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Chapter 921: Convening at the Divine Dan World

 "I'm really curious who that person was. If such talent could be used by our Fortune Gate, would we need to fear the Wangu Clan?" On the way, Sun Yi lamented.

As the Fortune Gate Chief, Wang Yu nodded his head in agreement with Sun Yi, "Yes ah, what a pity he's dead. But this kind of monstrous genius is not a variable any sect or force could completely control, that person dying inside the Hellion Tower might not be a bad thing at all."

As the Fortune Gate group left the square, masters from super forces such as the Wangu Clan, Mu Clan, Zhou Clan, the Giant Tribe, and others also started leaving.

In these masters' eyes, several days without any movement indirectly equaled to having died inside. Even though, in another sense, this conclusion seemed a little surreal even to them, this was the truth displayed in front of their eyes.

Even the Gods were jealous of his talent ah!

Once a person's talent went beyond a certain level, even the Heavens couldn't tolerate it!

After two more days passed in waiting, the devil clan Patriarch Mo Dingtian and others still at the square finally dispersed.

Naturally, Devil Son Mo Su also followed Mo Dingtian's group. At this moment, he was thankful and finally able to relax. In his opinion, since that person had died, he was the final winner!

"Mo Su, the Alchemist Grandmaster Union's Grand Competition is coming. Get ready, a few days later I will have Mo Zhenru accompany you to the Divine Dan World." Mo Dingtian suddenly spoke.

Mo Su snapped out from his own thoughts, respectful and full of confidence as he said, "Yes, Patriarch. Please rest assured, I will definitely win the Pill God Ring in the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition!"

Other than divine pellets, precious herb elixirs, and being allowed to enter and cultivate in the Dan River, the first place winner also received a Pill God Ring.

This ring was forged from numerous precious materials gathered by the Alchemist Grandmaster Union, having a myriad of wonderful uses. Not to mention that the person possessing it would have a significant level of authority and special benefits.

Mo Dingtian nodded, "Both your cultivation and alchemy talents are very high, and with your current strength, winning the first place shouldn't be difficult for you. However, at that time, you must be careful of the Wangu Clan's Wangu Ye as well as the Fortune Gate's Li Lu. These two people's talent in alchemy doesn't lose to yours."

In terms of talent amongst the Wangu Clan's younger generations, Wangu Yanhui was the uncontested number one. But in terms of alchemy refining talent, it was Wangu Ye!

Moreover, Wangu Ye had several thousand years of cultivation under his belt. His cultivation was even higher than Wangu Yanhui's, already having stepped into Eighth Order Highgod Realm.

Mo Su nodded and heeded Mo Dingtian's words, then a light of confusion flickered in his eyes, "The Fortune Gate's Li Lu?"

He already knew of Wangu Ye but since when was there a Li Lu in the Fortune Gate? This was his first time hearing this name.

Noticing Mo Su's perplexed expression, Mo Dingtian explained, "This Li Lu is a personal disciple the Fortune Gate Ancestor took in over two hundred years ago. Since she has been cultivating inside the Fortune Gate Domain, not many people outside of Fortune Gate know about her existence, however, from the information I received, this Li Lu has a very high talent in alchemy, not lower than Wangu Ye. Perhaps, she even exceeds him by an inch."

"A talent higher than Wangu Ye's! How can that be?!" Mo Su exclaimed in shock.

Mo Dingtian went on, "It goes without saying that there might a few points of exaggeration by the Fortune Gate. From this action, we can be sure that this Li Lu's alchemy refining talent is definitely high, but her cultivation realm is not that high, most likely between Third Order to Fourth Order Highgod Realm, which is why she isn't that much of a threat to you."

Hearing this, Mo Su regained some composure.

"This Li Lu is a truly a charming beauty." Mo Dingtian added, "When you meet her, it would do no harm trying to get closer to her. I've heard that she's extremely favored by the Fortune Gate Ancestor, so if you can rein her in, it would be considered a great merit to our Ancient Devil Clan."

A confident smile spread over Mo Su's face, "Please rest assured, Patriarch, I definitely won't let you down."

In the Frozen River World, the snow-capped mountains painted a picturesque scene.

At this time, the Frozen River World's transmission array was flickering, followed by a figure walking out from it.

Who else but Huang Xiaolong!

Stepping out from the transmission array, Huang Xiaolong surveyed his surrounding environment, stretches of white snow-capped mountains entered his sight. He then sped off in a certain direction.

It had been a good few days since he exited the Hellion Tower.

In these last few days, Huang Xiaolong already determined his location. Based on his speed, he could arrive at the Divine Dan World in one and a half month's time, thus he wasn't exactly in a hurry to reach his destination. He planned to stay for a couple of days in this Frozen River World before traveling onward.

The sceneries of this Frozen River World were very famous, its name well-known in many galaxies.

After all, there were more than three months left until the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition, he had ample time.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at a giant ice city whose buildings and walls were all built from enormous blocks of ice.

Huang Xiaolong entered the ice city in large strides. The city was quiet, there weren't many people on the streets, giving it a tranquil beauty. No fights, no scent of blood.

'If there's a chance later, I'll bring Xiaofei and stay here for a few years.' Huang Xiaolong quietly planned in his mind.

He remembered that Shi Xiaofei liked ice and snow, and was certain she would be very happy to see this Frozen River World.

Huang Xiaolong stopped before a restaurant, then entered the premise and found a table. After placing his order of some small side dishes and a jug of wine, he sipped his wine leisurely while enjoying the view outside. Soft, white snow drifted from the sky. He was embracing a rare moment of tranquillity, his heart at peace.

"I heard there's someone who actually went all the way up to the twelfth floor of the Hellion Tower!"

"Yes ah, too bad that person died inside!"

Not far from his table was a group of cultivators, and the content of their discussion stumped Huang Xiaolong.

Died on the twelfth floor?

As he continued to listen in on their conversation, he was finally able to make a conjecture about what happened. The people waiting outside the Hellion Tower thought he died on the twelfth floor after they didn't see him come out.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, smiling.

The several cultivators' discussion gradually moved to the upcoming Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition. There was a mention of Devil Son Mo Su, saying that he had the highest possibility of winning the first place.

From these disciples' conversation, Huang Xiaolong came to know that Mo Su had cleared the tenth floor, finally failing on the eleventh floor.

'Mo Su.' Huang Xiaolong repeated the name in his mind.

It was unexpected to him that this Mo Su would be participating in the upcoming Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition, but it was more interesting this way.


One month later.

As the Divine Dan World transmission array's light diminished, Huang Xiaolong was stepping out from it.

The Divine Dan World at last!

Huang Xiaolong did not linger around. Inquiring some information from one of the disciples guarding the transmission array, he flew straight toward the Divine Dan City.

The Divine Dan World's spiritual energy was extremely abundant. Its many mountain peaks were filled with countless medicinal herbs, causing weak medicinal properties to intermingle with the spiritual energy.

While Huang Xiaolong was making his way to the Divine Dan City, cultivators from various forces of numerous galaxies were also making their way there, forming something like human rivers.

The closer one got to the Divine Dan City, the more crowded it was.

'Did Master come, has he arrived?' Huang Xiaolong sighed inwardly watching the distance to the Divine Dan City narrowing as he moved forward.

Before he left Martial Spirit World, the Ascending Moon Old Man said to him that he would also come to the Divine Dan City when it was time for the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition.