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Chapter 848: F*cking Blind Dog Eyes

 Compared to Xiang Mingzhi, Huang Xiaolong's ranking was worse than dog shit.

One was in the top six hundred, the other was above two million, the gap was too wide, a distance wider than one hundred and eighty million li.

Xiang Mingzhi retrieved his divine sense from the jade token, no longer concerned with Huang Xiaolong's ranking. To him, Huang Xiaolong was weak to the point where he had lost interest, he was no longer a threat to him. Now, in this Overflowing Lightning World, his opponents were those late-Third Order Highgod Realm and above.

"Inside this Overflowing Lightning World, my Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique is akin to a fish returning to the water, not only can I gain points as I hunt lightning beasts, I can also absorb this Overflowing Lightning World's lightning force to cultivate." Xiang Mingzhi could hardly contain the excitement in his eyes, "Within one year's time, I'll be able to advance to late-Third Order Highgod Realm! At that time, I can absolutely enter the top one hundred!" Xiang Mingzhi laughed in a low voice at the end.

From the sky above, countless streaks of lightning continued to strike down, entering Xiang Mingzhi's body.

Hovering above his soul sea was an enormous godhead that seemed to be condensed out of lightning, devouring the lightning force that entered his body at a terrifying speed and turning it into the purest lightning element godforce and Lightning God's Law.

The Overflowing Lightning World's lightning was of high-grade and high-purity, cultivating here for one day was even better than cultivating in the Azure Dragon Institute's forbidden land for a whole month.

Any other Highgod Realm master who cultivated the element of lightning wouldn't be able to absorb the lightning force in this Overflowing Lightning World like Xiang Mingzhi did. He was different because he had the Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique! Ranked sixth among the three thousand unique physiques!

Other than his Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique, Xiang Mingzhi had condensed a top rank ten lightning element godhead!

All of a sudden, a lightning beast jumped out and attacked Xiang Mingzhi. However, just as it reached his side, it was repelled by the flickering lightning around his body, turning into gray ash scattered in the air.

This was the power of lightning fire.

Moreover, it wasn't the common lightning fire, it was the unique lightning fire of the Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique.

"Nighttime is the best time for hunting." A bloodlust light glimmered in Xiang Mingzhi's eyes. His mouth split into a grin, "I like it!" His figure turned into a streak of light, disappearing into the night.

The night hunt begins.

As lightning beasts continued to die under Xiang Mingzhi's hand, his position flew up the ranks.

At this time, around the Aeon Square's perimeter.

The Azure Dragon Institute's Ceng Chu watched as Xiang Mingzhi's name glimmered brighter as he rose through the ranks. He let out a happy laughter, "Master, look, Junior Brother's ranking has gone up again, he's really close to the 500th. In another two hours, he can definitely enter the top five hundred!"

Qin Yi beamed proudly, everyone from Azure Dragon Institute was excited and full of smiles.

Masters from the four galaxies' forces standing close by looked at them with envious gazes.

Disciples from tens of thousands galaxies took part in this tournament. No matter whose disciple it was, being able to enter the top one thousand brought supreme glory to the forces they hailed from.

Feng Yang, who was looking on from the distance also noticed Xiang Mingzhi's improving position through the ranking list. Seeing Qin Yi's proud smiling face, his heart felt uncomfortable.

Qin Yi turned slightly to look at Feng Yang, a wide grin on his face, "Feng Yang, you didn't think this would happen, right? The wheel turns and every person has their day, my disciple Xiang Mingzhi can achieve such a good position. Hehe, I just wonder what rank that disciple of yours, Huang Xiaolong, reached. Is it in the range of 10 million? Perhaps lower than 12 million?"

Ceng Chu mocked with a smiling face, "Master, I think you're overestimating Huang Xiaolong saying he's around the ten million range. I say he's definitely at the end of 17 million."

Qin Yi and those from Azure Dragon Institute exploded in laughter.

Due to the fact that the list projected above the Aeon Square's center only showed up to three thousand names, leaving the remaining disciples' results unknown, Feng Yang's group didn't have the slightest clue of Huang Xiaolong's ranking.

It was known there were over 17 million disciples taking part in this tournament, so when Ceng Chu said that Huang Xiaolong was probably at the end of 17 million, Liu Yun and Qi Wen turned red with anger. Feng Yang didn't look that good either.

However, Feng Yang couldn't retort without knowing Huang Xiaolong's ranking.

"I wonder who it was that claimed Huang Xiaolong to be our four galaxies' most talented genius in countless millennia, what f*cking blind dog eyes!" An Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder snickered.

"That's right, compared to our Junior Brother, that Huang Xiaolong is nothing but trash!" Ceng Chu went on with inflated audacity, "Our Junior Brother is the true genius of the four galaxies, that Huang Xiaolong is just a fart. Wait until our Junior Brother enters the top one hundred, our Junior Brother will bring the greatest glory to the four galaxies!"

Liu Yun and Qi Wen were fuming.

A sharp light glinted in Feng Yang's eyes as he harrumphed coldly, "You really think your Azure Dragon Institute's Xiang Mingzhi can enter the top one hundred? This is just the first day, it's too early to be ecstatic. Who knows, that Xiang Mingzhi might end up dead a few days later."

Qin Yi's expression sank, "This is what I should be saying to you. Don't worry, that Huang Xiaolong is destined to never return."

In another location, the twelve Wangu Clan Elders were smiling brightly looking at the ranking list.

On the first place was still Wangu Yanhui.

One day had passed and Wangu Yanhui's points had reached 66,035.

At second place was Fortune Gate's Fang Cu with 61,041 points.

In the third place was Mu Qi from the Mu Clan, with 50,649 points.

"The first place of this term's Highgod Advancement Tournament definitely belongs to our Wangu Clan." Wangu Changqing laughed softly as he said.

"This Wangu Yanhui kid really didn't disappoint us old men ah, but what a pity, our Wangu Clan only has a single disciple who could enter the top ten." Wangu Shuo sighed.

"I say, old man, that Wangu Yanhui kid could get the first place, you're still not satisfied? If all top ten places were monopolized by our Wangu Clan, it would be heaven-defying. Not possible." Another Wangu Clan Elder, Wangu Yuan laughed. "Still, even though Wangu Zhen that brat and Wangu Ruyi that little girl won't be able to get a spot within the top ten, top one hundred is not a problem for them."

In this tournament, their Wangu Clan had more than four hundred disciples participating. Although Wangu Zhen and Wangu Ruyi's talents couldn't compare to Wangu Yanhui's, they were still top geniuses, already peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm masters.

Both of them currently ranked within the top one hundred.

Five days went by quickly.

The four galaxies' masters gathering at the square had dispersed by a large portion. In the first two days, these masters had secretly harbored hope that disciples from their families or sects would be able to rise up in ranking. However, five days later, their disappointment squashed whatever thoughts of luck or hope they had. Little by little, these people lost interest in staring at the ranking list and left the square.

"Master, let's go back to the Surging Mansion first." Liu Yun hesitated a little before saying.

Feng Yang sighed heavily in his heart, nodding to Liu Yun, "Alright."

Five days had passed, yet Huang Xiaolong's name did not appear in the top three thousand. Although Feng Yang couldn't estimate Huang Xiaolong's current ranking, a portion of his confidence had dwindled away. Rather than waiting here and endure that Azure Dragon Institute's proud smiles and incessant ridicule, it was best they returned to the Surging Waves Mansion and wait for news.

Therefore, Feng Yang's group also left the Aeon Square.

Qin Yi sneered when he noticed Feng Yang's group leaving, then he continued observing the ranking list. At this time, Xiang Mingzhi not only entered the top five hundred, he was sitting in the 363rd place. A place in the spotlight.

Chapter 848: F*cking Blind Dog Eyes