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Chapter 879: The First Place

 Huang Xiaolong did not stop after knocking Fang Chu into the air with his claw. With another quick sway of his dragon body, he once again appeared above Fang Chu, sending a dragon claw slamming down.

Fang Chu was embedded deep into the hard floor, and the Gate of Fortune behind him exploded into motes of lights under Huang Xiaolong's attack.

Fang Chu was bathed in his own blood, so much that it hardly seemed like there was any intact part in his body.

However, in the next second, a burst of light came from him, his eyes surged with killing intent and hatred glaring at Huang Xiaolong. His mouth then split into a sinister, hideous grin, "Huang Xiaolong, so what if you're really part of the ancient Dragon Clan and have powerful attacks? I've long achieved the Body of Creation, capable of abstracting any existing energy under the heavens. No matter how heavy my injuries are, I can recover! Moreover, my Fortune Godhead is a high level emperor rank godhead!"

"You have no way of destroying my soul, I'm destined to become a peerless great emperor in the Divine World!"

"You aren't capable of killing me now, and therefore, the one who shall die in the future will be you!" Fang Chu laughed loudly, borderline hysteric.

High emperor rank godhead!

Fortune Godhead!

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked, this Fortune Godhead that Fang Chu condensed actually reached high emperor rank! Even Xiang Mingzhi who obtained the Azure Dragon Divine Fire only managed to condense a top rank ten godhead.

Above high emperor rank was top emperor rank, and above that was supreme rank godhead! Supreme rank godhead like Huang Xiaolong possessed!

"Huang Xiaolong, you're very shocked, right? That my godhead is high emperor rank." Noticing the shock on Huang Xiaolong's face, Fang Chu chuckled complacently, "The fact that I can condense a high emperor rank godhead proves that I'm someone with a great destiny and fortune, I won't die so easily."

"Is that so?" Looking at the obvious complacency on Fang Chu's face, Huang Xiaolong snickered. A shimmering gray flame appeared around his dragon claw, becoming denser.

The moment the shimmering gray flame appeared, the surrounding space began to collapse.

The complacency on Fang Chu's face froze, that shimmering gray light actually made him feel death's breath!

"Huang Xiaolong, wait!" Fang Chu shouted.

But Huang Xiaolong's dragon claw did not stop at all, the shimmering gray flame penetrated Fang Chu's forehead, straight into his soul sea.

Above Fang Chu's soul sea was an enormous floating godhead close to one thousand li in diameter. It was an enormous godhead emitting all types off light that could possibly exist in the world.

This was Fang Chu's Fortune Godhead. Although its size couldn't compete with Huang Xiaolong's supreme godheads, it was astonishing compared to the regular godheads.

Huang Xiaolong's shimmering gray flame aimed straight at Fang Chu's Fortune Godhead the moment it entered his soul sea, spreading over that enormous godhead. Fang Chu's Fortune Godhead suddenly emitted a glaring light, violently shaking as it tried to throw off Huang Xiaolong's gray flame, but that flame almost instantly incinerated the glaring light from the Fortune Godhead. Barely a moment later, the gray flame had already wrapped around the godhead, penetrating the last of Fang Chu's protective barriers and drilling into his Fortune Godhead.

Fang Chu's face turned deathly pale watching his. He was anxious and furious, vehemently denying it, "No, no, how is this possible?! What flame is this! Not the Azure Dragon Divine Fire!"

Because his godhead was high emperor rank, Fang Chu believed that not even the Azure Dragon Divine Fire could burn through his godhead's protective barriers.

Huang Xiaolong snorted, "Of course it isn't the Azure Dragon Divine Fire." This was the result of four divine fires merging into one, giving birth to a new kind of fire!

As for what kind of fire this was, Huang Xiaolong himself didn't know at this time.

"Huang Xiaolong, don't kill me, there's no benefit in killing me. Once you leave this place, the Fortune Gate will not spare you!" Fang Chu screamed in fear, "I've obtained the treasures inside Fortune Gate Old Ancestor's cultivation dwelling. There's Divine Fortune Pellet, I can give it to you!"

Fang Chu's Fortune Godhead flickered unstably as he made a last effort to fight Huang Xiaolong's gray flame.

Huang Xiaolong was aloof, indifferent to Fang Chu's temptation, increasing the flow of the gray fire.

Fang Chu let out a painful wail, eyes bloodshot, "Huang Xiaolong, this body is only an avatar! Kill my avatar and my original body won't spare you when you ascend to the Divine World!" When his soul was on the verge of being burned away, Fang Chu bellowed.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned. 'Avatar?!'

This Fang Chu was actually an avatar, and there was an original body?!

At this time, outside the Aeon Square, everyone was nervously watching the ranking list. It had been several days since Huang Xiaolong broke into the top ten and stopped at the 8th place.

For the past several days, Huang Xiaolong's points had slowed to a stop, whereas Tempest Academy's Jiang Xiaosu was rapidly catching up to him.

"If this continues, in two days' time, Jiang Xiaosu will surpass Huang Xiaolong." Wangu Shuo said while looking at the ranking list.

Wangu Zhi nodded in agreement, "Didn't I say it earlier, the highest this Huang Xiaolong can achieve is the 8th place, he will slowly be pushed down by the people behind him. Evidently, that is what is happening."

Wangu Yuan chimed in, "The way I see it, Huang Xiaolong will be kicked out from the top ten in about ten days. Jiang Xiaosu, Jian Shiyi, and Lu Dongwei will surpass Huang Xiaolong in points. By the time the tournament ends, Huang Xiaolong's final ranking should be around the 15th place."

Other Wangu Clan Elders nodded in agreement.

Right at this time, one of the Wangu Clan Elders was stunned looking at the second name on the ranking list.

Wangu Shuo and other Elders noticed this and looked in the same direction. The initially brilliant name that was second on the ranking list suddenly began to lose its brilliance.

The changes happening to Fang Chu's name immediately attracted the attention of everyone on the square and their faces filled with disbelief and shock. 'This is? The 2nd ranked Fang Chu has fallen!'

Before the shocked and disbelieving faces around the square, Fang Chu's name suddenly exploded from the ranking list, resembling the detonation of several hundred great suns at the same time. Bursts of glaring light spread out in the air above, illuminating the whole square, visible from every direction.

Eyes dazedly watched the glaring light above the square.

It was a long time later when light above dissipated, returning the city's sky to its previous calm.

A second later, all eyes were attracted to the abrupt brilliant light coming from the ranking list. At the top of the ranking list, resplendent lights flickered, shaking as one name appeared-Huang Xiaolong!

From the beginning of the tournament, Wangu Yanhui had monopolized the first place until now, when he had been relegated to second place, below Huang Xiaolong.

Everyone was stupefied. Wangu Shuo, Wangu Zhi, and other Wangu Clan Elders were agape.

Huang Xiaolong?!

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal looked at the topmost name on the ranking list, feeling like he had lost his soul. The commotion around him sounded as if it came from far away.

Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Qi Wen, and Chen Yang's expressions were just as dramatic.

The noisy square suddenly fell into a prolonged silence.

A long time later, Wangu Zhi's voice cut through the silence, a little hoarse, "That Fang Chu... was killed by Huang Xiaolong?!" He immediately stopped after saying this.