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Chapter 832: Refining the Central Formation

 Chapter 832: Refining the Central Formation

After he scoured the Piercing Sky Beast King's memories, a small icy blue arrow shot out from Huang Xiaolong's finger, penetrating his skull.

The Piercing Sky Beast King's eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Huang Xiaolong. His mouth moved, wanting to say something, but his consciousness faded before he could say a word. The Piercing Sky Beast King's sturdy body tumbled limply to the ground, raising a curtain of sand and dust.

'The Piercing Sky Beast King died... just like that?'

Ancestor Mountaingoat, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang's disbelief was written all over their faces. The Piercing Sky Beast King was one of the strongest beast kings of the four galaxies. He became a distinguished existence of his generation while having cultivated for less than twenty thousand years, evidence of his high talent.

However, such a person died in Huang Xiaolong's hand, in the hand of a little God Realm runt?

While Ancestor Mountaingoat, Piercing Sky Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang were still in shock, an invisible force wrapped around an earth yellow godhead, pulling it into Huang Xiaolong's palm. The light falling on the godhead was reflected, forming a soft yellow glow around it. This was precisely the Piercing Sky Beast King's godhead.

After a quick sweep over the godhead with his divine sense, Huang Xiaolong immediately knew that it was a rank seven godhead, a high grade one. The godforce inside of it was full of vitality, not to mention the powerful God's Law contained within.

Huang Xiaolong nodded with satisfaction. If he refined this godhead, his strength would significantly improve.

He threw the godhead into his Asura Ring before turning his attention back to the Piercing Sky Beast King's corpse. A thought occurred to him, thus he also threw the corpse into his spatial ring.

The Piercing Sky Beast King was a Third Order Highgod Realm master, and though his true body couldn't be compared to the Hundred Spirits Beast King's, it could still enhance Huang Xiaolong's strength by a small degree. Moreover, he could also use it as an alchemy ingredient.

Huang Xiaolong was aware of a kind of primordial divine pellet named Connecting Heavens Divine Pill that was concocted using a Highgod Realm master's body and a hundred kinds of medicinal herbs above one-million-years-old.

One could imagine the effectiveness of such a divine pill.

Huang Xiaolong's gaze turned toward the remaining prey.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong turn to look at them, Ancestor Mountaingoat and his companions flinched, their faces paled visibly. Despite being among the hegemons of the demonic beast clans, right now there was only fear in their eyes.

Huang Xiaolong strode toward them like a descending death god. They could feel the aura of impending death squeeze their hearts.

"Huang Xiaolong, don't kill us...." Green Dragon Beast King blurted out fearfully, his voice shaking.

"Why shouldn't I kill the three of you? Give me a reason." Huang Xiaolong stated, detached and cold.

"I know you're recruiting Highgod Realm masters, I, I can sign a blood contract with you, I can submit to you." Green Dragon Beast King pleaded.

"Oh," Huang Xiaolong remained detached on the surface despite pondering the advantages.

"Yes, yes, we can sign a blood contract with you, submitting to you, and w-we don't want any spirit stones." Ancestor Bifang hurried to add, as if he was grasping at the last straw of hope.

Hesitation flickered in Ancestor Mountaingoat's eyes, but he did not voice any objections.

A snicker sounded from Huang Xiaolong, "Don't want spirit stones?" Then his voice turned icy-cold, "I can't spare your lives, but what I want is not a blood contract, I want to brand your souls with my soul mark."

"Branding a soul mark?!" Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang blurted in unison, their faces even paler.

"Never!" Ancestor Mountaingoat's voice was louder than the other two.

"Never?" Huang Xiaolong looked at Ancestor Mountaingoat, the corners of his mouth curved up in disdain, "You have ten minutes to think about it. Remember, ten minutes, I don't have much patience and there's only one chance. Die or live, choose wisely."

Ancestor Mountaingoat, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang wanted to say more, but sensibly shut up after looking at Huang Xiaolong's cold eyes.

Ten minutes soon passed.

Huang Xiaolong first faced the Green Dragon Beast King, "Green Dragon Beast King, I want to know your decision."

The Green Dragon Beast King's gulped, his throat feeling parched. In the end, he dejectedly said, "I, I'm willing to submit."

Huang Xiaolong nodded with praise, "You'll know in the future that this is the best decision you've made in your whole life." He then had the Green Dragon Beast King lower the barrier to his soul sea and branded a soul mark within. When this was done, Huang Xiaolong threw a Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet to him to heal his injuries.

His gaze fell on Ancestor Bifang.

Ancestor Bifang struggled internally for quite a while before giving up and submitting, just like the Green Dragon Beast King before him. Without any resistance, Huang Xiaolong successfully branded Ancestor Bifang's soul sea with his soul mark. He also gave him a Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet.

Huang Xiaolong then turned to Ancestor Mountaingoat.

Ancestor Mountaingoat stared back at Huang Xiaolong, hate brimming in his eyes, and threw his head in mocking laughter, "Huang Xiaolong, you want me to submit to a God Realm junior? Don't even dream about it! Even if I, Ancestor Mountaingoat, die, I'll drag you down with me!" A violent energy surged inside Ancestor Mountaingoat's body.

But just as Ancestor Mountaingoat was about to detonate his godhead, wanting to drag Huang Xiaolong to hell with him, an icy-blue longsword pierced through right between his brows, destroying his soul.

Ancestor Mountaingoat's body stiffened, the violent energy surging in his body diminished to naught, followed by him tumbling to the ground.

Watching everything happen in the blink of an eye from the side, the Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang felt as if arctic cold water was poured over their heads. Their initial unwillingness turned into gladness. They too had thought of detonating their godhead, but only now did they realized how vulnerable their injured selves were in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang stared at the icy-blue fire longsword with apprehension.

What kind of fire was that, to be able to destroy the Piercing Sky Beast King and Ancestor Mountaingoat's souls in an instant?!

A suction force came from Huang Xiaolong's hand and Ancestor Mountaingoat's godhead fell into his palm; a fire element, low grade rank seven godhead. Together with the godhead, Huang Xiaolong also put away Ancestor Mountaingoat's corpse.

"The two of you guard this place, inform me if anyone approaches." Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder, instructing the Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang.

Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker, appearing in front of the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling. With another flicker, he vanished within.

After Huang Xiaolong was no longer in sight, Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang exchanged a bitter look. They, whose names resounded in the four galaxies, who were received with flattering smiles wherever they went, now had no choice but to listen to a God Realm brat's orders.

Both of them sighed heavily, it was going to be fine...

At this point, Huang Xiaolong was already inside the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling. To his astonishment, the spiritual energy here was richer than expected, just breathing in gave Huang Xiaolong a comfortable feeling all over his body. A mortal staying here for just a few days could cleanse their marrow and replace their tendons, being reborn anew.

Following that, Huang Xiaolong discovered that the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling actually had a giant spiritual energy gathering array constructed from a thousand immortal spirit stones! Looking at the extravagant taste, Huang Xiaolong was more than a little speechless.

He did not immediately go searching for treasures. Instead, following the Piercing Sky Beast King's memories, he flew towards the central formation's location. Once he took control of that formation, it wouldn't too late to go searching for treasures then.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the main building and found the central formation that controlled the entire Heavenly Mountain. He took out the beast skin map and imbued it with his true immortal essence force, which caused it to immediately release a resplendent light. Influenced by the treasure map, the entire central formation began shining as well.

Grasping the right moment, Huang Xiaolong spat a mouthful of blood essence onto the treasure map. The map floated away, slowly falling into the center of the formation.