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Chapter 908: Devil Bead

 However, before entering the City of Devils, Huang Xiaolong's divine sense swept around and immediately discovered a large number of hidden Fortune Gate disciples. Among them was an imposing old man exuding a suffocating pressure, definitely an Eighth Order Highgod Realm master or above.

This old man was most likely the Grand Elder responsible for the Fortune Gate Branch in the City of Devils.

Huang Xiaolong sneered.

He deliberately released news of his departure to the City of Devils, certain that the Fortune Gate would send their people to block his path. But he wasn't perturbed by this.

Before he appeared in front of the city gates, he had already changed his physical appearance. Forget these Fortune Gate disciples, even if Fang Chu was standing in front of him, he still wouldn't be able to recognize him.

After paying the fee of one saint grade spirit stone, Huang Xiaolong swaggered into the City of Devils.

He even wickedly walked past in front of several Fortune Gate disciples, but their gazes were fixed on a female cultivator entering the city behind Huang Xiaolong.

It has to be said that the female cultivator was quite pretty, especially the two peaks on her chest, big and jiggling as she walked.

After smoothly entering the City of Devils, Huang Xiaolong followed the flow of the crowd, his eyes surveying the streets and shops around him. All of those shops mainly sold items related to the devil race, but there were a few shops that offered medicinal herbs and pills suitable for human cultivators.

He strolled around, but did not make any purchases even though those herbs and pills weren't bad. After making some inquiries about the Hellion Tower, Huang Xiaolong headed there straight away.

There was a rule in City of Devils that prohibited flying in the city's airspace and Greater Space Teleportation for the Highgod Realm cultivators. Hence, it would take Huang Xiaolong three to four days to reach the Hellion Tower.

He was in no hurry since he was already in the City of Devils. A delay of three to four days wasn't an issue, it could be considered as enjoying sceneries of a new place. Unless absolutely necessary, Huang Xiaolong preferred not to violate the City of Devils' rules.

According to the Ascending Moon Old Man, this particular ancient devil race clan's power wasn't any weaker than the Wangu Clan. If possible, he wished to avoid having any conflict with them.

As he proceed along, the sky gradually turned dark.

Huang Xiaolong took a look at the sky, then found a dilapidated yard a short while later, planning to stay the night there and continuing on his way tomorrow.

After entering the dilapidated yard, Huang Xiaolong cleaned up a corner of the room with a light wave of his hand and sat in a meditative position on the floor. He then swallowed an Extraordinary Divine Pellet and started doing breathing exercises.

In the blink of an eye, it was already deep into the night.

Silvery moonlight shone down, casting a soft glow over the yard.

Huang Xiaolong was resting in a meditative posture when he heard the sound of whistling air some distance from the yard he was in.

He opened his eyes and saw the descending figure of a middle-aged man. His bloodstained robe was clear under the moonlight, wobbling unsteadily as his feet touched the ground, his breathing chaotic. Huang Xiaolong noticed that this person's godhead was forcefully damaged by an overpowering force.

When the middle-aged man noticed Huang Xiaolong in the yard, his eyes brightened and made an effort to approach him. However, before he could say a word, a sharp sword light slashed through the void, cutting across the middle-aged man's neck.

The middle-aged man stiffened where he was, the eyes on his falling head widened.

After the sword light vanished, a young man clad in a brocade robe appeared in the yard, walking straight to the middle-aged man's body with a cold sneer on his face. His palm suddenly struck out, completely shattering the middle-aged man's godhead, destroying his soul in the process. When all of this was done, the young man removed the middle-aged man's spatial ring, taking out a black bead.

The instant this black bead emerged, the surrounding spiritual energy vigorously rippled.

The devil qi intensified, roiling throughout the yard.

However, seemingly restricted by the black bead, this soaring devil qi did not spread out from the yard.

The brocade-robed young man looked at the black bead in his hand with delight in his eyes. In the next second, he let out an insuppressible laugh before putting the black bead away into his own spatial ring. Only then did he focus on Huang Xiaolong.

"Late-Fourth Order Highgod Realm." The young man determined his cultivation with a single glance. He didn't interrogate Huang Xiaolong, merely looked coldly at him, throwing a question, "Runt, are you going to kill yourself or should I do it?"

A faint frown wrinkled Huang Xiaolong's brows, showing his displeasure. It seems like he saw something he shouldn't have seen, hence this young man planned to silence him.

This brocade-robed young man's strength wasn't all that bad, a mid-Seventh Order Highgod Realm cultivator.

"You're a disciple of the devil clan?" Huang Xiaolong asked, glancing at the young man's attire.

The brocade-robed young man chuckled, "That's right. Your strength isn't bad, a tiny bit better than that Fortune Gate disciple, but don't think you might be lucky enough to escape. Before me, you won't have this chance."

Huang Xiaolong's brows smoothed as his expression returned to his usual indifference, "I don't want to kill you, and have no interest in interfering with your devil clan's matters. Leave now and neither of us shall bother with each other."

Huang Xiaolong really did not want to be dragged into the devil clan's matters.

In this City of Devils, unless absolutely necessary, he didn't want to tear face with the devil clan.

At Huang Xiaolong's words, a fleeting tinge of bloodlust flitted in the young man's eyes looking at him, making an exaggerated action of digging his ear, "I didn't hear wrongly, did I? You just said you don't want to kill me?"

The sound of whistling sounded in the distance, interrupting his words.

Another disciple wearing the same brocade robe descended in the yard.

"Mo Chen, did you find the Devil Bead?" The second devil clan disciple asked the first disciple.

All core disciples of the devil clan used the surname 'Mo.'

The first devil clan disciple Mo Chen answered, "You know you can rest assured when I do things. I already got the Devil Bead, but this runt saw some things he shouldn't have. I told him to kill himself, but guess what he said to me; he said he doesn't want to kill me and told me to leave, not bothering each other."

The second devil clan disciple shook his head and laughed, looking strangely at Huang Xiaolong, then glanced at Mo Chen, saying, "Seeing that this runt is silly to the point of being cute, let him enjoy our ancient devil clan's Ten Thousand Purgatory Devil Hands."

Mo Chen nodded, "That is of course." Finished saying that, he strode toward Huang Xiaolong. His godforce surged and concentrated in his palm, striking at his target.

In an instant, alarming devil qi rushed out, condensing into numerous devil hands; not one more, not one less, precisely ten thousand.

Just as those devil hands were about to close in on Huang Xiaolong, radiant rays like a million suns burst out from Huang Xiaolong's body, bright and sacred. His light element godforce flowed out like a galactic river, submerging all devil hands it touched, purifying them.

Huang Xiaolong lifted a finger and pointed in the air, the Absolute Soul Finger force combined with his light element godforce and instantly pierced through Mo Chen's temple.

Mo Chen tumbled to the floor, his dying face filled with disbelief.

The second devil clan disciple Mo Rui was stunned, then dread warped his face, "Light element godforce!" He had already turned around, fleeing without hesitation.

He had just turned around when a figure flickered, blocking in front of him. Naturally, it was Huang Xiaolong with his Earthen Buddha Palm slapping down on Mo Rui, causing boundless Buddhism energy to flow into his chest.

Mo Rui screamed as his entire body turned into a pool of light, disappearing from the world.

After killing Mo Rui, Huang Xiaolong reached the side of Mo Chen's corpse, found the black bead from his body and flicked a sliver of fire element godforce, erasing all traces. At this time, there were several sounds of piercing wind coming from the distance.

Each of their auras was many times more powerful than Mo Chen and Mo Rui's.

Without dallying, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from the yard quietly.