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Chapter 923: Increase the Assessment Difficulty By Ten Times

 The several Wangu Clan disciples with Wangu Yanhui were looking at Huang Xiaolong with barely concealed astonishment, wondering about his identity.

Although Huang Xiaolong attended the celebration banquet held by the Wangu Clan Patriarch, these disciples hadn't seen him at that time.

Due to this interruption, Jiang Lei was looking with surprise in his heart.

Wangu Yanhui was the Wangu Clan's most gifted disciple in terms of cultivation talent in the last ten million years, thus it was granted that someone like Jiang Lei knew about him. Even though his Master was one of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union's Eminent Elders, as his disciple, Jiang Lei's status and identity were naturally higher than most people. However, compared to Wangu Yanhui, he took the back seat.

Huang Xiaolong nodded at Wangu Yanhui, replying, "En, I came to participate in the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition. You as well?"

Wangu Yanhui smiled, shaking his head, "Although my cultivation talent is not bad, my alchemy talent is only so-so. It may only be better than the average people by a tiny bit, so I'd better not embarrass myself at the Grand Competition."

At this time, the young man standing close to Wangu Yanhui spoke, "Yanhui, this brother is?"

Wangu Yanhui quickly introduced Huang Xiaolong, "Brother Huang, this is my Big brother, Wangu Ye." Then he went on to introduce the rest of his companions. After that, Wangu Yanhui said to Wangu Ye, "This is the first place winner of the Highgod Advancement Tournament, Huang Xiaolong, Brother Huang!"

The first place winner of the Highgod Advancement Tournament!

Huang Xiaolong!

Those who heard what Wangu Yanhui said couldn't help but feel shocked, including the President Lin Xin and Jiang Lei.

Some tried to guess Huang Xiaolong's identity, but none of them connected this young man to the Highgod Advancement Tournament's champion.

The chamber employee that served Huang Xiaolong was covered in cold sweat, he had nearly kicked Huang Xiaolong out from the branch. Whereas the two women in Jiang Lei's arms were suddenly staring interestedly at Huang Xiaolong, their coquettish gazes like a lover's caress, as if they were on the verge of swallowing Huang Xiaolong whole.

A second of brief astonishment later, Wangu Ye cupped his fists, greeting Huang Xiaolong with a smile, "So it's Young brother Huang. I've already heard of Young brother Huang's name, meeting today is truly eye-opening. Young brother Huang is truly a dragon amongst men."

The other Wangu Clan disciples also cupped their fists and greeted Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong returned the courtesy, cupping his fists in greeting towards Wangu Ye and the others.

"Brother Huang, just now both of you were..." Wangu Yanhui couldn't help asking, his gaze swept over Jiang Lei.

Jiang Lei seized the timing, taking a step forward, flashing a radiant smile, "It's nothing, just some small misunderstanding. Brother Huang, right?"

Huang Xiaolong replied sharply despite his indifferent expression, "I don't think it was a small misunderstanding. Moreover, who is your brother?"

Jiang Lei's face turned ugly in a split second, fury flitted in the depth of his eyes. He hadn't expected Huang Xiaolong to not give him face when he already placed himself at a lower position, calling him brother.

Although Huang Xiaolong was the Highgod Advancement Tournament champion, Jiang Lei didn't really put him in his eyes. Just now, he was being humble because of Wangu Yanhui's presence, attempting to erase any misconception.

This Huang Xiaolong was so 'tactless'!

'Really, this Huang Xiaolong, I gave him face but he doesn't appreciate my kindness!'

Jiang Lei glared daggers at Huang Xiaolong, chastising, "Huang Xiaolong, you think winning the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament means that you're so great? I don't believe your alchemy ability is as good as your cultivation talent, winning the Grand Competition's first place as well!" Then he snapped at the two women: "We're leaving!"

Before leaving, Jiang Lei took the time to cup his fists to Wangu Yanhui, Wangu Ye, and the other Wangu Clan disciples and stormed off.

Watching this, Lin Xin hastened to follow behind Jiang Lei as if he was were walking on burning coal, trying anxiously to explain something to him.

Wangu Yanhui turned back towards Huang Xiaolong with a grin on his face, "Brother Huang, you came to rent a carriage? We have just rented several carriages, where is Brother Huang heading to? How about we travel together?"

Huang Xiaolong saw no point of concealing the fact that he was indeed planning to rent a carriage to head to the Alchemist Grandmaster Union headquarters.

Hearing this, Wangu Yanhui's grin widened, "That's great, we were planning to head there as well." He then invited Huang Xiaolong to join them.

With Wangu Yanhui once again looping him in, Huang Xiaolong didn't feel good refusing.

Hence, he boarded one of the carriages Wangu Yanhui's group rented, leaving the Chamber of Commerce together and heading towards the Alchemist Grandmaster Union headquarters.

Huang Xiaolong, Wangu Yanhui, and Wangu Ye shared a carriage, while the rest of the Wangu Clan disciples shared the other two.

The space inside the carriage was quite large, still comfortably spacious even with three people inside.

As the carriages headed to the Alchemist Grandmaster Union headquarters, the three men inside passed the time with small talk.

Wangu Yanhui started, "Brother Huang, I heard the Fortune Gate's forces have been searching for you everywhere. Fang Chu's Master, Sun Yi, is one of the Fortune Gate's Grand Elders, since you're here in this Divine Dan City you must be careful. Also, although that Jiang Lei is nothing much to be feared, the friendship between his Master Jiang Bi and Sun Yi runs deep.

This caused furrows to appear between Huang Xiaolong's eyebrows.

He didn't expect such a layer of connections to exist between Jiang Bi and Sun Yi.

While Huang Xiaolong was on the way to the Alchemist Grandmaster Union headquarters with Wangu Yanhui's group, inside one of the headquarters halls Sun Yi received a report from his subordinate, scoffing, "That Huang Xiaolong really has the guts to walk into the tiger's mouth."

"Master, since that Huang Xiaolong is here in the Divine Dan City, should we...?" The disciple standing behind Sun Yi, Liu Hao asked as he made a gesture of drawing a line across his neck.

Sun Yi tilted his head, a cold gleam in his eyes, "Letting him die so simply is luxury, you just said that he was heading to the union's headquarters?"

"Yes, Master. He's with Wangu Yanhui, Wangu Ye, and several Wangu Clan disciples. Judging from the situation, they are heading to the headquarters." Liu Hao quickly replied respectfully.

Sun Yi instructed with a sullen voice, "From my investigation, I found out that this Huang Xiaolong isn't a member of my Alchemist Grandmaster Union yet. Since he's heading there, he's most likely planning to get the certification from the union."

"Since it's like that, I'll force him to be unable to pass the assessment in front of countless families' and sects' disciples. If a Highgod Advancement Tournament champion can't even pass the most basic level of alchemy assessment, he would become the laughing stock of a hundred thousand galaxies!"

Liu Hao was trembling with excitement, "Master is really thorough, this way is much better than merely taking his life. But he is an Elder of the the four galaxies' Alchemist Grandmaster Union branch, moreover, he has won the first place in the four galaxies' alchemy refining competition, which shows that his alchemy refining skills aren't low. If it is the general assessment, it can't bring any difficulty to him. Also, he and you, Master, can be said to have some grudge, he is the Ascending Moon Old Man's disciple."

Sun Yi sneered, "The Ascending Moon Old Man? A disciple that old man taught won't have any real skills. Even Huang Xiaolong's useless Ancestral Master was no match for me, what's more a mere Huang Xiaolong? Well, if it's like that, then have the people below increase the assessment difficulty by ten times. The assessment task is now refining a batch of Star Eclipse Heavenly Pills."

"Str Eclipse Heavenly Pills!" Liu Hao sucked in a breath of cold air.

Amongst so many kinds of divine pellets, this Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill was one of the hardest to refine, frustrating some of the union's Elders. In a hundred batches, rarely more than one batch was successful. What's more Huang Xiaolong who only had one chance.

Liu Hao pulled his thoughts together, bowing respectfully, an evil snicker on his face, "Yes, Master; this disciple shall pass down the instructions." He then retreated.