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Chapter 866: Finding the Lightning God’s Cultivation Dwelling

 Chapter 866: Finding the Lightning Gods Cultivation Dwelling

After passing through the entrance, Huang Xiaolong chose a direction and sped ahead.

Inside the Lightning God's cultivation dwelling, there were thick lightning elementals resembling flood dragons everywhere he looked. These lightning flood dragons already possessed a certain level of awareness and intelligence, hence, they took the initiative to attack any intruders.

Facing these attacking lightning flood dragons, Huang Xiaolong did not repel or disperse them. Instead, he activated his Archdevil Supreme Godhead's devouring power, devouring all the lightning elementals coming at him.

These lightning flood dragons had existed in this space for countless millennia and most likely absorbed some kind of precious spiritual energy, enabling them to give birth to awareness and intelligence. For cultivators, they were a great supplement.

As he flew forward, along the way, Huang Xiaolong could feel his strength rising.

He then sank his divine sense into his jade token and discovered that his ranking had gone up to the 676th place after he killed that Yelu Family disciple and obtained half of his, entering the top seven hundred. This advancement speed was quite scary.

One mustn't forget that Huang Xiaolong had just advanced to the Highgod Realm when he left the valley, and his ranking had fallen down to the 969th place. Whereas now, after barely a day, he had climbed up to the top seven hundred.

Almost three hundred ranks in a day.

Huang Xiaolong's divine sense retreated from the jade token, pondering, 'Since there's a Yelu Family disciple in the group guarding the entrance, then Yelu Tianfeng must have entered this Lightning God space.' However, the crucial matter at the moment was finding and taking control over this place's central formation, finding Yelu Tianfeng was only secondary.

Huang Xiaolong was still flying forward when, all of a sudden, he stopped. In a flicker, he appeared above a small valley that actually looked more like a spacious ravine.

This ravine nestled between two mountain peaks, tucked away from view. Even more so because it was narrow and small, one could easily miss it when flying in the air.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he felt a strange energy fluctuation from this direction, thus found this hidden ravine.

Floating down, everything below entered his sight with a single glance, and his attention was attracted by a bamboo stalk over three meters tall growing out from the mountain wall.

This bamboo stalk was as thick as an adult's arm, entirely purple in color. There were actually spheres of dark violet lightning energy hovering around it. These spheres of lightning energy were different than other lightning energy around, more animated and definitely purer, it was as if every lightning sphere had something residing within.

A thought flashed in Huang Xiaolong's mind and he exclaimed in surprise, "This is Purple Lightning Divine Bamboo?!"

When Huang Xiaolong was searching for the four divine fires, he had read a record in a book from the Vermilion Bird Institute's Library regarding this Purple Lighting Divine Bamboo.

This bamboo was born from a large accumulation of natural lightning, growing one meter every million years. This Purple Lightning Divine Bamboo in front of him was slightly over three meters tall, showing that it was at least three million years old.

Thinking of this, Huang Xiaolong was delighted with his finding.

The Purple Lightning Divine Bamboo was an extremely sturdy material, perfect for refining divine artifacts.

Although the Mulberry Sword his Master Feng Yang had given him was passable, to the current Huang Xiaolong, it had grown inadequate. He had already planned to reinforce his Mulberry Sword and other weapons when he returned to Martial Spirit World.

Now, with the addition of this Purple Lightning Divine Bamboo, the Mulberry Sword's power would be enhanced to an astounding degree.

However, he was not in a hurry to collect the Purple Lightning Divine Bamboo. Instead, he observed the dark violet lightning spheres hovering around it.

These dark violet spheres were formed from the natural lightning force emitted by the Purple Lightning Divine Bamboo, and each sphere of lightning was comparable to a three-million-years-old herb!

And here, there were fifteen of them!

No longer hesitating, Huang Xiaolong's Archdevil Supreme Godhead rotated, releasing a devouring power that caused the fifteen dark violet lightning spheres to rush into Huang Xiaolong's body as if they were lining up, converted into godforce.

Even Huang Xiaolong couldn't estimate how many times faster his current refining speed was after breaking through to the Highgod Realm and condensing three supreme rank godheads.

It could be said without exaggeration that not even those Tenth Order Highgod Realm old ancestors who no longer appeared in public could compete with Huang Xiaolong's refining speed.

This was one of the terrifying aspects of having a supreme godhead, moreover, Huang Xiaolong had three of them!

After absorbing the energy from the fifteen spheres of lightning, Huang Xiaolong could feel his godforce increase by a significant amount, pushing him closer to peak mid-Second Order Highgod Realm.

Somehow, this result rendered him speechless.

Even though only a day had passed, even he had lost count of how many lightning beasts' essence force he had refined along the way, not forgetting that Yelu Family late-Second Order Highgod Realm disciple's blood essence and godforce. And now, even after refining fifteen lightning spheres comparable to three-million-years-old medicinal herbs, he had yet to reach peak mid-Second Order Highgod Realm!

Give another person the same amount of energy he had refined in this one day's time and they would have already broken through to Third Order Highgod Realm.

His three supreme godheads were akin to three bottomless pits.

Huang Xiaolong faintly suspected that even if he refined ten thousand Heavenly God's godheads and ten thousand stalks of three-million-years-old herbs right now, he might still not be able to advance to Third Order Highgod Realm.

Ten thousand Heavenly God's godheads!

Ten thousand stalks of three-million-years-old herbs!

Just thinking of this gave Huang Xiaolong a headache, where was he going to find so many godheads and three-million-years-old herbs?

He put away these messy thoughts and went to collect the Purple Lightning Divine Bamboo. He then left the ravine, flying in the same direction as he did before.

Huang Xiaolong continued to absorb the lightning force inside the Lightning God space as he flew onward. Half an hour later, a mountain range that stretched further than the eye could see came into view.

This mountain range was like dragon lying in wait, astonishing spiritual energy flowing out from within. Although Huang Xiaolong was still some distance away, he already felt the rich and abundant spiritual energy, not to mention the high grade Divine World spiritual energy.

For this grade of Divine World spiritual energy to appear, according to Huang Xiaolong's conjecture, deep below this mountain range was sealed a spiritual vein. A spiritual vein formed from the Divine World's spiritual energy!

If he could refine this spiritual vein, Huang Xiaolong estimated that he could, perhaps, advance to peak late-Second Order, perhaps even Third Order Highgod Realm!

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply, accelerating toward the mountain range.

Soon, he was standing in the air above the mountains, carefully sensing the densest area of spiritual energy, then hurried over.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of one of the many peaks around.

Clouds lingered over the mountain peak like a crown, whereas halfway down were magnificent buildings resembling palaces. The area with the densest spiritual energy was right here where these palaces were.

'The Lightning God's cultivation dwelling!' The name flashed in Huang Xiaolong's mind. Excitement shone in his eyes, flying toward the cluster of palaces.

Huang Xiaolong quickly descended on the square at the head of those palaces.

But, just as he was preparing to enter the main palace building, he heard the sound of whistling wind, followed by the appearance of a group of disciples. They also descended on the square.

This group of disciple consisted of ten people, and they were none other than Yelu Family disciples.

Once they descended, one of the Yelu Family disciples was ecstatic as he stared at the cluster of palaces around, ordering, "Quick, send a message to Big brother Tianfeng and the others, tell them we've found the Lightning God's cultivation dwelling!"

The other disciples also had excited expressions on their faces, each of them taking out their communication talisman to inform Yelu Tianfeng and rest of the family disciples.