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Chapter 881: Huang Xiaolong Must Die!

 Looking at the spiritual vein resembling a lightning dragon in front of him, Huang Xiaolong's delight was evident in his shining eyes.

This spiritual vein had been formed from countless years of accumulated Divine World spiritual energy!

The lightning spiritual energy contained within this spiritual vein was no doubt a treasure among treasures, whose quality was many times higher compared to the sacred grade immortal spirit stones that Huang Xiaolong could currently condense.

In terms of preciousness, this lightning dragon spiritual vein was worth many times more than the Lightning God's corpse.

Both of Huang Xiaolong's hands extended forward, forming a powerful suction force that rushed toward the lightning dragon spiritual vein.

All of a sudden, that giant spiritual vein shook, causing lightning energy to swirl angrily and pillars of lightning to strike down, dispersing Huang Xiaolong's suction force.

"Eh?!" Huang Xiaolong was startled. His suction force could even uproot a divine mountain with ease, yet it was actually scattered by this lightning dragon spiritual vein?

This spiritual vein's intelligence was quite developed and it possessed strength rivaling an average Fifth Order Highgod Realm master.

Immediately, Huang Xiaolong's lighting godforce churned and he issued a loud bellow, once again attempting to absorb the lightning dragon spiritual vein.

A second later, that massive underground spiritual vein was slowly lifted up.

The lightning dragon spiritual vein was shaking more violently, showing signs of escaping Huang Xiaolong's control at any moment. Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong hurriedly activated his Archdevil Supreme Godhead and Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead, causing his godforce to surge and the suction force to increase. No matter how violently that lightning dragon spiritual vein struggled to escape, it couldn't free itself from Huang Xiaolong's hands.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong managed to extract the lightning dragon spiritual vein and put it into the Heavenly Mountain, then he suppressed it underground using the Heavenly Mountain's central formation, right below the Heavenly God's mansion.

When all of this was completed, Huang Xiaolong finally exhaled in relief.

There was slightly over a month left until the end of the tournament, which didn't leave him much time, hence he decided to refine the lightning dragon spiritual vein later.

After Huang Xiaolong left the underground Lightning God Palace, he called for You Wuye and both of them exited the Lightning God's cultivation dwelling space.

As for what other herbs or spiritual fruits remained inside this place, Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to go around searching for them, thinking, 'I'll just leave them for other disciples.' Since he took a big portion of the meat pie, it was only polite to leave some crumbs to the others.

Coming out from the spatial entrance, he noticed that the disciples who had been guarding it were long gone. From there on, Huang Xiaolong did not restrict You Wuye's freedom, allowing him to go hunt lightning beasts alone. He was very much aware that You Wuye wouldn't be able to kill even a single lightning beast if he followed Huang Xiaolong. With his scary hunting speed, You Wuye wouldn't even have a chance to attack.

After You Wuye left, Huang Xiaolong activated the lightning element godforce from his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead, once again gathering a giant lightning cloud. At the same time, violent tornadoes emerged around him. All the lightning beasts in his path were sucked into the lightning cloud, destroyed, and had their life essence absorbed, converted into Huang Xiaolong's godforce.

Huang Xiaolong's points began to rise at an alarming speed, leaving the second-ranked Wangu Yanhui further in the dust.

One hour, two hours, one day, two days...!

Following Huang Xiaolong's rising points, his strength also continued to improve.

Although he was moving aimlessly, one of the good things about the Overflowing Lightning World was that there were quite a lot of treasures. Along the way, he found several stalks of three-million-year-old medicinal herbs.

Huang Xiaolong swallowed all of them, turning them into a part of his godforce.

Half a month later, his cultivation that had been stuck at peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm finally advanced to early Third Order.

On this particular day, Huang Xiaolong was standing in the air above a primitive stone forest, watching a group of disciples flying toward his direction from afar; it was a large group of sixty-seven disciples.

Looking at these disciples' robes, Huang Xiaolong snickered, for this large group was made up of disciples from the Yelu and Beitang Families.

The Yelu Family had several hundred disciples participating in the tournament. Even though Huang Xiaolong had killed Yelu Tianfeng, Yelu Xin, and other Yelu Family disciples some time ago, there were still a lot of Yelu Family disciples scattered around in the Overflowing Lightning World, as were the Beitang Family disciples.

"It's Huang Xiaolong!"

A Yelu Family disciples suddenly shrieked. When the other Yelu and Beitang Family disciples finally saw Huang Xiaolong, their faces became grim with fear.

By now, it was no secret in the Overflowing Lightning World that Huang Xiaolong had killed Yelu Tianfeng and Beitang Wuji. To these disciples from the Yelu and Beitang Families, Huang Xiaolong was a walking nightmare.

Even without thinking, all of them turned tail and ran for their lives.

Huang Xiaolong snorted coldly watching this. Godforce flowed out and the hurricanes around him enlarged, spinning at a horrifying rate, which swallowed all of the disciples who were attempting to run.

"Huang Xiaolong, don't kill me!"

"No, don't kill me!"

Both families' disciples screamed in despair, but it was all in vain.

Streaks of lightning struck down from the giant lightning cloud akin to divine punishment. Just like the lighting beasts Huang Xiaolong hunted, these disciples died under the lighting strikes and his Archdevil Supreme Godhead would devour the life essence left behind, which was in turn purified by his Infinite Buddha Supreme Godhead.

Not a single person managed to escape, all of them were turned into Huang Xiaolong's godforce.

Once again, Hung Xiaolong's points drastically increased.

After a month had passed, there were only two days until the end of the tournament. At this time, Huang Xiaolong's points were twice as many as Wangu Yanhui's!

Out on the Aeon Square, everyone had grown numb from the initial shock staring at Huang Xiaolong's name that was as brilliant as a million tiny shining suns.

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi stood there. Ever since Huang Xiaolong rose to the first place one month ago, he did not move an inch. He just stared fixedly at the name on the top of the list.

"Master, should we return to the institute?" Ceng Chu inquired cautiously, his heart filled with apprehension.

Ceng Chu was aware that his Master has been grasping at the last straw of hope in this one month's time, desperately wishing that Huang Xiaolong would fall like Fang Chu, Yelu Tianfeng, and others, forever disappearing from the ranking list.

At this point, with only two days remaining, this wish had virtually no hope of being granted.

No response came from Qin Yi.

Ceng Chu grew more anxious watching his Master. Huang Xiaolong would be coming out in another two days from the Overflowing Lightning World, delaying here was equivalent to waiting for death.

Just as Ceng Chu wanted to persuade his Master again, Qin Yi who had not moved for a whole month abruptly turned around and strode out from the square without another word.

Ceng Chu was stunned at first, then he and the rest of the Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elders quickly chased after him.

In another location on the Aeon Square, both Yelu and Beitang Family members were seething with killing intent.

"Only two more days." Yelu Family Patriarch Yelu Chufei mumbled under his breath. He already decided, the instant Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of his eyes, he would kill him at all cost, including the consequences of breaking the Eternal City's rules and offending the Wangu Clan.

'Huang Xiaolong must die!!'