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Chapter 842: Pretending To Be Rich?

 Chapter 842: Pretending To Be Rich?

Bone-age: 258.

The Wangu Clan disciple responsible for Huang Xiaolong's registration stared dumbly at the words on the mirror. It had almost been a year since the Highgod Advancement Tournament registration began.

In this one year's time, the number of disciples he had registered reached at least ten thousand, if not more. However, those disciples that came from various galaxies' forces averaged above one thousand in their bone-age. In fact, a large number of them were fifteen hundred years old and above. Even though there were still a few disciples whose age was below one thousand, the lowest was still eight hundred years old.

That Wangu Clan disciple had never seen a participant with bone-age below five hundred years.

But this black-haired young man's bone-age was actually below five hundred years, at two hundred and fifty-eight to be exact!

Some of the surrounding disciples were paying attention to Huang Xiaolong. When they saw the result, all of them were stunned agape, including the two sisters who secretly discussed about Huang Xiaolong earlier.

In general, one started cultivating at the age of six. Wouldn't this mean that, until today, Huang Xiaolong had only been cultivating for two hundred and fifty-two years!

Two hundred and fifty-two years!

Some super sects also had geniuses who managed to reached perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm with over two hundred years of cultivation, and although small in number, such great talents did exist. However, being able to easily defeat a late-First Order Highgod Realm master with less than three hundred years of cultivation was unprecedented!

How monstrous was this person's talent to be able to achieve this?!

The surrounding disciples lining up to register were all top talents of their families or sects, but when they compared themselves with Huang Xiaolong, they were reduced to pig heads!

In the pavilion building across the square, Wangu Shou who was feeling pangs of regret earlier for agreeing to bet with Wangu Changqing was stupefied looking at the test result. Seconds passed before he recovered his senses, jumping to his feet. It wasn't due to the joy of winning the bet, but from overwhelming shock.

Wangu Changqing was just as shocked, muttering in a barely audible voice, "A peerless genius has appeared in this term's Highgod Advancement Tournament!" He then turned toward Wangu Shuo, a hint of wryness in his smile, "Your judgment is more accurate than mine, you win."

Wangu Shuo nodded absently mindedly, his gazed fixed on Huang Xiaolong's figure. A light flickered in his eyes as he contemplated without saying a word.

"What is it? Are you moved? You want to receive a disciple?" Wangu Changqing jokingly teased.

Wangu Shuo heavily shook his head, "This kind of monstrous genius can't be taught by us."

Wang Changqing nodded in agreement, "Unfortunately, although this kid is a monstrous talent, his cultivation time is too short, so he won't be able to achieve any good results in this tournament. Not to mention his current strength, the probability of him losing his life in the Overflowing Lightning World is as high as ninety percent."

Wangu Shuo felt the same way, "There are countless peerless geniuses in the vast space, it's a pity not many of them can grow to their peak. It doesn't matter how great of a talent they possess if they die early."

On the square, the disciples who saw the result erupted into an uproar.

Huang Xiaolong who had been standing in front of the mirror for quite a long time finally asked the dumbfounded Wangu Clan disciple in charge of his registration, "Is it done?"

Only then did the Wangu Clan disciple regain his sense, though he sounded flustered as he hurriedly replied, "Done, done."

He quickly took out a jade token, inscribing Huang Xiaolong's name and 'Black Tortoise Galaxy' on its surface, then told Huang Xiaolong to drop a bit of his blood on top to refine the jade token.

At the time of the tournament, he could use this jade token to enter.

Huang Xiaolong poured a drop of his blood onto the jade slip and refined it on the spot. Within it was information related to the tournament's rules and prizes, all of it entering his mind.

Huang Xiaolong left the square with many curious gazes following him. He then located his Master Feng Yang and the others at the edge of the square and left.

There was more than a month left until the tournament day, hence they needed to find a place to stay.

However, the process of finding a lodging made Huang Xiaolong speechless. The numerous disciples from other galaxies were simply too many to count, and even though there were quite a number of inns in Aeon City, all of them were packed full, with no possibility of squeezing out an empty room.

"Master, should we go look in another city?" Liu Yun inquired.

Feng Yang shook his head, "It's probably the same situation in neighboring cities."

Huang Xiaolong made an exaggerated action of slapping his own forehead, and said to Feng Yang, "Master, we can go to the property market."

"The property market?" Feng Yang and his three disciples were baffled. A thought flashed in their minds, could it be that Huang Xiaolong wanted to...?

That 's right, Huang Xiaolong planned to buy a residence.

Although a residence in Aeon City would cost an arm and a leg twice over, what Huang Xiaolong did not lack most of all was money.

Moreover, the tournament period was over two years, Huang Xiaolong couldn't have his Master and his senior apprentice-brothers and sister wander in the streets as they waited for him.

After asking for the direction of Aeon City's property market, Huang Xiaolong, Feng Yang, and the others headed there.

The Aeon City's property market was no doubt big, taking an entire spacious street, with close to a thousand shops lined up on the left and right. Huang Xiaolong picked one that seemed to be the biggest shop and entered with the others.

When their group stepped into the shop lobby, a staff member approached them with an amiable smile, politely inquiring, "May I ask what these several guests are looking to buy? Could it be furniture or decorative items?"

Some of the bigger property traders not only sold residences, restaurants, and inns, they also offered various expensive high-quality furniture and decorative items. For a mammoth-sized city like Aeon City, the prices of residential properties were steep, hence, rarely anyone inquired about it. Which was why the employee naturally presumed that Huang Xiaolong's group was here to purchase furniture or decorative items.

Huang Xiaolong went straight to the point, "We want to buy a residence. It would be best if it was located at the center of Aeon City."

The shop staff looked dazedly at Huang Xiaolong. Buying a residence, moreover, located in the Aeon City's center?

Huang Xiaolong's words made the Eternal Galaxy's disciples in the lobby turn to look at him.

A muscular green-robed disciple snickered in ridicule, "Kiddo, you came here from some other galaxy for the tournament, right? Are you sure you can afford to buy a residence located at the center of our Aeon City?" He then turned to his attendant at the back, "Xiaotong, enlighten this person how much a residence costs in our Aeon City."

That attendant respectfully complied, then lifted his chin in Huang Xiaolong's direction as he spoke, "You listen carefully! In our Aeon City, even the worst residence in the most remote location costs more than 100 billion; as for residences located at the city center, the cheapest is around 800 billion, the good ones are above 1 trillion!"

Listening to the attendant saying that it required at least 800 billion to purchase a residence located at the center of Aeon City, and the best ones cost above 1 trillion, even Feng Yang as the Black Warrior Institute Principal was taken aback.

So were Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen.

Huang Xiaolong did not pay attention to the attendant, speaking directly to the shop employee, "Which one is the best residence at the center of Aeon City?"

The surrounding Eternal Galaxy's disciples were stunned.

The green-robed young man was snorted in annoyance. To him, Huang Xiaolong's tone sounded as if the young man not only wanted to buy a residence located at the center of the Aeon City, he even wanted to buy the best one!

He had seen a lot of people pretending to be rich, but this was still his first seeing one who pretended to be rich so confidently.