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Chapter 861: Breakthrough to Highgod Realm

 Chapter 861: Breakthrough to Highgod Realm

While all the disciples gathered outside the valley were running away in fear, the three groups of light in the space above Huang Xiaolong's soul sea continued to enlarge at a rapid speed, exceeding a diameter of twenty li in a short time.

His flesh continued to rupture and bleed, then it was mended by the four divine fires' essence as he continued to absorb the Overflowing Lightning World's purest lightning force into his body.

From the distance, Huang Xiaolong himself seemed to be born of lightning. First, his veins and meridians disappeared, then it was his internal organs, bones and flesh, completely turning into one of the most powerful masses of energy under the heavens.

Three months passed.

The three groups of light above Huang Xiaolong's soul sea now exceeded thirty li in diameter.

As the three groups of light continued to pulsate, ten thousand li radius of land shook at it beats. At this point, no one dared to be within a hundred thousand li from the valley.

While Huang Xiaolong was condensing his godhead to breakthrough into the Highgod Realm, out on the Aeon Square, Feng Yang, Liu Yun, and the rest stared fixedly at the ranking list, nervous like ants on a hot pan.

It had been ten months without any changes to Huang Xiaolong's points. Ten months ago, Huang Xiaolong was ranked 93rd, while a month later his name fell outside of the top one hundred. In the second month, Huang Xiaolong's ranking had fallen outside of the top two hundred, and now, he was already out of the top three hundred!

Watching more and more disciple gain more points than Huang Xiaolong, kicking him further down on the ranking list, it raised speculations from the observing crowd.

And because of the previous bet, despite not believing the Huang Xiaolong on the ranking list to be that black-haired young man they saw, Wangu Shuo and Wangu Changqing also checked Huang Xiaolong's progress from time to time.

"Ten months, there haven't been any changes to his points. Could this kid be injured, hence he had been hiding to recuperate?" Wangu Shuo had been watching Huang Xiaolong's name sliding down the ranks with a frown.

"That's very likely. When he shot up to the 93rd spot, it must have been when he killed Xiang Mingzhi. Although he succeeded in killing Xiang Mingzhi, it is inevitable that he would be gravely injured." Wangu Changqing nodded at his own words, "That Xiang Mingzhi was a ranked 67th, there's no doubt he was quite strong, even disciples in the top twenty would be injured in order to kill him."

"It's a pity," Wangu Shuo shook his head, "If it is as you've said, then forget the top one hundred, he won't even be able to stay within the top one thousand. At his current rate, he'll be kicked out from the top one thousand by the time the competition ends."

Wangu Changqing also showed a reluctant expression. Initially, he had been looking forward to the unexpected surprise this Huang Xiaolong might give him by making it to the top thirty, but that probability didn't look so promising right now.

Therefore, Wangu Shuo, Wangu Changqing, and the other Wangu Clan Elders no longer paid any attention to Huang Xiaolong. Disciples worthy of their attention were naturally those in the top one hundred.

This 'Huang Xiaolong' had lost his only chance to reach the top one hundred in the tournament.

Watching Huang Xiaolong fall down the ranks, Qin Yi was inwardly sneering with glee. Even if his personal disciple died and no longer had any part in this tournament, Huang Xiaolong would be the same, destined to fall out of the top thousand!

Qin Yi's conclusion was similar to Wangu Shuo's, assuming that Huang Xiaolong must have been gravely injured after killing Xiang Mingzhi, thus he hid somewhere to heal, that's why his points did not change at all.

In fact, Qin Yi had been desperately praying that other disciples or lightning beasts would discover the place where Huang Xiaolong was healing and kill him!

'Kill Huang Xiaolong!!!' Screamed Qin Yi's heart.

Another two months went by, and there were still no changes to Huang Xiaolong's points. Not only did he fall out of the top three hundred, he was also already out of the top four hundred. The lower he dropped, the smaller the gap between points became. Due to Huang Xiaolong's unchanging points, there were disciples who surpassed Huang Xiaolong's rank on a daily basis.

In the Overflowing Lightning World, Huang Xiaolong who been sitting in the Heavenly God's mansion for a year's time emitted an even brighter light, drops of liquefied lightning force were floating around him.

At the same time, high in the sky, the tri-colored sea of light glimmered, rolled, and merged.

Divine dragons, golden Buddhas, and archdevils each formed their individual holy land.

One was a Dragon Holy Land, filled with divine dragons of various shapes, sizes, and colors. The space where their dragon qi passed reverberated with mighty dragon roars.

One was Buddhist Holy Land, where countless Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, numerous monks with golden bodies sat in a meditative pose in the air, chanting profound mantras that contained the dao of Buddhism, the dao of life, and the dao of light.

The last one was the Devil Holy Land. Every corner of it was filled with blood and gore, and evil spirits were roaming in all directions. There were Asuras everywhere one looked. The Ox-Head and Horse-Faced hell guardians were watching their every move. The stench of blood filled the air, as well as desolate darkness and frigid cold.

At this point, the three groups of light in Huang Xiaolong's soul sea had expanded to more than forty li in diameter. Every time they pulsated, it caused the land to shake vigorously.

Scorching heat waves spurted out from the land, as if ready to destroy the world.

Finally, the three groups of light above Huang Xiaolong's soul sea reached their limit and exploded. Rays of light transformed into hundreds of thousands of swords, thrusting up into the Overflowing Lightning World's sky, leaving just as many holes in the firmament.

Following that, the three groups of light scattered and dispersed. Huang Xiaolong looked into his soul sea, where three godheads that he failed to describe were calmly floating. Three odd-shaped godheads that looked more like three balls whilst not.

Huang Xiaolong succeeded in condensing his godhead!

Furthermore, he condensed three godheads!

One was a deep blue godhead that reflected red, green, purple, and yellow lights; one was black as ink, resembling the darkness of the Netherworld without a ray of sunlight, exuding a frigid air; and the last one was a golden godhead, the most radiant of gold, incomparable in the world, the essence of purity and brightness.

Each godhead reached 499,999 li in diameter! Just a mere one li and they could have reached 500,000 li!

All three godheads exuded an old aura filled with desolation, chaos, and an aura of origin grandmist, standing above all living beings. The godheads were their own heaven and earth, a world unto itself, the ruler of a universe.

The three godheads formed an enormous triangle in Huang Xiaolong's soul sea, slowly rotating. As they rotates, one could faintly feel the universe's power.

The instant the three godheads were completed, Huang Xiaolong's Qi Sea burst, endless true immortal essence force was converted into divine might.

Each of the three godheads was like their own world, merging speedily with the true immortal essence and god battle qi.

Huang Xiaolong's aura and cultivation rose tremendously.

Early first Order Highgod Realm, mid- First Order, peak late-First Order, then mid-Second Order Highgod Realm.


Without stopping, Huang Xiaolong had crushed the barrier to peak late-First Order Highgod Realm.

All these years, Huang Xiaolong had been suppressing his cultivation and compressing his dantian and Qi Sea's true immortal essence force and god battle qi. Now, releasing both forces just a little bit was akin to a fierce tidal wave that pushed his cultivation forward.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong had broken through to Second Order Highgod Realm!

However, even upon reaching early Second order Highgod Realm, his rising cultivation did not stop, continuing to rise.