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Chapter 855: Did Not Let Him Down

 Chapter 855: Did Not Let Him Down

When the two disciples were about to leave in a hurry, a black-haired young man suddenly appeared, blocking their path.

"The Azure Dragon Galaxy disciple these two brothers mentioned just now, I'd like to hear more about it." said Huang Xiaolong.

Those two disciples' cultivation was at late-First Order Highgod Realm, suddenly having their path blocked by a God Realm cultivator naturally caused them to be extremely annoyed. Now, hearing that the black-haired young man's reason for blocking their path was because of that Azure Dragon Galaxy disciple, their anger erupted.

A God Realm disciple dared to stop them and ask for news?!

"Brat, even if we know about that Azure Dragon Galaxy disciple, why should we tell you anything?" One of the two chuckled with ill-will.

"Do you know how precious our time is? A measly God Realm disciple like is only worth as much as a dog's life, that's even less than one second of our time!" The other disciple sneered, "How do you want to die now?" His divine might crashed toward Huang Xiaolong like a giant wave: "Get on your knees!"

Huang Xiaolong waved his hands without a word, an invisible force pulled the two disciples toward him.

When the two disciples saw that a mere God Realm disciple dared to attack them, they were enraged.

'This brat is truly seeking death!'

However, in the next moment, the two were petrified to find that they were unable to move, as if their surrounding space froze, locking them!

'This is?!'

As fear crept into the two disciples' eyes, Huang Xiaolong's hands were holding them up by the neck.

"Mercy, Senior!" The two disciples struggled to speak, begging for mercy.

Ignoring the cries for mercy, a 'soul' character condensed in Huang Xiaolong's eyes and entered the two disciples' forehead, directly searching their memories.

Huang Xiaolong' current soul force made it easy to search two late-First Order Highgod Realm masters' memories.

The soul-scouring ended shortly.

In these two disciples' memories, he finally found the information he wanted. From their rough knowledge of that Azure Dragon Galaxy disciple's face, there was a ninety percent chance it was Xiang Mingzhi!

Xiang Mingzhi!

A fierce light glinted in Huang Xiaolong's eyes, 'I finally found you!'

He then flicked out two wisps of Black Tortoise Divine Fire onto the two disciples, burning away all traces of them, and sped away on his Mulberry Sword at the fastest speed to the said valley.

By now, four months of the competition had already passed, he had to locate Xiang Mingzhi as soon as possible!

A while later, Huang Xiaolong had flown out of the city.

That valley where Xiang Mingzhi was said to be wasn't too far from the city, at a distance of less than twenty thousand li. Using his fastest speed, Huang Xiaolong could reach that location in half an hour's time.

Along the way, the First Order and Second Order Highgod Realm lightning beasts he came across were all killed with a soul force sword, not stopping for a moment.

As for other disciples that were also heading in the same direction, they were scared away by his horrifying speed. Huang Xiaolong's fastest speed on his sword was comparable to a late-Third Order Highgod Realm master

While Huang Xiaolong was rushing to the valley, at the Aeon City's Surging Waves Mansion, Feng Yang ended his practice for the day and called for his three disciples. Today, they were going to the square.

Despite the fear of disappointment, Feng Yang still carried a thin thread of hope, hoping to see his disciple Huang Xiaolong's name on the ranking list. It mattered not even if it was on the 3,000th rank, the last place.

A short while later, Feng Yang and his disciples arrived at the Aeon Square.

"Master, Feng Yang that old man is here!" Ceng Chu was the first to notice Feng Yang's group arriving.

Qin Yi didn't look so good. More accurately, for a month and a half, he had a sullen expression on his face.

Although Huang Xiaolong's ranking was in the nine-hundreds, incomparable to Xiang Mingzhi's position, seeing his name in the top one thousand left a bitter taste in Qin Yi's mouth. That feeling was worse than swallowing flies.

When Feng Yang arrived, he immediately noticed there was something different in Qin Yi's group, which perplexed him. In the past four months, when Qin Yi's group noticed him from afar, they would already be mocking him, yet today there was nothing?

Liu Yun and Qi Wen were also baffled by the change, but they did not give it much thought and looked toward the ranking list.

Every time they come here, they would start searching from the bottom of the ranking list, going up name by name.

Not at the 3,000th place!

At the 2,999th place, not there!

All the way up until the 2,000th place, there was still no sign of Huang Xiaolong's name.

The disappointment on Feng Yang's face grew more obvious. The majority of those ranking from 2,000th to the 3,000th place were peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm disciples, and higher up, the ranking list was dominated by Third Order Highgod Realm and above. In Feng Yang's opinion, it wasn't likely for Huang Xiaolong to be in the top two thousand.

Feng Yang inwardly let out a heavy sigh, but he kept on reading upward.

After reading the 2,000th name, Qi Wen had given up reading further up. Her eyes wandered around without purpose. At this time, her eyes swept over the rankings in the nine-hundreds and froze, then widened in disbelief, even her heartbeat quickened. Her dainty mouth opened and closed soundlessly. All of a sudden, her eyes were teary and red-rimmed.

"Master, it's, it's...!" Qi Wen was too excited to string a complete sentence, pointing at a certain spot of the ranking list.

Hearing Qi Wen's intelligible words, Feng Yang, Liu Yun, and Qi Wen looked where she was pointing at, the ranking range of nine-hundreds.

The three people's gazes finally stopped at the 921st place.

Ranking: 921st, Huang Xiaolong, points: 21, 642.

Shock ran through them as they froze on the spot, 'This, this...!' This result was so shocking that the master-disciples dared not believe it. Did they see wrong? If it was only one of them, that might be the case, but could all four of them have seen wrongly?

It could only be true!

It was true!

Feng Yang's body was trembling visibly, feeling a hot wetness in his eyes. Top one thousand, in the top one thousand names, his disciple was in the top one thousand!

Huang Xiaolong, this disciple that he placed hope on did not disappoint him!

Liu Yun and Qi Wen were also ecstatic, their gazes fixed on Huang Xiaolong's name at the 921st place, afraid that it would fall out of the list if they so much as blinked.

Not far from them, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and the rest were watching Feng Yang's group, looking at their happy and excited expressions. Qin Yi's group wore even more unpleasant expressions.

Some time later, Feng Yang turned his gaze in Qin Yi's direction, and couldn't hold back his laugh, "Qin Yi, you old dog, didn't you all say that my disciple is ranked after ten million? Do you see that? My disciple is now in the top one thousand!"

Watching Feng Yang's proud face, Qin Yi snickered with disdain, "It's just in the nine-hundreds, that's like the distance between heaven and earth compared to my disciple. It's too early for you to feel happy, Huang Xiaolong won't be able to protect his spot till the end."

"That's right, that Huang Xiaolong must have run into some dog shit luck and chanced up on a group of injured late-Second Order Highgod Realm disciples and killed them. He only managed to get there by getting others' points." Ceng Chu coldly snorted.

Feng yang laughed hearing this, "If my disciple ran into dog shit luck, then that Xiang Mingzhi must have run into super-duper dog shit luck, otherwise how could he appear in the top one hundred?"

Both sides were going at it tit-for-tat on the square.


Half an hour later Huang Xiaolong reached his destination.

Looking at the waves of lightning energy flowing out from the valley entrance, Huang Xiaolong did not hesitate, flying through it into the valley.