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Chapter 882: Divine World Messenger

 The remaining two days passed by in a blink, and the curtain finally fell on this Highgod Advancement Tournament in which numerous galaxies' top talents participated.

From the Overflowing Lightning World, all the surviving disciples were being sent out in batches. The first batch comprised of disciples ranked below ten million.

This term's Highgod Advancement Tournament had over seventeen million disciples from various galaxies, however, when the disciples ranked below the ten million appeared on the square, there were merely eight hundred thousand or so!

Meaning to say, below the ranks of ten million, more than six million disciples had lost their lives!

This amount was staggering!

The second batch being transferred back were disciples ranked between one to ten million. Subsequent were the ones ranked between ten thousand to one million, the next batch was from three thousand to ten thousand.

The fifth batch transferred out was made up of disciples ranked between one thousand to three thousand, whereas in the final sixth batch were disciples in the top one thousand.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong, Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, Zhou Yao, and other top disciples were sent out in this sixth batch.

When the fifth batch of disciples appeared on the square, all eyes were fixed on the transmission array at the square center. The square was unusually silent, as if everyone was holding their breaths.

Finally, the transmission array shone brightly, and not far away, the Yelu Family Patriarch's fists subconsciously tightened. His momentum rose to the peak, killing intent swirling in his eyes.

A moment later, the transmission array's bright light flashed and disappeared, revealing a large group of disciples. These were none other than Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, Zhou Yao, You Wuye, Lu Dongwei, and others.

"Father, that's him!" Yelu Tianhao suddenly shouted as he pointed at a figure in the center of the transmission array.

Yelu Chufei's eyes needled onto that figure, letting out a rumbling roar. His body spun into a giant hurricane, flying straight at his target, exuding a suffocating murderous aura.

"Huang Xiaolong, go die!!" Yelu Chufei's eyes were scarlet with blood veins.

Overpowering fist force howled in the air, creating a dent in space, startling other masters present on the square. Numerous pairs of eyes watched that giant fist force almost tear through space and arrive at the transmission array area.

Wangu Shuo and the other Wangu Clan Elders were stunned. But, just as they wanted to block the attacker, there was someone faster than them, blocking Yelu Chufei's fist with a palm.

In an instant, that overpowering punch disappeared into nothing before everyone's eyes, and Yelu Chufei was knocked back as if he was struck by a heavy object, forcing him to crash down right in front of the other Yelu Family members.

The sudden turn of event made the crowd's hearts miss a beat.

Gazes slowly turned toward the person who stopped Yelu Chufei's whelming attack and sent him flying. It was a thin old man with wispy silvery hair and narrow eyes. One could even see lightning in the depths of his pupils when he blinked.

When the Wangu Clan Elders saw this person, all of them hurried before the old man and saluted respectfully, "Greetings, Ancestral Uncle!"

Ancestral Uncle!

Hearing the twelve Wang Clan Elders' greeting toward the thin silver-haired old man, the crowd stiffened, their hearts palpitating.

It was known that the Wangu Clan had two great masters. One of them was their Wangu Clan Ancestor, Wangu Chen, and the other was an old man named Wangu Mieqing. All Wangu Clan Elders and disciples would greet this person as 'Ancestral Uncle'.

This old man in front of them was undoubtedly Wangu Mieqing.

Wangu Mieqing nodded slightly at the group of Wangu Clan Elders, signaling them to stand up before his piercing gaze fell onto Yelu Chufei, "Kid, seeing that you're Yelu Xiong's descendant, I will spare your life today. But if there's a next time, don't blame me for disregarding old sentiments!"

Yelu Xiong was the Yelu Family's Patriarch two generations ago.

Yelu Chufei suppressed the terror in his heart, nodding in a hurry: "Many thanks for Senior's grace in sparing junior's life."

Wangu Mieqing looked away from the Yelu Family group, his piercing gaze sweeping over the cultivators around the square, his voice solemn, "Regardless of who you are, if you dare to break our Wangu Clan's rules, you will die!"

The word 'die' echoed like rolling waves in the square, striking the soul seas of all cultivators. The Wangu Clan disciples had a solemn expression on their faces.

Certain galaxies' masters that had the same intention as Yelu Chufei nipped the thought in the bud.

With that said, Wangu Mieqing's figure turned into a streak of lightning, disappearing from these people's view.

Right at this time, a large tear appeared in the sky above. Rays of light seeped through as it grew larger, sprinkling motes of light onto the square, accompanied by an emerging overwhelming aura.

The cultivators in all directions watched the space tear with awe and trepidation, from which a tall figure enshrouded in an aureate light appeared in front of everyone

When this tall figure stepped out from the space tear, the countless bright lights around his body morphed into ancient divine beasts one after another.

"I'm a messenger from the Divine World overseeing this term's Highgod Advancement Tournament. First place winner of the tournament, please step onto the Highgod Advancement Podium!" The tall figure obscured from view by the light shrouding him spoke. Although his voice was low, it sounded like roaring thunder to the surrounding people, projecting a superior aura. With a casual point of his finger, a radiant golden Highgod Advancement Podium appeared above the Aeon Square.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong had to put aside the matter of Yelu Chufei's assassination attempt, flying out from the transmission array and landing on the golden light podium.

"WHAT?!! He's Huang Xiaolong?!" Wangu Shuo and Wangu Changqing's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when they saw Huang Xiaolong's face.

Before, both of them assumed that the two people had the same name of 'Huang Xiaolong'. Never had they imagined that the Huang Xiaolong who snatched the first place on the ranking list would be the same black-haired young man they made a bet on.

In the next second, they discovered another thing; Huang Xiaolong's cultivation had advanced to peak early-Third Order Highgod Realm!

"What's the matter?" Wangu Zhi couldn't help asking, noticing Wangu Shuo and Wangu Changqing's dramatic expressions.

Wangu Shuo's Adam's apple stirred, squeezing a smile, "This Huang Xiaolong is the kid we made our bet on."

Wangu Zhi was too shocked to react for a second, then blurted out in disbelief, "Don't joke, didn't you guys said that black-haired kid was just a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm?"

"This... we also don't know what's going on ah." Wangu Shuo mumbled.

If someone told them that Huang Xiaolong broke through to peak early Third Order Highgod Realm from perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm in a short two years, they wouldn't believe it even if they were beaten into pig heads.

At the same time, that tall figure high in the sky observed Huang Xiaolong, his divine sense probing him up and down, giving praise, "Not bad, you're really not bad, you were able to win the tournament's first place relying on your peak early Third Order Highgod Realm strength. Your talent is also very good. Even placed among the younger generation of the Divine World's prominent sects, you can be considered as one of the highly talented juniors."

'I can only be considered highly talented?' Huang Xiaolong inwardly muttered. At this point in time, he had completely concealed the three supreme godheads above his soul sea, and in their place was a top rank ten godhead.

This was a special ability that Huang Xiaolong recently discovered about his Archdevil Supreme Godhead. After devouring some else's godhead, it could disguise itself as that godhead.

And the appearance of the godhead floating above his soul sea at this moment belonged to Xiang Mingzhi. Therefore, when that Divine World messenger's divine sense probed Huang Xiaolong, what it 'saw' was that top rank ten godhead.

Having a top rank ten godhead could only be considered as highly talented amongst the younger generation of the Divine World's prominent sects.

"This is your reward." The Divine World messenger then said. With a wave of his hand, a godhead several meters in diameter, emitting a soft blue glow floated down to Huang Xiaolong.

Heavenly God's godhead!

Fervent eyes stared fixedly at the godhead in Huang Xiaolong's hands.