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Chapter 865: Too Weak

 Chapter 865: Too Weak

"I really didn't expect that Huang Xiaolong to actually be so strong." Yelu Wei said with a solemn voice, "He could kill Yelu Xin, Yelu Bi, and the others, he has strength comparable to a peak mid-Third Order Highgod Realm at the very least."

But Yelu Tianfeng sneered in disdain, "Merely peak mid-Third Order Highgod Realm. If I want to kill him, it takes nothing more than the wave of a hand."

"That's right, in front of Big brother Yelu Tianfeng, that Huang Xiaolong is akin to a chicken waiting to be slaughtered." A Yelu Family disciple fawned, "If that Huang Xiaolong dares to come, Big brother Yelu Tianfeng doesn't even need to move a finger, Big brother Yelu Wei alone is more than enough to kill that dog."

Yelu Wei was the only one among Yelu Family's hundred participating disciples that managed to enter the top one hundred other than Yelu Tianfeng, currently ranked 85th. His cultivation was at late-Third Order Highgod Realm, infinitely close to advancing to peak late-Third Order.

"Break into groups of ten, separate and search for the central formation. If anything happens, use the communication talisman." Yelu Tianfeng began issuing orders to the present Yelu Family disciples.

Although the communication talisman's efficiency was limited in the Overflowing Lightning World, as long as they were not too far apart from each other, communication was still possible. This was also the reason why some disciples belonging to the same families or sects could still find each other and assemble.

In a short time, all Yelu Family disciples formed groups of ten and headed out, disappearing in different directions.

At this point in time, Huang Xiaolong was getting closer to the entrance of the Lightning God's cultivation dwelling.

Wherever he passed, all the lightning beasts were struck dead by lighting strikes coming from the cloud gathered above his head. His points continued to rise at an alarming rate.

Almost every half an hour, Huang Xiaolong's ranking would jump more than a dozen places up the list.

By the time five hours passed, he entered the top eight hundred, at the 793rd place. After entering the top eight hundred, Huang Xiaolong's rising speed seemed to have slowed, but even so, he still rose ten places in half an hour's time.

Half a day later, he reached the 758th spot.

When Huang Xiaolong could see the Magnetic Lightning Mountain's peak, his rank had risen again to the 752nd place.

Even at this time, Huang Xiaolong's Archdevil Supreme Godhead was still devouring frantically, and the thirty thousand li giant lightning cloud above his head shrunk rapidly, drilling into his body.

All three supreme godheads spun madly as they greedily absorbed the pure lightning force coming from the giant lightning cloud, converting it into godforce.

In a dozen of breaths' time, the intimidating thirty thousand li lightning cloud was completely refined by Huang Xiaolong, nowhere to be seen.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong dispersed the tornadoes around him, only then did he fly toward the Magnetic Lightning Mountain's peak, to the spatial hole.

However, just as he was about to fly into the entrance, more than twenty figures flew out, blocking his path.

These two dozen people were between late and peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm, clad in robes of different colors and styles, clearly showing that all of them came from different forces and galaxies.

"Punk, you want to enter the Lightning God's cultivation dwelling?" A disciple clad in a scarlet robe with the family crest of fire cloud on his chest sneered at Huang Xiaolong, "Hehe, I advise you to leave immediately. That way, you can still keep your life."

This disciple, judging from his scarlet robe and the crest on his chest, should be one of the Wangu Clan's core disciples.

Huang Xiaolong's gaze swept over the twenty-some people around, noting that most of them were from the Wangu Clan, Zhou Clan, Mu Clan, Fortune Gate, and the Ancient Sorcerer School, guarding here to prevent other disciples from entering the Lightning God's cultivation dwelling.

It seems like the Wangu Clan, Fortune Gate, and the other forces had quite a big appetite. Or better said, Wangu Yanhui, Fang Chu, Zhou Yao, and Mu Qi had quite the big appetite.

No doubt these disciples guarding here were following Wangu Yanhui and the others' command. In fact, Huang Xiaolong even spotted a Yelu Family disciple. But Huang Xiaolong had already discovered these people's presence before he reached the spatial entrance.

"And if I don't leave?" Huang Xiaolong asked with a hint of derisive humor in his voice.

"Not leaving?" The Wangu Clan disciple issued an evil chuckle, "Then go die!" His fist punched out, aiming at Huang Xiaolong's chest, filled with merciless killing intent. Blazing scarlet flames streaked in space, forming a giant fist imprint.

Before this scarlet giant fist imprint, the surrounding lightning turned into bluish mist. This was the Golden Qilin Flame the Wangu Clan's core disciples possessed in their bloodline.

Watching this, the other disciples retreated far away.

Only after the qilin fire fist arrived in front of him did Huang Xiaolong raise his hand before the wide-shocked eyes of the disciples; this person planned to receive that qilin flame fist with his bare hand?!

"A mid-Second Order Highgod Realm actually wants to take on Brother Dongcheng's Golden Qilin Flame Fist? Is this punk retarded?" A Mu Clan disciple couldn't help sneering as he watched.

The other disciples were also shaking their heads.

The Golden Qilin Flame Fist was one of the Wangu Clan's most powerful fist skills. The disciple displaying the attack was called Wangu Dongcheng, with a cultivation at peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm. Even the majority of early Third Order Highgod Realm masters wouldn't have the guts take on the attack barehanded like Huang Xiaolong.

Right when everyone was shaking their heads, that Golden Qilin Flame Fist halted right in front of Huang Xiaolong. He then made a grasping motion, holding the Golden Qilin Flame Fist in this palm, swirling it around like a ball. Like sea foam, that Golden Qilin Flame Fist turned into specks of fire, scattered and disappeared with the wind.

Wangu Dongcheng, that Mu Clan disciple and all other disciples were stupefied, 'He actually succeeded?'

Looks like it worked.

Wangu Dongcheng's expression was more than ugly.

"Everyone, don't be afraid! There are so many of us, and he's only one mid-Second Order Highgod Realm, nothing but a sitting duck. Let's work together and kill him!" One of the disciples shouted, inducing the rest.

This disciple was part of the Yelu Family, hence, the intimidated group calmed down and encircled Huang Xiaolong with a ruthless glint in their eyes.

Huang Xiaolong looked in the direction of that Yelu Family disciple; a suction force rushed out from his palm, pulling that disciple in front of him. To that Yelu Family disciple's horror, he discovered that he couldn't move a finger, his entire body's godforce controlled by an unknown power, causing him to fly toward Huang Xiaolong.

After pulling over that Yelu Family disciple, Huang Xiaolong's Archdevil Supreme Godhead began to rotate and a whelming devouring power surged out. Instantly, that Yelu Family's blood essence and godforce left his body, absorbed by Huang Xiaolong.

Before the petrified faces of the surrounding disciples, the body of that Yelu Family disciple shrunk, becoming a dried corpse. All of this took no longer than two breaths' time.

"Too weak." Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath as he threw the dried corpse to the side, looking at the rest of the disciples.

The surrounding disciples' faces turned ash gray. All of them turned around to flee, including Wangu Dongcheng.

Huang Xiaolong's lips curved into a sneer, too lazy to be bothered with these people, disappearing into the entrance in a flicker.

Until Huang Xiaolong disappeared into the entrance, the surviving disciples dared not approach. There was a disciple who already pissed his pants.

A long time later, these disciples braved themselves to come closer, but looking at the dry corpse of that Yelu Family disciple, their faces were deathly pale.