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Chapter 894: The Dan River and Sacred Dan Temple

 "What's the first place reward for that Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition? How does it compare to the Highgod Advancement Tournament's first place rewards?" Hearing the Ascending Moon Old Man say the rewards were lucrative, Huang Xiaolong couldn't resist asking.

Only then did the old man reveal a smile, "Of course the rewards cannot compare to the Highgod Advancement Tournament's rewards. In general, the Grand Competition's first place winner gets one hundred rank nine tribulation divine pellets, one hundred kinds of two-million-year-old herbs, one hundred sacred grade immortal spirit stones, and one hundred Flame Crystal Stones. But, the most important of all is the fact that the winner can enter the Dan River [1] and cultivate there!"

"One hundred rank nine tribulation divine pellets?" Huang Xiaolong's focus was somewhere else.

Two-million-year-old medicinal herbs, sacred grade immortal spirit stones, and those Flame Crystal Stones were things that Huang Xiaolong did not lack, but this was the first time he had heard of rank nine tribulation divine pellets.

The old man explained, "In the past, when you were refining the Exalted Divinity Pellet during the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition, you attracted the legendary pill tribulation lightning. Hence, it was determined that the pill you refined was a rank one tribulation Exalted Divinity Pellet. From this you can understand that there's also a difference between tribulation grade divine pellets; one bolt of tribulation lightning is rank one tribulation, two bolts make rank two tribulation pills, so on and so forth. Therefore, nine bolts of tribulation lightning create rank nine tribulation divine pellets."

"Which means that my Exalted Divinity Pellet was really a rank one tribulation divine pellet?" Although he attracted a bolt of pill tribulation lightning at that time, it was merely the lowest level lightning.

"That's right," the old man nodded, "But a rank one tribulation grade divine pellet is difficult to refine even for most of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union's Eminent Elders, and this rank nine tribulation divine pellet is a legend among legends. Every single pellet is a priceless item; one hundred of them are enough to make the participants go crazy. It is said a rank nine tribulation divine pellet can help temper a Highgod Realm cultivator's God Body and further purify their godforce.

A gleam of surprise flickered in Huang Xiaolong's eyes, he did not expect something like a rank nine tribulation divine pellet to exist, especially in the lower realm.

Another thing was, it had been a long time since he refined any pills, this also made Huang Xiaolong wonder what rank of tribulation divine pellets he could create with his current strength.

"Is rank nine tribulation the highest grade?" Huang Xiaolong asked.

The Ascending Moon Old Man shook his head, "No, I heard there should also be a rank ten. But, in billion of years, despite the huge number of galaxies, no one has ever succeeded. Maybe there are people who succeeded in the ancient primordial times, but in the last millions of years, there is no such person. No one knows the reason why."

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly shocked by the fact that a rank ten tribulation grade actually existed!

"And what's with that Dan River?" A brief moment later, Huang Xiaolong changed the subject.

The Ascending Moon Old Man continued to explain, "The Dan River is the Alchemist Grandmaster Union's utmost sacred land, even I can't begin to fathom how it came about. Some say that all the failure and wasted pills that the Union's Eminent Elders refined through the years were thrown into a big river. As time passed, through millions of years of accumulation, it turned into a Dan River."

There was a tinge of envy in the old man's voice as he went on, "This Dan River contains the energy of countless medicinal pellets, the purest medicinal energy, who knows how many of these pellets sunk into the river. You cannot imagine the benefits of cultivating in the Dan River, but not even the Union's Eminent Elders are allowed to enter and cultivate within unless they made a great meritorious contribution and have the approval of ten other Eminent Elders."

It was unexpected to Huang Xiaolong that the Dan River was formed in this way.

"Then how many Eminent Elders does the Alchemist Grandmaster Union currently have? Who's the Union Head?" Huang Xiaolong pondered slightly then asked.

"A total of twelve Eminent Elders, but the Union Head position has been vacant for over a million years."

The current Alchemist Grandmaster Union actually had no one presiding over it? Was this even possible? Huang Xiaolong asked the old man.

According to the Alchemist Grandmaster Union's founding rules, only a person who successfully passed through the Sacred Dan Temple could take up the Union Head position. However, in the recent million years, no one succeeded."

This was the reason!

Huang Xiaolong's eyes lit up, "Anyone can attempt to pass through the Dan Temple?"

Just one looked at Huang Xiaolong's expression, the Ascending Moon Old Man already knew what Huang Xiaolong was thinking, shaking his head, there was a faint smile on his face, "Yes, as long as that person is a member of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union. But, it is easier said than done. Even people like Sun Yi failed to pass through it in so many years, so I advise you to nip whatever thoughts you have about it. I too have tried passing through the Sacred Dan Temple in the past, nearly dying inside."

Nearly dying inside? This Sacred Dan Temple had hidden dangers?

His curiosity stoked, Huang Xiaolong inquired more about the Sacred Dan Temple from the old man, and the Ascending Moon Old Man told Huang Xiaolong all he knew.

There was a total of five sections to the Sacred Dan Temple. Unfortunately, he didn't even pass the first section.

The first section of this Sacred Dan Temple was a pill formation filled with murderous aura. In order to pass through it, not only was one's skill required to reach a certain high degree, it also required the person to have a high level of strength.

According to the Ascending Moon Old Man's estimations, one needed to have a Seventh Order Highgod Realm strength to successfully pass through this first section.

'The strength of a Seventh Order Highgod Realm cultivator!'

Huang Xiaolong was astounded. If just the first section's requirement was a Seventh Order Highgod Realm strength, one could imagine the difficulty of the latter four sections.

Hence it was not unreasonable that a Seventh Order Highgod Realm master like Sun Yi failed to pass through the Sacred Dan Temple.

Still, Huang Xiaolong secretly decided to attempt passing through it when he broke through to Seventh Order Highgod Realm.

If he succeeded and inherited the position of Alchemist Grandmaster Union Head, would he need to be wary of a mere Fortune Gate?

Of course, the prerequisite to this was him breaking through to Seventh Order Highgod Realm first.

More urgently before that was dealing with the Yelu and Beitang Families' vengeance on his upcoming wedding day in about two and a half months.

A while after Huang Xiaolong and the Ascending Moon Old Man finished talking and separated, Huang Xiaolong took a stroll around the Huang Clan Manor before returning to his own yard. He then entered the Heavenly God's manor and took out the godhead that was part of his first place rewards.

The grade of this Heavenly God's godhead was slightly lower than Xiang Mingzhi's godhead, only a high rank ten. However, the heavenly godforce and God's Law power contained within it was a million times higher!

Perhaps even more than that!

The three supreme godheads in Huang Xiaolong's soul sea began to rotate at the same time.

Devouring power, purifying power, and water element godforce surged out from his body. In an instant, the heavenly godforce and God's Law contained inside the godhead flooded out, rushing into Huang Xiaolong.

The sudden amount of vast energy made him shudder, and three pools of bright light shone increasingly brighter in his soul sea.

The energies contained inside that Heavenly God godhead flooded into Huang Xiaolong's three supreme godheads, merging with his godforce and God's Law.

One hour, one day, two days...

In the blink of an eye, eight days passed.

All of a sudden, the three supreme godheads released bright lights, emitting a long hum.

Huang Xiaolong broke through to late-Third Order Highgod Realm!

Still, the heavenly godforce and God's Law continued to rush into his three supreme godheads until fifteen days had gone by. The godhead that was several meters in diameter cracked loudly and shattered, finally scattering into nothing.

1. Dan is Pill, which would make them 'Pill River' and 'Pill Temple'