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Chapter 899: Hounding Yelu Chufei

 Huang Clan Manor.

After sending Yelu Chufei flying, Huang Xiaolong did not continue to attack him, and targeted another group of Yelu Family masters instead. In the shortest time, close to twenty Yelu Family cultivators were knocked down, heavily injured.

Huang Xiaolong had a good measure of the amount force he used, merely inflicting heavy injuries that robbed away the opponent's resistance while leaving their lives hanging by a thread.

When Yelu Chufei managed to steady himself and saw what Huang Xiaolong did, his eyes bulged with fury. Quickly looking around, he spotted the Huang Family members in the air above the back mountain, followed by a shout, "Huang Xiaolong, if you dare to kill one more member of my Yelu Family, I'll kill your entire Huang Family!" With one Greater Space Teleportation, he reached the Huang Clan Manor's back mountain where Huang Xiaolong's family was located.

Yelu Chufei wouldn't be able to stop Huang Xiaolong if he insisted on targeting his Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders, therefore, his only option was to use the Huang Family to threaten him.

The Black Devil Demonic Knife was now back in Yelu Chufei's hand. Just as he was about to slash down on the defensive barrier, Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth and spat out a tiny mountain that shot out at Yelu Chufei.

As it flew toward him, the tiny mountain expanded in the blink of an eye, turning into an ancient divine heavenly mountain.

The Heavenly Mountain!

Yelu Chufei first saw a shadow loom over his head, then felt a whelming wind force striking him on the back, causing him look over his shoulder. What he saw was a great mountain, its peak hidden in the sky, with a width larger than the eyes could see.

Incredulity rose to Yelu Chufei's face no longer having the luxury of dealing with the Huang Family. The Black Devil Demonic Knife in his hand slashed at the Heavenly Mountain with all his strength in an attempt to block it.

But, when the Black Devil Demonic Knife's devilish qi hit the Heavenly Mountain's body, the mountain merely quivered a little in the air. Apart from that, there was no other effect as it continued on its way.

Yelu Chufei panicked, quickly executing Greater Space Teleportation in order to dodge the Heavenly Mountain. Less than a second after he vanished, the Heavenly Mountain arrived at his former location.

Yelu Chufei that had just hid into a space pocket when he felt an indescribable force spreading through the air.

A violent quake ran through the earth following a thunderous boom.

When the dust settled, a great pit appeared in the ground, with spider-web wide fissures stretching deep into the earth.

Huang Xiaolong's dragon claw pointed at the air, circulating his godforce into the Heavenly Mountain's central formation. The formation lit up in a glimmering light as a powerful but gentle suction force flowed out.

Shi Xiaofei, the Ascending Moon Old Man, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Feng Yang, and the others merely saw the scene in front of them change, and they were already inside a strange hall they had never seen before.

After making sure his family and the others were safe, Huang Xiaolong no longer had scruples about going all out. With a turn, his dragon claw slashed toward another group of Yelu Family Elders and Grand Elders.

Screams of pain and angry shouts rang in the air.

Several Yely Family masters were even fleeing in fear.

A deep rumbling snicker sounded from the giant blue divine dragon. With a light sway of his body, Huang Xiaolong's dragon form was already blocking these fleeing Yelu Family masters' path.

"Huang, Huang Xiaolong, don't kill us, we..." One of the Yelu Family Elders stammered.

But he was sent flying with a swipe of Huang Xiaolong's dragon claw before he could finish the words, his chest exploding from the force.

When Yelu Chufei flew out from the deep great pit and saw Huang Xiaolong one-sidedly tearing through his Elders and Grand Elders, hatred and rage exploded in his eyes, followed by killing intent madly surging in heart, but there was also the stirring of regret.

He regretted underestimating Huang Xiaolong, regretted standing against him, and his biggest regret was that he did not exert all of his strength in killing Huang Xiaolong on the Aeon Square.

He looked around at the Yelu Family masters who were weeping and wailing in pain, or those barely breathing, then back at the Heavenly Mountain in the sky. Yelu Chufei's gaze was extremely chilling.

It was clear now, it was already impossible for him to kill Huang Xiaolong. But there was an intense unwillingness in him to leave things as they were.

'Huang Xiaolong, I'll let you live a few more days. I won't forget this matter, nor will I let it end just like this!' Yelu Chufei inwardly thought. Despite the unwillingness in his heart, he decided to retreat for now.

He needed to hurry to the City of Devils and find their Yelu Family Ancestor. With their Ancestor here, Huang Xiaolong's death was certain!

Yelu Chufei's figure blurred, disappearing in a flicker.

However, just as he was about to get away with a Greater Space Teleportation, a dragon claw reached out, forcefully stopping his movement.

Yelu Chufei fell out from the void, his widened eyes stared at Huang Xiaolong, confounded.

Huang Xiaolong's sneered, "You want to run? Yelu Chufei, you think you can run?" Although he had been targeting the Yelu Family masters, he had also been keeping an eye on Yelu Chufei, hence, the instant he tried to use Greater Space Teleportation, Huang Xiaolong immediately saw through it.

Yelu Chufei retorted sarcastically, "Huang Xiaolong, I admit you're stronger than me right now. I'm no match for you, but you're far from being able to kill me. I can leave as I want, your days are numbered when I find my family's Ancestor!"

"Is that so?" Huang Xiaolong's snicker sounded like low rumbling thunder, the humor did not reach his eyes, "Too bad you won't have this chance."

"You said that I can't kill you, then I will have you die right now!" All three of Huang Xiaolong's supreme godheads rotated simultaneously.

Splendid radiance burst out from his huge dragon body.

The sudden explosion of pressure from Huang Xiaolong's body made Yelu Chufei stagger back unconsciously, his face deathly pale as a thought occurred to him: Huang Xiaolong was holding back his power earlier!

'No, how is this possible?!' He clearly remembered that Huang Xiaolong's cultivation was only mid-Fourth Order Highgod Realm.

How could a mid-Fourth Order Highgod Realm exude such a powerful aura?! However, there was no time for him to think any further.

Yelu Chufei pulled every strand of godforce he could from his body, flying upward akin to a great peng spreading its wings, traversing several hundred thousand li in the blink of an eye.

This Great Peng movement technique was one of the most powerful movement skills that Yelu Chufei cultivated, a technique he hadn't used in several thousand years. Even so, he executed the technique with ease.

Although he was fast, Huang Xiaolong was even faster. In a flash, Huang Xiaolong was right behind him. His Infinite Buddha Supreme Godhead rotated at full force, causing Buddhism godforce to rush out as his Earthen Buddha Palm struck onto Yelu Chufei.

After taking the full force of Huang Xiaolong's Earthen Buddha Palm, Yelu Chufei shot downward diagonally.

Far in the distance, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi and his group of Azure Dragon Institute masters were hurrying toward the Huang Clan Manor when they saw a figure flying at them from the front, startling them.

'This is?'

Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and the rest finally saw the face of the person who was crashing toward them, filling them with shock. Their mouths were agape.

"Yelu Chufei?!" Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and the others exclaimed out loud.

They watched as Yelu Chufei spurted more than a few mouthfuls of blood in a breath's time, then crashed into a mountain cliff, shattering a large chunk of it.

Then, Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and the others saw a primordial divine dragon flying over at high speed.

Because no one from the Azure Dragon Institute ever saw Huang Xiaolong transforming into a divine dragon, they weren't aware that this dragon in front of them was actually him.

When they realized that a primordial divine dragon was hounding Yelu Chufei, all of them stiffened in place, not daring to even breathe. But there was the same confusion in everyone's minds; since when was there such a terrifying primordial divine dragon here in the Martial Spirit World?