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Chapter 863: The First Place Belongs To None Other Than Wangu Yanhui

 Chapter 863: The First Place Belongs To None Other Than Wangu Yanhui

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Heavenly Mountain back into his body, then he vanished from the spot in a flicker, speeding away.

The urgent matter right now was to determine how much time had passed and how much time remained before the end of the tournament.

In a dozen breaths' time, Huang Xiaolong was already out of the valley.

When he was still a God Realm, he needed to fly for over an hour in order to reach the deeper parts of the valley, but now, leaving the valley was a matter of a mere dozen breaths' time. One could only imagine Huang Xiaolong's current speed.

Along the way, as he flew out from the valley, he noticed that the entire valley had fissures and holes everywhere, it was so damaged that he could hardly recognize it as the same valley he arrived in. Right at the center of the valley was a frightening deep fissure from which hot air spewing out.

"Looks like the commotion from my breakthrough wasn't small." Huang Xiaolong was glad he chose to breakthrough here. Had he done it back in the Martial Spirit World, there was a chance the whole Martial Spirit World would have broken into pieces.

As a higher realm world surface, the Overflowing Lightning World was a thousand times, even a million times sturdier than Martial Spirit World, but it was still damaged to this extent. It wasn't hard to imagine the disastrous consequences of his breakthrough in Martial Spirit World.

Huang Xiaolong surveyed his surroundings, determined the direction, and flew toward the previous megapolis.

As he was speeding past the lightning clouds forming below the Overflowing Lightning World's ninth heaven, an idea flashed in Huang Xiaolong's mind. His Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead began to rotate at high speed; in an instant, the surrounding clouds rolled and began to flock toward him, converging above his head.

The storm clouds that stretched in the sky all rushed toward Huang Xiaolong, spreading further.

One li, ten li, one hundred li, one thousand li...

The mass of clouds converging in the sky above Huang Xiaolong grew larger and larger, exceeding a ten thousand li mammoth-sized cloud. Lightning flood dragons weaved in and out of the giant cloud, the brewing destructive power could kill any Fourth Order Highgod Realm masters and below in a single strike.

At the same time, tornadoes formed around Huang Xiaolong.

His Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead contained the elemental forces of lightning, wind, water, earth, fire, metal, wood and others, hence Huang Xiaolong was able to manipulate the lightning and wind forces of the Overflowing Lightning World effortlessly.

Then again, the fact that he could do this was also because the Holy Dragon Godhead was a supreme rank godhead. This was impossible for other Fourth Order Highgod Realm masters, not even Xiang Mingzhi who possessed the Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique could do this.

Huang Xiaolong continued flying forward while gathering lightning clouds.

The lightning beasts outside a radius of ten thousand li from Huang Xiaolong fled in fear looking at the horrifying giant storm cloud, but the hurricanes around Huang Xiaolong chased them, instantly sucking those lightning beasts toward the giant cloud.

Lightning flood dragons streaked out from the cloud, striking down at a lightning beast. Under the lightning's overwhelming destructive force, the lightning beast was dead before it could even wail, turning into a mass of essence energy.

Then, Huang Xiaolong activated his Archdevil Supreme Godhead, sucking in the pure essence force with its terrifying devouring power. Simultaneously churning was the Golden Buddha Supreme Godhead, releasing a divine light capable of purifying all beings, increasing the purity of the lightning beast's essence force to another degree.

A Third Order Highgod Realm lightning beast died just like that!

This pure essence force was absorbed by Huang Xiaolong, converted into energy for the three supreme godheads, enhancing his godforce by a tiny fraction.

Huang Xiaolong's flying speed did not reduce at all while the lightning beast was dealt with.

As he continued to make his way toward the city, all lightning beasts within ten thousand li from him were sucked in by the whirlwind and struck to death by lightning, turning into pure essence force to be absorbed by Huang Xiaolong.

His strength slowly but surely rose.

Half an hour later, there were already more than a hundred lightning beasts that died in Huang Xiaolong's hands. This killing speed was truly too alarming, the number was several folds higher compared to what he killed in a whole day before breaking into the Highgod Realm.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong's Highgod Realm foundation wasn't very stable when he left the valley, but as he absorbed these lightning beasts' essence force, his foundation finally consolidated after the new advancement

Huang Xiaolong's points also rose at a shocking speed.

In the past months, his position had fallen down to the 969th place, but now now he had risen up to 954th place in a short half an hour.

Fifteen places in a short time.

On the Aeon Square, Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Qi Wen, and Chen Yang watched anxiously as Huang Xiaolong's ranking plummet from 93rd place all the way to the 969th, close to falling out of the top one thousand. But, all of a sudden, they saw Huang Xiaolong's points that hadn't changed in over a year's time suddenly shoot up at an alarming speed.

"This-!" Feng Yang, Liu Yun, and the rest were wide-eyed with astonishment.

Joy quickly took over their shock. Feng Yang felt as if he was falling down a bottomless abyss one second, and thrown into heaven the next moment. Liu Yun and Qi Wen were so excited that they were hugging each other as they jumped up and down.

Whereas Chen Yang was slightly frowning.

Not far from Feng Yang's group, the Azure Dragon Institute members who were still at the square were also watching Huang Xiaolong's sudden leap up the ranking list, looking at his rising points. Their expressions were as ugly as they could be.

"No, no, impossible!" Qin Yi stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong's rising name, bellowing in his heart, 'How is this possible? How is this possible!' Wasn't Huang Xiaolong, that bastard, heavily injured? How could he heal so fast? Also, how could his points increase at such a speed?!

Although the change in Huang Xiaolong's ranking was noticed by Feng Yang's group and the Azure Dragon Institute's side, no one else paid attention to it.

The Wangu Clan Elders were only concerned with disciples within the top one hundred.

At this time, the top of the ranking list was till Wangu Yanhui, with an accumulation of more than 63 million points.

At second place was the Fortune Gate's Fang Chu with over 61 million points.

Ranked third was the Zhou Clan's Zhou Yao, however, when compared to the two names above him, Zhou Yao's points were far behind, slightly over 53 million.

In the fourth place was the Mu Clan's Mu Qi, his accumulated points were a little over 52 million.

At the fifth place was the Giant Tribe's Taibang, sixth was Luo Shaochen of the Ancient Sorcerer School; at the seventh place was ths Dark Elf Tribe's You Wuye. Further down at the eighth place was Jiang Xiaosu of the Tempest Academy, the ninth place was the Swordless Sect's Jian Shiyi. From the tenth place to the thirteenth respectively were Lu Dongwei from the Orthodox Yang Sect, the Ouyang Clan's Ouyang Wanxiong, Jueshi Sanlang of Vanishing Life Island, and last but not least at the thirteenth place was Flying Roc Chamber's Peng Xuejiao.

More than a year into the tournament, there were still the thirteen people with a cultivation of Fourth Order Highgod Realm who dominated the top thirteen places on the ranking list.

On the other hand, the Yelu Family's Yelu Tianfeng inched one spot up to the fourteenth place.

"There are less than two months remaining, it looks like the first place is our Wangu Clan's." Wangu Shuo commented happily, "Wangu Yanhui, that kid, the first place is absolutely his."

Wangu Changqing nodded, echoing with a smile, "Other than that Fortune Gate's Fang Chu who poses a little threat to Wangu Yanhui, the rest are negligible at this point."

"When the tournament ends with Wangu Yanhui in the first place and he receives a Heavenly God's godhead as a reward, the Patriarch and the elders will be able study it and comprehend its mysteries. At that time, everyone's strength will greatly improve!" Wangu Zhi laughed merrily, "After the tournament ends, the clan should heavily reward that little guy Wangu Yanhui."

The other Wangu Clan Elders nodded in agreement, smiling from ear to ear.


Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong reached the megapolis.