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Chapter 914: Breakthrough to Fifth Order Highgod Realm

 On one side, the devil clan Patriarch and a group of Grand Elders were making their way to the Hellion Tower, while some people within the spectating crowd were busy sending the same message back to the Elders or Grand Elders of their families and sects.

At the Fortune Gate headquarters in the Everlasting Galaxy.

When the Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu received a report from Grand Elder Zhang Lin in the City of Devils, he was taken aback, nearly shouting loudly, "What?! Devil Son Mo Su only used slightly over four hours to pass through the Hellion Tower's third floor?"

Hearing Wang Yu's exclamation, the present Grand Elders were startled, turning towards him.

It could be said all the Fortune Gate's Grand Elders had tried challenging the Hellion Tower before, and most of them passed the third floor, thus they knew very well the difficulty of doing so.

Half of them had used more than a month to pass the third floor, whereas Chief Wang Yu himself spent more than twenty days. Now, it was said that Mo Su merely used a little more than four hours!

"Chief, is this news true?" Grand Elder Sun Yi couldn't help asking out loud, he even suspected that Zhang Lin exaggerated on purpose.

Wang Yu breathed in deeply, exhaling, "Absolutely true. Zhang Ling went to the Hellion Tower after receiving reports from the disciples, this matter has already spread over the Hellion Tower square right now. It will spread through the galaxies in a short time!"

The Hellion Tower had existed for a long time, and was a wonderful divine artifact to gauge a cultivator's talent. Mo Su using four hours to pass the third floor was proof of his monstrous talent, something that made others speechless.

This piece of news was even more shocking than Huang Xiaolong winning first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

Wang Yu could already imagine the shock this would create across the galaxies after the news spread out.

"If it's like this, that Mo Su is truly frightening. Once he breaks through to Tenth Order Highgod Realm, I'm afraid he's really going to be invincible under the Heavens, without any opponents!" Sun Yi lamented, then added, "Even that Huang Xiaolong is just garbage in front of Mo Su!"

"I heard this Mo Su is a lecherous character, he already has one hundred and thirty-eight concubines in his backyard, how about we send that Li Lu to Mo Su as a token of goodwill." Another Grand Elder, Li Zhou, suggested in a solemn voice.

"Li Lu?" Wang Yu frowned in contemplation. Hesitation flickered across his eyes, then he finally shook his head, "This matter must be approved by the Ancestor first. She is the Ancestor's most favored disciple, he definitely won't agree to this, not to mention that Ancestor has already said that Li Lu's talent isn't weaker than Fang Chu's. Now that Fang Chu is dead, Li Lu is our Fortune Gate's hope."

"That's right, Li Lu's talent was praised by the Ancestor as being unparalleled. The Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition is around the corner and Li Lu will be participating, our Fortune Gate will have a chance at the first place." Grand Elder Chen Yi said.

At the same time, the Wangu Clan, Mu Clan, Zhou Clan, Swordless Sect, Giant Tribe, Orthodox Yang Sect, Flying Roc Chamber, and others received the news of Mo Su's progress at the fastest speed.

The Patriarchs of those forces were astonished. In a short span of time, all forces forces in the galaxies were in an uproar.

At this time on the fourth floor, Huang Xiaolong had no idea of the ruckus he caused in the outside world.

The fourth floor was the devil inferno.

Huang Xiaolong surveyed his surroundings and could only see boundless dark earth in every direction, piled high with withered bones of ancient fierce beasts.

Other than ancient fierce beasts' bones, there were also bones of some exotic tribes.

As Huang Xiaolong was looking around, a frigid cold wind blew toward him.

This was truly frigid cold hell wind which, upon contact, would cause overwhelming frigid coldness to seep into one's body, freezing their four limbs in less than a breath's time. Not to mention the fact that this frigid coldness couldn't be expelled using godforce, the victim would be turned into an immemorial frozen statue with just a little delay.

Watching the hell wind coming at him, Huang Xiaolong merely allowed it to blow past his body. Other types of godforce might not be able to expel the frigid coldness, but Huang Xiaolong's was more overbearing.

The instant the frigid coldness started to invade his body, it was immediately expelled by Huang Xiaolong.

In the next instant, a giant blue fireball fell from the sky, covering hundred a radius of a thousand li with Huang Xiaolong at the center.

This was purgatory fire.

This purgatory fire could refine all things, one of the higher grade flames in hell. It could even incinerate the soul within a godhead.

Just like the previous hell wind, Huang Xiaolong merely allowed this purgatory fire to fall onto his body. To others, it might be one of the most terrifying things, but to Huang Xiaolong who had the True Dragon Divine Physique, this purgatory fire was nothing to be afraid of.

Not to mention that within his body were the four divine fires, any one of them could hold their own against this purgatory fire.

Huang Xiaolong planned to use this purgatory fire to further temper his True Dragon Divine Physique and his three supreme rank godheads.

In the blink of an eye, the blue purgatory fire engulfed him, causing all of his pores to open, as if he had fallen into a burning furnace.


Huang Xiaolong continued forward through the fourth floor in this pattern, using both the hell wind and purgatory fire to temper his True Dragon Divine Physique and three godheads.

From time to time, concentrated devil qi would from hell devils which attacked him.

These devils' strength was between mid-Fourth Order to late-Fourth Order Highgod Realm. What was different from the first three floors which only had ten waves of devils was the fact that, starting on the fourth floor, these devils were endless. There was even a time when there was a wave of several hundred devils.

Against them, Huang Xiaolong used his Archdevil Supreme Godhead's devouring power, swallowing them all.

Half a day later, he reached the end of fourth floor. The hell wind, purgatory fire, and attacking devils all vanished.

Then, thumb-sized black crystals fell like rain from the void above, which contained a shocking amount of spiritual energy.

"Devil cores!" Huang Xiaolong's face brightened.

This was the fourth floor's reward. Devil cores were an energy source found in the bodies of Nether Blood Devils, but since their clan was extremely small in number, they were also very rare.

Each of these falling devil cores contained and even more startling amount of energy compared to a three-million-years-old herb, several times higher.

Huang Xiaolong quickly pushed his three supreme godheads , absorbing those devil cores with full effort. These devil cores, once they fell, would melt into the black earth below, wasted.

In the void above, devil cores continued to fall. Still, Huang Xiaolong was faster, absorbing them into his body before they managed to touch the ground.

A day later, Huang Xiaolong's body quivered, followed by resplendent light coming from his body, soaring to the sky. He had finally broken through to Fifth Order Highgod Realm!