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Chapter 871: You Wuye

 When the young man arrived at the palace entrance, he stared with a heated gaze at the broken pieces of lightning dragon bones hovering high in the hall, mad with joy, "Emitting fragrance, these bones definitely originate from a Heavenly God realm lightning dragon! Good stuff, absolutely good stuff! After refining these lightning dragon bones, I'll be able to cultivate my Dark Elf Body to the perfection stage!" At the end of his words, the young man could hardly contain the ecstasy surging from his heart, throwing back his head and laughing loudly toward the sky.

It was as if those lightning dragon bone fragments were already his. The person standing next to them was completely ignored.

Huang Xiaolong stood there, looking indifferent. However, knowing that this palace hall actually had a Heavenly God realm lightning dragon's bones was an unexpected surprise for him, a pleasant surprise.

Like that young man said, those lightning dragon bone fragments were indeed good stuff. If Huang Xiaolong refined them, not only could it further enhance his physique to an astonishing level, he could also comprehend the lightning law contained within them, improving his strength to another degree.

The young man only noticed Huang Xiaolong a moment later, "Peak mid-Second Order Highgod Realm? Brat, seeing that you led me to find these lightning dragon bones, I'll spare your life. You can scram now."

Had the other person been a peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm, he would perhaps be a little more polite, however, a mere peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm brat wasn't worth the effort. Then again, in the young man's opinion, not killing Huang Xiaolong was courteous enough.

Hearing the young man telling him to scram, Huang Xiaolong wasn't angered. He was smiling faintly as he replied to the young man, "If you're capable of making me scram, I don't mind, but it doesn't seem like you have the capability."

The young man was stunned for a second, then he erupted up in laughter as if he had just heard the funniest joke in his life.

"Brat, you say I don't have the capability?" The man young man stopped laughing and looked Huang Xiaolong up and down with interest, "Do you know who I am?"

The young man assumed that Huang Xiaolong was ignorant of his identity, which was why the young man dared to show such a brazen attitude.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, "I know. The Dark Elf Tribe's You Wuye, ranked seventh."

You Wuye was a Fourth Order Highgod Realm disciple. Moreover, just now, the young man mentioned the Dark Elf Body, therefore it wasn't hard for Huang Xiaolong to guess his identity.

The smile on You Wuye's face vanished, his eyes emitting a faint dark green glow, he obviously didn't expect the brat to know him. And even knowing who he was, he dared to be so brazen!

Not to mention the fact that this brat was just a peak mid-Second Order Highgod Realm. You Wuye frowned, unable to determine what gave Huang Xiaolong such confidence.

Or was this brat was just making things up, hoping to divide a small portion of the lightning dragon bone fragments?

There was no one who wouldn't be tempted before a Heavenly God Realm lightning dragon's bones.

"Brat, I don't care who you are. These lightning dragon bones, I must get all of them." You Wuye's gaze was chillingly cold, the thick killing intent froze the space around him, "You should obediently go die!"

You Wuye's figure disappeared before the last word sounded, turning into a dark green light that streaked into the palace hall. However, this dark green light was extremely faint, hard to detect by the average cultivators. Just as that dark green light was about to penetrate his forehead, Huang Xiaolong placed a hand between his forehead and the dark green light, causing You Wuye's figure to emerge again in the hall.

In midair, You Wuye was gripping a longsword while it's tip was blocked by Huang Xiaolong' right hand. Astounded, he yelled, "You can see me?!"

Lightning element godforce surged out from Huang Xiaolong's right hand. The unexpected force sent You Wuye tumbling back in midair and his long sword snapped into halves, falling to the floor.

You Wuye finally managed to regain his balance at the edge of the hall, his eyes revealed more than mere shock.

"You're not a Second Order Highgod Realm!" You Wuye blurted out.

A peak mid-Second Order Highgod Realm couldn't be this strong!

Absolutely impossible!

Hearing the certainty in You Wuye's voice saying that he wasn't a peak mid-Second Order Highgod Realm, Huang Xiaolong wasn't interested in debating this matter, but looked at You Wuye with a hint of bloodthirst, "I've said this earlier. If you're capable of making me scram, I don't mind doing so, but you do not have this capability."

You Wuye's face sank, "Who are you really?" The dark green glow in his eyes became stronger.

"Who I am, you will know soon." Huang Xiaolong answered calmly, "These lightning dragon bone fragments, I want all of them. Also, hand over your spatial ring and I can spare your life."

Anger exploded in You Wuye's heart at Huang Xiaolong's words, he laughed in anger, "Brat, I don't believe you're stronger than Wangu Yanhui! Not even he dares to act so arrogantly towards me!"

"You really think merely forcing me back means you can win?"

"Dark Elf Body!"

You Wuye bellowed, dark light bursting out from his body and expanding at a rapid rate. In the blink of an eye, You Wuye was completely enveloped inside the dark light, as if he had completely merged with the darkness.

The Dark Elves were the natural kings of darkness from birth, possessing an innate darkness element. After condensing their darkness element godhead, combined with their godforce, they could easily control the forces of darkness in their immediate surroundings. Merging with the darkness, their movements became hard to pinpoint, which, combined with their erratic attacks within the darkness, made it extremely hard to defend against.

"Devil King's Holy Light!"

When You Wuye completely merged with darkness, he coldly harrumphed. All of a sudden, a ray of light as thick as an arm pierced out from the darkness.

This light took the shape of a sword, cutting everything in its path. Moreover, this light sword was laced with wisps of dark devil qi, which curled into the vague silhouette of a domineering hell king.

No doubt, You Wuye was the Dark Elf Tribe's greatest genius, a child of darkness that could actually cultivate a devil king technique that merged darkness and light.

Watching his Devil King's Holy Light sword slashing down on Huang Xiaolong, You Wuye was exceptionally cold, as he was confident. Amongst all the participating disciples, other than Wangu Yanhui, no other disciple could take this attack of this and remain unharmed.

Huang Xiaolong watched as the light sword laced with darkness was coming at him, and he couldn't help but admire You Wuye, truly a Fourth Order Highgod Realm master. This level of attack left Yelu Tianfeng and Beitang Wuji far behind in the dust.

In the split second this thought passed through Huang Xiaolong's mind, he casually lifted his hand, slapping forward. Buddhism force poured out from his Infinite Buddha Supreme Godhead into his palm, whistling out.

Earthen Buddha Palm!

The Supreme Buddhism force formed a sea of golden Buddhas, each and every one of them seemingly alive, releasing luminance in all four directions and painting the hall and space in a golden color.

The Supreme Buddhism force could penetrate everything.

The Devil King's Holy Light was instantly cornered. The darkness that had concealed You Wuye was instantly dispersed, forcing him out into the light and causing him to fall heavily to the floor.

You Wuye despaired, his eyes showed that he had lost the will to fight. He was facing Huang Xiaolong with terror on his face, this brat was actually so strong, moreover, his godhead actually contained Buddhism force!

In general, a Highgod Realm master's godforce was divided into the five elements, and there would be some cultivators possessing lightning, ice, or darkness attributes from time to time. However, cultivators possessing Buddhism force hardly appeared in millions of years.