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Chapter 854: Another One

 Chapter 854: Another One

Although Yelu Xuan's talent wasn't as high as Yelu Tianfeng's, he was still one of Yelu Family's few precious talents!

With Yelu Xuan's talent, if he suffered no mishap, he would definitely become one of their Yelu Family's high-level Highgod Realm masters!

A family's power, whether it was strong or weak, highly depended on the number of high-level Highgod Realm masters it had!

No doubt, Yelu Xuan's death was a painful loss for the Yelu Family.

"If Yelu Xuan was killed by lightning beasts, then we can only blame it on his bad fortune." Yelu Chufei grieved with pain, "However, if I find out he was killed by another disciple, I swear by Heaven's Law, regardless of who that person is, I will absolutely cut them into a thousand pieces!"

Yelu Chufei's chilling killing intent caused those standing nearby to retreat in apprehension.

Then, the same Yelu Family Grand Elder pointed at the ranking list again, his face paled considerably: "Yelu Yu, he's...!"

Everyone who heard him was stunned, could it be...?

Yelu Chufei and the other members of Yelu Family turned anxiously toward the ranking list, at the 1,623rd place.

Right when their gazes fell on Yelu Yu's name, his name dimmed and exploded like fireworks, erased from the ranking list!

Another one!


Yelu Chufei clenched his fists so hard that his nails were digging into his palms, his killing intent soared.

"Yelu Xin!" The same Yelu Family Grand Elder shrieked again, louder this time.

Hearing that Grand Elder shrieking Yelu Xin's name, Yelu Chufei and other Yelu Family members felt their hearts tighten. Yelu Xin's talent was slightly higher than Yelu Xuan's, he was one of the three Yelu Family disciples within the top one thousand on the ranking list.


However, they watched as Yelu Xin's name slowly dimmed and exploded with hearts filled with pain, apprehension, and disbelief, disappearing from the ranking list just like Yelu Xuan and Yelu Yu's name. Yelu Xin's name was removed from the 921st place.

"Who? Who is it?!' Yelu Chufei's eyes turned scarlet, his voice reverberated in the air akin to a mighty fierce beast about to go berserk. The rest of the Yelu Family had a similar expression on their faces.

Subsequently, they saw Yelu Bi's name, another disciple comparable to Yelu Xuan, ranked 1,063rd, explode and disappear like the previous ones.

After Yelu Bi, the names of Yelu Family disciples ranked between one and two thousand exploded one by one.

Every time a Yelu Family disciple's name exploded like dazzling fireworks, the killing intent exuded by the Yelu Family members on the square grew thicker, almost solidifying. Each one of them looked like they were on the verge of killing someone, anyone.

Black-colored hail began falling down around the Yelu Family members.

Watching this, the surrounding cultivators retreated further away.

The Yelu Family's thick killing intent attracted the attention of Wangu Shuo and the other eleven Wangu Clan Elders above the square.

"That is the Saint Lord Galaxy's Yelu Family Patriarch, Yelu Chufei? The Yelu Family's not doing too bad with a genius like Yelu Tianfeng." Wangu Shuo said.

"Eh? If I remember correctly, the Yelu Family had eleven disciples within the top three thousand, right? Why are there only Yelu Tianfeng and Yelu Wei now? Did the others..." Wangu Changqing spoke with surprise.

"I only noticed now when you brought it up, have the other Yelu Family disciples died under the hands of lightning beasts? Or maybe they were killed by other participants?" Another Wangu Clan Elder, Wangu Yuan sighed.

"If they were killed by other disciples, who could it be? Being able to kill the Yelu Family's nine disciples, they should at least have the strength of a mid-Third Order Highgod Realm!" said Wangu Shuo.

In the distance, the Azure Dragon Institute was still staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong's name as it continued to move up the rankings.

By this time, Huang Xiaolong had risen up all the way to the 1,006th place.

'1,006th place, there are only six more ranks and he'll be in the top one thousand!'

Earlier, these Azure Dragon Institute people had convinced themselves that Hang Xiaolong wouldn't be able to enter top one thousand, yet now, watching his ranking getting ever closer to the top one thousand, the Azure Dragon Institute members were shrouded in a heavy silence. Not one person made a sound. The skin of their faces was stretched taut due to nervousness.

Ceng Chu's insides were tightly twisted while his heart was chanting 'don't break through, don't break through, don't break through'. In response to the prayers in Ceng Chu's heart, Huang Xiaolong's name flickered. When it appeared, it was at the 983rd position.

As if every last strand of vitality was sucked out of him, Ceng Chu's eyes dimmed. Huang Xiaolong broke into the top one thousand!

Looking at Huang Xiaolong rank jumping up all the way to the 983rd place, Qin Yi felt like someone struck his chest.

"The current ranking cannot prove anything." Ceng Chu forced a smile saying, "Soon, that Huang Xiaolong will definitely fall out of the top one thousand." However, his voice had lost much confidence.

"That's right, that's right, the moment he runs into Vice-Principal Xiang Mingzhi is when he dies. He'll die in the hands of Vice-Principal Xiang Mingzhi, forever disappearing from the ranking list!" An elderly Grand Elder insisted.

Qin Yi did not say a word.

At the same time, in the Surging Waves Mansion, Liu Yun was inquiring from Feng Yang, "Master, it's been ten days, are we going to the square to check the ranking list?"

Feng Yang sighed and shook his head, "We should wait for another month before we have a look."

There would only be another disappointment if they went now, not to mention the Azure Dragon Institute group's endless mockery.

Hearing their Master's answer, Liu Yun and Qin Wen silently sighed.

In the Overflowing Lightning World, Huang Xiaolong pulled out his halberd from the last Yelu Family disciple's skull.

A strong stench of blood lingered in the air.

Looking at the sixteen corpses littered on the ground, Huang Xiaolong flicked out a sliver of his true immortal essence fire, burning everything to ashes. Sixteen godheads were added into his Asura Ring, and then he checked his jade token.

"971st." This was his current ranking.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong retrieved his divine sense, vanishing into the palace in a flicker.

In a garden of the palace, Huang Xiaolong found a spiritual tree. Amongst its lush green leaves were two shiny, golden fruits, enshrouded in golden-colored lightning. Each of the fruits was as big as one of his fists. The tantalizing fragrance he smelled earlier came from these two golden fruits, which were undoubtedly three-million-years-old and above.

'This is good stuff!'

Not wasting time, Huang Xiaolong uprooted the fruit tree and put it in a corner of his Asura Ring. He then went to check other places of the palace before leaving, continuing further into the city.

Soon, a month went by.

Although Huang Xiaolong's progress slowed a little compared to before, he still inched up to 922nd place.

Despite his progress, Huang Xiaolong was feeling somewhat surly, he had yet to sense Xiang Mingzhi's location.

"I heard an Azure Dragon Galaxy disciple found a medicinal herb that is at least three-million-years-old in a valley!" Out of nowhere, a voice reached Huang Xiaolong's ears.

"A three-million-years-old herb! What are we waiting for, let's hurry over!"

Huang Xiaolong's heart skipped a beat hearing these two disciples' conversation. An Azure Dragon Galaxy disciple? Could it be Xiang Mingzhi?! Only a handful of disciples from the Azure Dragon Galaxy qualified to participate in the tournament, the probability of that disciple being Xiang Mingzhi was very high!