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Chapter 900: You Are Huang Xiaolong!

 Huang Xiaolong had already spotted the Azure Dragon Institute's group. The cold gaze of his scarlet dragon eyes swept over them, but he decided to deal with Yelu Chufei first. In a flicker, he arrived right above the mountain peak where Yelu Chufei crashed down earlier.

He would deal with Qin Yi and the rest later, as their group wasn't an immediate issue.

Huang Xiaolong's dragon claw reached out, slamming down again on Yelu Chufei's body that was now half buried into the cliff.


The entire mountain cliff shattered, rocks and gravel rolled down, burying Yelu Chufei underneath.

In the distance, Qin Yi's group watched this scene with ashen faces, their hearts raced as if they would jump out from their chests at any time.

"Master, that divine dragon is too scary." Ceng Chu whispered in a low voice, sounding hoarse due to his dry throat. "What do we do now?"

Qin Yi inhaled deeply to calm the turbulent shock in his heart, appearing as calm as he could, "If we leave now, we might anger this Senior divine dragon, let's hope it isn't related to Huang Xiaolong."

Ceng Chu and the rest were trying to sneak away silently, but hearing Qin Yi's words, they quickly nipped the thought, standing there without daring to move a muscle.

They could only pray that Senior divine dragon had no relationship with Huang Xiaolong.


Qin Yi dared not think of the consequences.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong's dragon claw was already attacking Yelu Chufei again.

The gravel and rocks that previously fell on top of Yelu Chufei were reduced to dust, scattered in all directions, revealing Yelu Chufei.

His body was already injured to the point of being unrecognizable, embedded deep into the ground.

Huang Xiaolong snorted. His three supreme godheads rotated at the same time as his dragon claw came down on Yelu Chufei once more.

The land quaked, sending violent tremors through the surrounding several hundred thousand li.

As the land trembled, Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and the others' hearts jumped, boundless fear apparent in their eyes. The scene in front of them was too brutal.

They could no longer distinguish which part was Yelu Chufei's face and which part was his ass, his entire body completely sunk into the ground like a flatcake, blood and flesh mingling together.

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong's dragon claw struck the void.

Screams pierced the air as a large number of figures fell from the air. These were the remaining Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders who were hoping to sneak away undetected.

A powerful suction force gushed out from Huang Xiaolong's dragon palm, peeling the flattened Yelu Chufei from the pit below.

At this point, he had long lost consciousness, fainted into oblivion.

A violet 'soul' symbol flew out from Huang Xiaolong's pupils, entering Yelu Chufei's soul through his forehead.

Yelu Chufei previously mentioned the Yelu Family's Ancestor, therefore, before killing him, he had to find out the location of that Ancestor and whatever else Yelu Chufei knew about him.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong's soul-scouring ended.

Initially, he planned on torturing these Yelu Family masters, but he already sensed that the Beitang Family Patriarch and his group had already entered Martial Spirit World's atmosphere and were rushing toward the Huang Clan Manor at this very moment. Hence, he could only kill Yelu Chufei first.

The devouring ability of his Archdevil Supreme Godhead circulated at full speed.

In a few breaths' time, all of Yelu Chufei's blood essence and godforce rushed into Huang Xiaolong's body. Right before the Azure Dragon Institute masters' petrified faces, Yelu Chufei shrunk into a dried corpse at rapid speed.

With a simple tap of Huang Xiaolong's dragon claw, Yelu Chufei's dried body burst into dust like a soap bubble.

"Patriarch!" Several Yelu Family masters shouted in despair.

"Huang Xiaolong, I'll take you down even at the cost of my life!" A Fifth Order Highgod Realm Yelu Family Grand Elder roared, pouncing on Huang Xiaolong in blind fury. Godforce surged violently out of his body.

'Want to blow up?' Huang Xiaolong inwardly sneered. His palm struck through the air with the God Binding Palm, striking that Grand Elder and freezing his entire body's godforce. In the next second, the he was pulled by an invisible force to Huang Xiaolong's front, where the Archdevil Supreme Godhead's devouring power enveloped him. In just a few breaths' time, that Yelu Family Grand Elder's blood essence and godforce were sucked dry by Huang Xiaolong, just like what happened to Yelu Chufei.

Watching this scene, the remaining Yelu Family masters fell to the bottom of despair, filled with fear, panic, and sorrow. Some of them were kneeling and begging due to the fear they felt.

One of them shouted 'Senior,' another shouted 'Lord,' there were even some who called Huang Xiaolong 'Ancestor'.

Huang Xiaolong didn't know whether to laugh or cry hearing these Yelu Family's masters calling him Ancestor.

However, from the beginning, he had never planned to show mercy to them. In Huang Xiaolong's eyes, they were dead people from the very beginning.

Thus, no matter how these Yelu Family masters begged and pleaded, their death was certain.

Huang Xiaolong's enormous mouth opened, causing an overwhelming suction force to come from it, dragging all the Yelu Family masters right before his mouth.

No matter how they struggled, they couldn't escape Huang Xiaolong's control.

When these Yelu Family masters were within three li from Huang Xiaolong, they immediately felt a frightening devouring power sucking out their blood essence and godforce.

Qin Yi and his group watched as those Yelu Family cultivators' blood essences and godforce rushed out from their bodies, forming blood whirlpools several meters thick that flowed into Huang Xiaolong's body.

There were more than six hundred blood whirlpools, exuding glimmering godforce of various elements!

This scene in front of them shocked Qin Yi and the others speechless.

These were all Highgod Realm masters ah!

There were more than six hundred Highgod Realm masters, yet none of them had any power to resist, being turned into dried corpses!

The fear they were feeling deepened looking at that blue divine dragon, if it was possible. What horrifying existence was this primordial divine dragon?!

The weakest Yelu Family masters of Second and Third Order Highgod Realm had already turned into dried corpses, followed by those of Fourth Order, Fifth Order...

In the end, even Sixth Order Highgod Realm masters weren't able to escape.

After devouring more than six hundred Highgod Realm masters' blood essence and godforce, Huang Xiaolong felt an obvious difference in his strength.

With a shake of his body, he shattered those dried corpses into dust before turning toward Qin Yi's group.

With just one look, Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and everyone else started quivering uncontrollably.

"Senior, I, we, we're not related to the Yelu Family." Qin Yi's tongue was twisted into a knot, "W-we're just pa-passing by Martial Spirit World. Senior, please have mercy and let us go."

Hearing Qin Yi claiming he was just passing by Martial Spirit World, Huang Xiaolong laughed out loud for a good moment before stopping, "Qin Yi ah Qin Yi, you say you're passing by Martial Spirit World? Didn't you prepare one hundred giant redwood coffins for my wedding? You don't plan to take them out?"

Qin Yi flinched.

In a flash, Huang Xiaolong reverted to his human form.

"Hu-Huang, Huang, you're Huang Xiaolong, you!!!" Qin Yi's mind buzzed. His body temperature plunged, his four limbs freezing.