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Chapter 843: Here's 500 Billion

 The employee had a blank expression on his face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong without moving, secretly thinking, 'Did this person come here for amusement? A disciple who came here register for the tournament wants to purchase a residence at the center of our Aeon City, and moreover, the best one?!'

Just like what that attendant said, their Aeon City's good residences had prices reaching one trillion and above. Forget outsiders from other galaxies, even some Grand Elders of the Eternal Galaxy's local super forces couldn't afford to own a residence at the city center.

Furthermore, looking at Huang Xiaolong's cultivation realm, he was a mere perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm cultivator.

"Kiddo, you deliberately came here to amuse yourself, right? Do you know the severe consequences of making fun of the Grand Peace Commerce? This place is the Eternal Galaxy, not a rural place like the one you come from." The muscular green-robed young man snickered.

Right at this time, the shop's doors opened as a group of people walked in.

Hearing some noise behind him, Huang Xiaolong turned his head slightly to look. This group was was none other than the Saint Lord Galaxy's Yelu Family.

Yelu Tianhao walked in and his eyes coincidentally met Huang Xiaolong's. After a brief surprise, hatred rose to his heart as he pointed at Huang Xiaolong and said to a young man with an imposing bearing beside him, "Big brother, that punk is Huang Xiaolong!"

Yelu Tianfeng and all the Yelu Family disciples' gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong.

A Yelu Family disciple walked out from the group.

"Huang Xiaolong, heh, what a coincidence, who would have thought we would see you here." Killing intent flickered in Yelu Haotian's eyes, wanting to make a sneak attack.

Yelu Tianfeng raised a hand, stopping Yelu Tianhao, indifference in his tone, "There's no hurry, let this kid live a few more days. Making a move at the Overflowing Lightning World when the tournament begins still isn't too late.

Although their Yelu Family was also the hegemon of a galaxy, they were in the Aeon City, in someone else's territory.

Yelu Tianhao unwillingly stopped, glaring daggers at Huang Xiaolong.

Yelu Tianfeng gave Huang Xiaolong a once-over gaze, shaking his head, "Huang Xiaolong, I know your talent isn't bad, but it's a pity. After you arrive in the Overflowing Lightning World, you won't be coming back."

Huang Xiaolong was similarly indifferent, "Is that so? This is also what I wanted to say to you."

All the Yelu Family disciples were angered by Huang Xiaolong's words.

Feng Yang's aura immediately locked onto Yelu Tianfeng and all the Yelu Family disciples, preventing them from suddenly attacking.

Yelu Tianfeng casually waved his hand at the Yelu Family disciples, indicating them to stand down, unruffled as he said to Huang Xiaolong, "If your cultivation reached Third Order Highgod Realm, you would barely have the qualification to be my opponent. However, the current you is so weak that I'm not interested at all." Then he turned to the shop employee, asking, "He's also here to buy a residence?"

That staff member dared not disrespect Yelu Tianfeng as he was overwhelmed by his aura, quickly answering, "Yes."

Yelu Tianfeng said, "Which residence does he want? I'll take it." He threw a spatial ring at the staff, proudly saying, "Here's 500 billion."

The staff member and the Eternal Galaxy disciples in the hall looked at the spatial ring with astonishment. Because the spatial ring's restrictions were opened, everyone could see the mountains of Wangu coins inside.

However, after a brief astonishment, the employee said to Yelu Tianfeng with a bitter face, "This... what he wanted is the best residence in our Aeon City's center. Our Commerce's best residence costs 2.3 trillion, therefore..."

Therefore, 500 billion was far from enough.

Although the employee did not finish his sentence, everyone present understood.

"What, 2.3 trillion?!" Yelu Tianhao and the group of Yelu Family disciples were shocked.

Even Yelu Tianfeng's calm and indifferent expression cracked.

Huang Xiaolong snorted with disdain, then waved his hand in the air. Numerous top grade spirit stones rained to the floor, eating up space in the lobby.

Looking at the numerous top divine grade spirit stones piled up like a mountain, the Yelu Family's group and Eternal Galaxy's disciples were stunned agape.

Huang Xiaolong pointed a finger at the pile of top divine grade spirit stones, his words directed at the staff member, "These here are forty thousand top divine grade spirit stones, give me the keys to the best residence in Aeon City. The rest, use it to add some furniture and decorations to the residence. Send it over later."

Forty thousand top divine grade spirit stones were about 3.2 trillion. After the deducting the residence's cost, there remained a balance of around 900 billion.

The staff member looked like he lost his soul, a buzzing noise sounded increasingly louder in his ears.

The muscular green-robed young man who mocked Huang Xiaolong earlier stood stupefied for a long time.

Soon, the supervisor was alerted and came running out, courteously handing over the key to their best city center residence to Huang Xiaolong, respectfully sending him to the entrance while reassuring Huang Xiaolong that the furniture and decorations would be sent over at the fastest speed.

Watching the supervisor courteously walk Huang Xiaolong out with a beaming smile on his face, all the Yely Family disciples had an ugly expression on their faces. Yelu Tianfeng's gaze was cold and sullen.

This face slap was loud and painful!

After Huang Xiaolong's group left, the supervisor returned, warmly speaking to Yelu Tianfeng, "This brother, we also have other residences away from the city center which are also very good. If this brother is interested to buy, our shop can free three sets of furniture made from Pear Blossom Sacred Wood." The supervisor warmly introduced other residences to Yelu Tianfeng.

Only then did Yelu Tianfeng's sullenness lessen.

In the end, Yelu Tianfeng also bought a residence, however, the residence was located at the edge of a remote part of Aeon City. Most of all, that residence's land area and building were far worse than Huang Xiaolong's; the price was a little over 400 billion.

The commerce supervisor also courteously walked Yelu Tianfeng's group to the entrance.

One could hardly sell a residence in Aeon City in a hundred years, but today their store sold two residences in a single day. The supervisor was naturally in an excellent mood, blossoming like a flower.

As Yelu Tianfeng led Yelu Tianhao and the rest of the Yelu Family disciples away from the shop, his low, icy voice sounded, "During the tournament, if any of you come across Huang Xiaolong in the Overflowing Lightning World, don't let him die so easily. First crush every bone in his body one by one!"

All the Yelu Family disciples were flustered by the coldness in Yelu Tianfeng's voice, quickly complying with his order.

In another location, led by a staff member from the shop, Huang Xiaolong's group arrived at the residence they had just bought.

It was a residence named the Surging Waves Mansion.

On the way, the employee guiding them had introduced the Surging Waves Mansion's environment in detail.

This mansion was built on a two thousand square meter land. On this land that cost a bucket of gold for an inch of space, two thousand square meters of land was a luxury.

The mansion was divided into six courtyards, with more than twenty sleeping rooms. There was also an alchemy room, study, a front hall, an inner hall, a garden, a loft, as well as a small square for sparring.

Huang Xiaolong took out the mansion's key, deactivating the mansion's defensive formations. After everyone entered, a rich spiritual energy blew past their faces and the fragrant scent of medicinal herbs filled them with a refreshing feeling.

According to the guide, the mansion had a small scale energy gathering array, whereas the garden at the back was planted with spiritual flowers and trees above one-hundred-thousand-years-old.

Even the railings at certain parts of the corridors were made with rarely seen materials.

Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen were gasping with amazement looking at the layout and decoration of the mansion. Just the spiritual flowers, spiritual trees, and the spiritual wood used and planted around the mansion cost a sky-high price. The 2.3 trillion spent was really worth it.

Before long, the store had sent a large batch of furniture over and placed it accordingly around the courtyards before respectfully taking their leave.

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