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Chapter 833: The Heavenly Mountain Taken Away

 Chapter 833: The Heavenly Mountain Taken Away

When the treasure map fell into the eye of the central formation, a light flew out from the map, resonating with the formation.

The two lights intertwined and merged together. The treasure map gradually became a part of the central formation, disappearing within.

The second the treasure map and the formation completely merged into one, Huang Xiaolong immediately felt a connection with the central formation. In the next moment, the entire Heavenly Mountain, including the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling, appeared in his mind.

Every corner of the Heavenly Mountain, every blade of grass, tree branch, and dust particle were clear to Huang Xiaolong. With a mere thought, he could appear in any part of the Heavenly Mountain in less than a breath's time.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hands, forming an ancient symbol and flicking it into the eye of the central formation, activating all of the Heavenly Mountain's formations at once.

An iridescent light burst out from the Heavenly Mountain, reaching a height of ten thousand zhang.

The large group of cultivators waiting outside the Heart Demon Swallowing Formation were left agape at this sudden change.

"What's happening?!"

"This, can you feel that the surrounding spiritual energy suddenly became denser?"

The various cultivators stirred with excitement and shock. Right in the midst of that, strong energy waves rushed out from within the Heavenly Mountain, one more powerful than the previous, blowing over the large crowd of cultivators gathered outside the Heart Demon Swallowing Formation like a tempest. Those who dodged too late were sent flying high in the air.

The same thing happened to those cultivators midway up the mountain, as well as those at the foothills.

Seemingly in a short moment, numerous cultivators were sent flying to the outer space.

The prosperous cities at the Heavenly Mountain's foothills were shaking violently, akin to an earthquake. Before the petrified faces of the people inside, the cities were thrown to the air one by one.

"Really, what's happening?"

"Quickly report to the Ancestor!"

Everyone was panicked, not knowing what was happening.

In the shortest time, the abnormal events happening on the Heavenly Mountain reached the ears of various forces of the four galaxies, attracting even more masters, rushing as fast as they could toward the Heavenly Mountain; experts such as the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi and the Vermilion Bird Institute Principal Qiu Baifei.

Unfortunately, any person who stepped within one thousand li from the Heavenly Mountain would be repelled by its formations. Even the Azure Dragon Institute Principal suffered the same treatment.

Qin Yi, Qiu Baifei, and the others tried many times, employing various method they could think of, but were unable to take a single step within a thousand li from the Heavenly Mountain.

Ancestor Bifang and Green Dragon Beast King guarding outside the Heavenly God cultivation dwelling were also astounded, but very quickly concluded that these changes were related to Huang Xiaolong.

On the outside, He Feifan spoke his thoughts to Qiu Baifei, "Master, could the Heavenly Mountain's sudden changes be related to the tiger roar that everyone was talking about?"

Qiu Baifei pondered in silence, "We can only know for sure after entering the Heavenly Mountain, what we must do now is think of a way to breach this light."

He Feifan's voice was transmitted to Qiu Baifei, "Then, are we using that item?"

That 'item' was their Vermilion Bird Institute's secret trump card.

All four institutes had their own secret trump cards and only their Highgod Realm masters had the qualifications to know about it.

Qiu Baifei hesitated.

Right at this time, the Heavenly Mountain in front of them fiercely shook. The force from its vigorous shaking sent powerful ripples of energy through space, creating turbulent waves that swept through the surroundings.

Everyone's expressions turned grim, immediately retreating to avoid the energy waves as far as ten thousand li. Only then did the terrifying waves subside.

While everyone was still catching their breath, the Heavenly God Mountain slowly rose, then sped away in a streak of light, vanishing from their sight.

These people watched dazedly, too shocked to react as the Heavenly Mountain quickly vanished before their eyes.

"Th-the H-Heavenly Mountain has flown away!!" It was unknown who suddenly screamed.

This shout knocked everyone to their senses.

The Heavenly Mountain that had stood in the White Tiger Galaxy as far as they could remember, never budging an inch, actually flew away!

In these tens of millennia, despite countless masters climbing to the peak of the mountain, including Highgod Realm masters, not a single one of them was able to move the Heavenly Mountain in the slightest.

Therefore, the four galaxies' cultivators subconsciously believed in their hearts that the Heavenly Mountain would eternally remain here.

But now, the Heavenly Mountain had actually flown away right in front of them!

"Chase!!!" Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi bellowed, turning into a streak of light.

The other masters reacted, all of them speeding off in the direction of the vanished Heavenly Mountain.

Inside the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling, Huang Xiaolong was able to sense the powerful auras pursuing him and saw that the one leading the pack was none other than Qin Yi. Huang Xiaolong's mouth curved up in a sneer at this, he controlled the Heavenly Mountain to turn back, flying straight toward the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi.

Qin Yi was stunned for a second watching the Heavenly Mountain fly back, then he immediately realized what was happening. His face stiffened as he turned around to run.

The other cultivators who were chasing up behind Qin Yi saw him suddenly turn back to flee. Each of them was baffled, but it didn't last long. Their gaze fell on the Heavenly Mountain that was speeding towards them.

"Oh shit, quickly run!"

At this moment, they finally understood the reason. Imagining the gory scene where they were hit by the huge Heavenly Mountain, everyone's faces turned ashen.

Earlier, when the Heavenly Mountain merely shook, the force coming from it could probably shred a Highgod Realm master to pieces. Now, if they were hit by the Heavenly Mountain, they wouldn't even have an intact corpse left!

In a split second, all the cultivators scattered like a flock of frightened birds, fleeing with inhuman speed.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong increased the flying speed of the Heavenly Mountain.

In the blink of an eye, he caught up to the slowest group of cultivators, who felt a giant shadow looming over their heads, and it was growing bigger still. They turned around to look, and this robbed all the strength from their bodies. Their legs gave out and some even fainted. There were also a few who pissed their pants from fear.

Just as this group thought they were dead for sure, the Heavenly Mountain stopped several hundred li away from them. A moment later, it turned into a streak of light, speeding away.

Watching the Heavenly Mountain fly away this time, the slowest group of cultivators collapsed in relief, cold sweat raining down their heads. The Azure Dragon Institute Principal didn't fare that much better.

He watched unwillingly as the Heavenly Mountain flew away. This time around, he dared not chase up to it, neither Qin Yi nor anyone else.

Qin Yi's face was darker than the bottom of a pot. By now, even a fool would realize that the Heavenly Mountain was taken away by someone! Who was it that refined the legendary central formation at the peak of the Heavenly Mountain?!

"Relay my order, use all the resources of our Azure Dragon Institute and find out who climbed the Heavenly Mountain in the last two years!" Qin Yi instructed an Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder standing behind him, reminding, "Remember, find out who is it as soon as possible!"

"Yes, Institute Principal!"

Huang Xiaolong soon left the White Tiger Galaxy's territory, controlling the Heavenly Mountain to fly at high speed.

The Heavenly Mountain began to shrink until it was only a hundred zhang tall and continued to fly toward the Black Tortoise Galaxy. Stopping at an uninhabited planet after flying for a while, the Heavenly Mountain flew into Huang Xiaolong's body.

From there, Huang Xiaolong, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang flew back to the Martial Spirit World.

A few days later, the three of them reached their destination. By this time, the four galaxies boiled over the fact that the Heavenly Mountain was taken away, exclamations of shock sounded in every corner of the four galaxies.

The whole Huang Clan Manor was in a lively atmosphere at Huang Xiaolong's return. He couldn't resist a wry smile when he heard that the Ascending Moon Old Man and Yang Yi had rushed to the White Tiger Galaxy after hearing about the Heavenly Mountain being taken away.