in astonishment.

"How many hundred thousand years has it been since someone attracted rank ninth tribulation lightning?! If Huang Xiaolong's refinement is successful, it will shock countless galaxies! This term's first place winner would be none other than Huang Xiaolong!"

"He's overestimating himself! The ninth wave isn't so easy to pass. I'm willing to bet that Huang Xiaolong's pill will burst!"

Those who heard Sun Yi whispered in hushed voices

A manic light flickered in Sun Yi's eyes as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong's every movement. Inwardly, he was hollering like a madman, 'Burst, burst, burst, this old man wants you to burst!'

Looking at the falling ninth tribulation lightning wave, the calmness on Huang Xiaolong's face rippled. In the next second, one thousand arms fanned out from his back.

The Godly Xumi Art!

His Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead roared: "The Fifteenth Move, Unrivaled Myriad Dragons!"

Thousands and thousands of divine dragons flew up, flying through the nine streaks of lightning, scattering them.

"He actually withstood it!"

"Rank nine tribulation grade divine pellet! Huang Xiaolong's getting the first place for sure! The question now is, will Huang Xiaolong be able to attract the tenth wave of tribulation lightning and refine a divine pill that only existed in the ancient times?!"


'Chrysanthemum' is a slang for anus; hints that Sun Yi takes the 'bottom' role.

To avoid confusion: Unlike other novels where tribulation lightning goes from 1 to 9 (or some other upper limit) where each of them is stronger than the last, here it appears that pill tribulation comes in waves, each of them having the same number of lightning strikes as the wave number.


Wave 1: 1

Wave 2: 1, 2

Wave 3: 1, 2, 3


Wave 7: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7