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Chapter 851: You Must Have Seen Wrongly

 Chapter 851: You Must Have Seen Wrongly

Although Huang Xiaolong's ranking reached the top three thousand and his name appeared at the bottom of the ranking list, due to his name being on the very bottom, no one noticed the appearance of a new name.

A second later, an Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder coincidentally looked at the ranking list. But, before looking away, the corner of his eye caught sight of the bottom part of the list and his expression stiffened.

'Huang Xiaolong?!'

He widened his eyes, then rubbed them with his fingers. He wasn't wrong, it was indeed Huang Xiaolong's name!

His expression changed, his mouth opened and closed, stammering.

An Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder beside him noticed his strange behavior and asked curiously, "What is it?"

The first Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder pointed at the ranking list, squeezing out: "At the bottom, Huang Xiaolong, it's Huang Xiaolong!"

"Huang Xiaolong?!" When Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and the others heard this, they abruptly turned to look at the ranking list following that Grand Elder's finger.

But, a moment before their gazes fell on the bottom of the ranking list, a light glimmered and Huang Xiaolong's name was replaced by another disciple named Yuan Zhi, taking over the 3,000th spot.

Which was why, when Qin Yi and the rest of the Azure Dragon Institute members looked at the bottom of the ranking list, it read 'Yuan Zhi'.

"What Huang Xiaolong!" Ceng Chu snapped. "The name Yuan Zhi is clearly written there, making a fuss out of nothing. I think you've been staring at the ranking list for too long, your eyes got all blurry and saw wrongly!"

That Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder once again rubbed his eyes. Seeing that it was indeed the name 'Yuan Zhi' stated on the ranking list, he was speechless; more like he didn't know what to say to salvage himself.

"I agree, Grand Elder Chen, you've seen wrongly. Even if that Huang Xiaolong is still alive, how could he even climb up into the top three thousand with his measly strength?" Another Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder chimed in.

The first Grand Elder's mouth opened and closed, but no words came out. He took another look at the bottom of the ranking list, but it was still the name Yuan Zhi.

Could it be, he really saw wrongly? Was it a hallucination?

The rest already turned away, ignoring him as their attention returned to Xiang Mingzhi's movement in the top one hundred.

Although Xiang Mingzhi who possessed the Azure Dragon Divine Fire and Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique was very strong, his rise had become much harder after he reached his current position despite the continuous increase in his points. The disciples in front of him were all Third Order Highgod Realm and above, their accumulation of points wasn't any slower than Xiang Mingzhi's.

At this rate, Xiang Mingzhi could, at most, reach around the 80th place.


With his disciple being able to reach this level, Qin Yi was already extremely satisfied.

In the Overflowing Lightning World, Huang Xiaolong flew into the megapolis. At first glance, the inside the city was a stretch of desolation all around, its wide spacious streets held nothing but ruins. Even though it was daylight, the dark clouds and lightning hovering above it cast a shadow of darkness over the city, forever trapping this place in the last light of dusk.

Huang Xiaolong walked on an empty street, noticing that everywhere he looked within the city, there were fine streaks of lightning running down. Although the destructive power of these fine lightning streaks was small, his god battle qi depleted six times faster inside the city.

Though those fine strands of lightning could hardly harm Huang Xiaolong's True Dragon Physique, he still took precautions by putting on his Glory of the Water God Armor as well as taking out the Water God Halberd, in case of unforeseen situations.

'It's a pity that I haven't condensed my godhead, otherwise I could absorb the lightning force here to temper my physique.' Huang Xiaolong sighed.

The Overflowing Lightning World was a higher realm world and the lightning force here was extremely pure. If he could absorb it to temper his body, even just for a year's time, it would be much better than his cultivation efforts in the lower realm.

As he walked up the street, his instincts shouted danger and he swiftly dodged to the side. Just as Huang Xiaolong dodged, a large lightning bead landed where he stood earlier.

A giant hole of appeared in the middle of the street, its depth like a bottomless abyss.

Even Huang Xiaolong was alarmed by this, quickly looking at a certain dark cloud above.

There was actually a lightning beast hiding inside this dark cloud!

An early Third Order Highgod Realm lightning beast!

These dark clouds could block the probing of divine sense, if this lightning beast did not attack Huang Xiaolong just now, he wouldn't know there was actually a lightning beast hiding inside.

A sharp light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong's eyes and his momentum rose like a violent flood. With a low bellow, he shot up into the sky, the Water God Halberd in his hand thrusting into the center of that dark cloud.

At the same time, four swords made of soul force stabbed into the lightning beast.

A painful wail resounded in the air as several spurts of blood rushed in the air. A thirty zhang long lightning beast resembling a green wolf plummeted to the ground.

It was a Green Wolf Lightning Beast with a pair of wings on its back that flickered with lightning.

The Green Wolf Lightning Beast did not expect a God Realm runt to actually avoid its attack, moreover suddenly retaliating and injuring it. The wolf let out a furious roar, one that could paralyze the enemy's soul.

However, this soul attack had no effect on that human.

Huang Xiaolong lunged down, Asura qi imbued into the black halberd as he stabbed out.

The Asura Sword Skill's first move: Tempest of Hell!

A violent wind vortex spun, its howling akin to the wretched cries of evil spirits from the depths of hell.

Huang Xiaolong had mastered all of the Asura Sword Skill's eighteen moves and could display them with any kind of weapon.

The Green Wolf Lightning Beast jumped back to dodge and its wings spread out, flapping vigorously. As if it was summoned, the lightning high up in the dark clouds struck down.

Clearly, this Green Wolf Lightning Beast's wings could manipulate the lightning force in this world to attack, and even though these lightning strikes weren't lethal, the average Third Order Highgod Realm masters would be hard-pressed to withstand them.

As the lightning landed on the Tempest of Hell's wind vortex, sparks flew out and the vortex shook, causing the street to be further destroyed.

Huang Xiaolong fully circulated his Asura qi, forming a Hell Asura Barrier around himself, and dispersed the shockwaves from the lightning strikes with a shake. The long halberd in his hand once again attacked the green Wolf Lightning Beast.

The Asura Sword Skill's second move: Tears of Asura. A large amount of Asura qi turned into raindrops covering thousands of li, pelting down.

The third move: Wrath of the Nether King.

The fourth move: State of Abundant Lightning.

Huang Xiaolong's attacks came consecutively.

Even though the Green Wolf Lightning Beast was a Third Order Highgod Realm, it was still weaker compared to Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi. On top of that, it was heavily injured by Huang Xiaolong due to its carelessness and suffered the consecutive attacks after that. Soon, Huang Xiaolong's halberd pierced through the Green Wolf Lightning Beast's head, erasing its soul once and for all.

A bright stream of light flew out from the Green Wolf Lightning Beast's corpse into the jade token inside Huang Xiaolong's body.

In an instant, more than three thousand points were added to his jade token, but he then discovered that he fell two places to the 3,002nd position even though his points had increased.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head with a wry smile, looks like his speed in gaining points was indeed slow. He continued to walk forward.

While Huang Xiaolong ventured further into the city, in another part of the city not far from him there were a dozen disciples besieging a lightning beast. These disciples were all from the same force, disciples of the Yelu Family!