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Chapter 933: Huang Xiaolong Injured

 Stepping out from the Sun Moon Residence, Huang Xiaolong strolled idly around, but the feeling of unease in his heart grew stronger instead. At last, his feet brought him to the same restaurant he bought the Celestial Blossom Wine from.

Huang Xiaolong sat at the same table as previously, next to the window. His patronage was naturally welcomed with enthusiasm by the same waiter who served Huang Xiaolong last time.

Similarly, Huang Xiaolong ordered some dishes and two jugs of Celestial Blossom Wine, giving the waiter a top divine grade spirit stone. Similarly, the change was given to the waiter as a tip.

The waiter was over the moon, giving Huang Xiaolong a kowtow in thanks.

After the waiter left, Huang Xiaolong drank his wine without really tasting it while listening to the conversations around him, but most of them revolved around him refining tribulation grade Divine Essence Pellets during the competition's preliminary round and injuring Mo Su.

Listening to the exaggerated descriptions all around, he wryly shook his head.

"Did you hear, yesterday, six masters from the Inert Sword Faction were murdered!"

"It isn't only the Inert Sword Faction, several masters from the Eternal Galaxy's Mu Clan and Zhou Clan have also been killed. From what I've heard, a Wangu Clan Elder died miserably in the vicinity of the Virtuous Legend Square. All of those people were Highgod Realm masters! The scary thing is, after they died, their heads were cut off, leaving only incomplete bodies behind!"

At this point, Huang Xiaolong's ears caught the conversation of a few cultivators that were huddled at a corner table.

Even a Wangu Clan had been killed! Huang Xiaolong was shocked by this news.

Who was it, so daring as to provoke the Wangu Clan? It didn't escape Huang Xiaolong's notice that the victims were all masters belonging to various galaxies' super forces and prominent sects.

"There is a black handprint on those people's body, some say it's the sinister Ghost Refining Palm!"

"Really? The Ghost Refining Palm?! The Ghost Refining Sect's supreme technique! Could it be a disciple from the Ghost Refining World that has come out from the Path to Hell?!"

"Hopefully, it is not. Every time one of those Ghost Refining Sect disciples emerges, a storm of carnage follows. In the last few days, more than three hundred Highgod Realm masters have been killed. At this rate, won't all the Highgod Realm masters inside the Divine Dan City be slaughtered until there are none left?"

"Is the Alchemist Grandmaster Union keeping their hands off this matter?"

"Who said they are keeping their hands off? In the last two days, the Alchemist Grandmaster Union had ordered their enforcer disciples to lock down various points of the city and were given the authority to check all suspicious Highgod Realm masters! But if the killer is truly a Ghost Refining Sect disciple, do you think the union's enforcer disciples are capable of restraining him? Even if the union's twelve Eminent Elders joined hands, they still may not be able to capture this Ghost Refining Sect disciple!"

Listening to these cultivators' conversation, Huang Xiaolong was stunned for a minute.

'The Path to Hell's Ghost Refining Sect?' He had heard the Ascending Moon Old Man mention this Ghost Refining Sect, claiming that even the Wangu Clan, Fortune Gate, the Ancient Devil Clan, Zhou Clan, the Giant Tribe, the Dark Elf Tribe, as well as other super forces walked on eggshells around this Ghost Refining Sect.

He didn't expect a Ghost Refining Sect disciple to have emerged from the Path to Hell at this point of time! If he remembered correctly, those from the Ghost Refining Sect supposedly to appeared every hundred thousand years? Counting the time since their last appearance, barely half of that had passed.

It was more than three hours later when Huang Xiaolong left the restaurant and headed back to the Sun Moon Residence.

Just like last time, before leaving, Huang Xiaolong bought more than a hundred jugs of Celestial Blossom Wine.

Back in the Sun Moon Residence, he didn't enter cultivation as he would normally do, but sat in the yard, thinking about what he had heard about the Ghost Refining Sect.

Without a doubt, this sect was the strongest force within the Path to Hell, not just one of the strongest. But where exactly on the Path to Hell the Ghost Refining Sect was located was something that no outsider knew.

Who was the founder this Ghost Refining Sect or how long it had been founded for, this kind of questions about the sect were shrouded in a big mystery. Even more baffling to the people was why every time a Ghost Refining Sect disciple appeared in the outside world, they deliberately hunted Highgod Realm masters.

Was it to cultivate a certain high level ghostly technique? Huang Xiaolong's eyes gleamed.

Time passed, night pulled a blanket of darkness over the sky.

Huang Xiaolong, who had been drinking alone in the yard, abruptly leaped far away from where he just sat. Almost in the same instant he seemed to be avoiding something, the whole Sun Moon Residence started to shake.

The yard Huang Xiaolong had been sitting in crumbled into rubble and part of the land below sunk in.

Out of nowhere, a large black handprint appeared on the floor, ghost qi surging violently from it.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed dignifiedly, his attention fixed on the black-robed young man standing opposite him.

A thin curtain of devil qi veiled this black-robed young man, obscuring his features. The only part that was visible were his faintly glowing green eyes.

"A Ghost Refining Sect disciple." Huang Xiaolong spoke in an unhurried tone, breaking the silence

The young man cackled with glee, although it sounded hoarse and harsh, resembling an owl in Huang Xiaolong's ears. However, there was a kind of medicinal pellet that could alter a person's voice within a certain time period after consuming it, thus, this person's voice may not be his real voice.

"The Highgod Advancement Tournament champion Huang Xiaolong. Well, it looks like you are stronger than what I estimated, even the average early Tenth Order Highgod Realm master wouldn't be able to dodge my ambush." The Ghost Refining Sect young man added as an afterthought, "Your strength is higher than what it's rumored to be."

Huang Xiaolong was clearly frowning.

"But..." As the Ghost Refining Sect young man was saying this, a hint of bloodlust filled his eyes, smacking his lips, "This only makes killing you more meaningful. What rank is the godhead you condensed? High emperor rank or top emperor rank? I'm lacking a top emperor rank godhead."

Huang Xiaolong snickered in response, "Many galaxies' cultivators say that you lot from the Ghost Refining Sect are all peerless talents, possessing unfathomable strength. I too am very interested in what kind of godhead you've condensed."

The Ghost Refining Sect young man let out a sonorous laugh, "Then I shall satisfy your curiosity." His palm was already striking out at Huang Xiaolong before his last word sounded.

'So fast!' The thought flashed in Huang Xiaolong's mind. With his current strength, he merely captured a blurred image.

Huang Xiaolong did not hesitate, immediately displayed his martial spirit innate ability, Space Concealment, vanishing from the spot.

He had just concealed himself when the Ghost Refining Sect young man's eyes shone with a blinding green light, striking out another palm towards the concealed space where Huang Xiaolong was hiding in without a lapse in his actions.

Huang Xiaolong was alarmed, his vigilance peaked. All three of his supreme godhead rotated madly as he struck out an Earthen Buddha Palm.


The impact from their palms torn open a large space rift.

The pavement cracked and exploded, even the Sun Moon Residence's courtyards that were protected by formations became ruins.

Huang Xiaolong fell out from his concealed space, tumbling in the air for several hundred li before he managed to shake off the force of the impact.

'I'm injured!' Many years had passed since Huang Xiaolong was actually injured.

Knowing how tough his current True Dragon Divine Physique was, there weren't many things that could pierce through his body's defenses in this lower realm. Never had imagined that he would actually be injured by this Ghost Refining Sect cultivator. Moreover, he could feel a strange and powerful corrosive force inside his body, trying to devour his blood essence.

Although Huang Xiaolong couldn't determine the exact cultivation of this Ghost Refining Sect, he still estimated his strength to be around late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm.

"Eh, still alive?!" It was evident that the young man was shocked. He had confidently assumed that Huang Xiaolong would die without doubt from the earlier attack, yet he only vomited some blood.

After brief seconds of shock, the black-robed young man regained his composure, issuing a soft laugh. Following that, his body suddenly expanded to twice its size, attacking Huang Xiaolong once more.

The black-robed young man's palm force ripped the fabric of space. The starlight disappeared as ghost qi devoured everything in sight, swallowing the world into the abyss of hell.

This attack was four to five times more powerful than his last attack.