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Chapter 830: The Heavenly God’s Dwelling

 Chapter 830: The Heavenly Gods Dwelling

The Piercing Sky Beast King's group of four flew around, searching the area of the mountain peak, coming upon a lake after two days. Huang Xiaolong was carefully trailing behind them as to not be detected.

Although these four people were vigilant, based on his current strength and his Space Concealment ability, the Piercing Sky Beast King's group did not detect Huang Xiaolong.

Halting in front of the lake, the Piercing Sky Beast King took out a beast skin scroll map and surveyed the terrain as he said, "That Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling should be around here."

Ancestor Bifang glanced at the lake and the area surrounding it, his voice hinted uncertainty, "The Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling is here?" He couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Ancestor Mountaingoat and Green Dragon Beast King's eyes also flickered with doubt.

The Piercing Sky Beast King did not answer. He leaped up, standing above the lake surface, then imbued some godforce into the map in his hands. The beast skin map immediately released a dazzling light, five combined patterns floated out and imprinted themselves at the center of the lake's surface.

As soon as the patterns fell onto the lake surface, starting from the center of the lake, water roiled and ripples of light glimmered on the waves.

Then, before their astonished eyes, beautiful and magnificent palaces appeared, rising to the surface.

The high and low roofs added up to a total of thirty-six buildings, reflecting a prism of colors, forming a great colorful barricade that covered the whole palace.

Looking at the palace that emerged from the lake, Ancestor Mountaingoat, Piercing Sky Beast King, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang's eyes flickered with uncontainable ecstasy and desire, this was the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling!

Merely the godhead fragment inside was enough to stir everyone into a frenzy.

Even Huang Xiaolong, who was hiding in the distance, brightened up when he saw the palace. Then his gaze fell onto the beast skin map in Piercing Sky Beast King's hands, he didn't expect that map to double as a key to opening the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling. Had he gone looking for the dwelling on his own, he probably never would've found it.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not allow his emotions to be affected. Instead, he hid even more carefully.

On the other side, the Piercing Sky Beast King said to his three companions, "Now, we need to work together and break this colorful barrier. As long as succeed, we can enter the palace!"

Ancestor Mountaingoat let out a sonorous laugh, "What are we waiting for then, let's do it!"

"Inside the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling must be a lot of two-million-years-old and above medicinal herbs, all of them belong to us now!" Green Dragon Beast King laughed loudly.

Hearing Green Dragon Beast King's words, the Piercing Sky Beast King inwardly sneered, 'While it's true that this Heavenly God's dwelling has two-million-years-old medicinal herbs, they aren't ours, but mine!'

Because he knew there was a core formation inside the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling, as long as he seized control of it, all the treasure inside here would belong to him!

'Mountaingoat, Green Dragon, and Bifang's spatial rings should have quite a bit of good stuff, right?' The Piercing Sky Beast King thought to himself. When he takes control over the core formation, that would be the death anniversary of Mountaingoat, Green Dragon, and Bifang.

As Piercing Sky Beast King was imagining this perfect ending, the four of them arrived in front of the main building. Together with Ancestor Mountaingoat, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang, the Piercing Sky Beast King began attacking the colorful light barrier enveloping the whole palace.

In the meantime, the Piercing Sky Beast King had secretly put the beast skin map back into his spatial ring.

The four people's palms and fists whistled in the air as they struck onto the colorful light barrier. Consecutive booming blasts resounded, but shockingly, despite their powerful attacks, the colorful light barrier didn't even quiver.

The Piercing Sky Beast King was relatively calm, for he already expected this result. This was also the reason why, after obtaining the beast skin treasure map, he shared it with Ancestor Mountaingoat and the others. Only with the four of them working together could they have a chance at breaking through this barrier and enter the Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling.

"After so many years, this cultivation dwelling's defensive barrier still remains strong." Green Dragon Beast King complained, "Furthermore, there's no one controlling it."

If someone was controlling the formation, its power would dramatically rise.

"Attack again, quickly break through this light barrier." Ancestor Mountaingoat urged, "Lest some trouble comes if we dally."

Who could guarantee there wouldn't be other masters who managed to pass through the Heart Demon Swallowing Formation whilst they delayed here for too long?

"That tiger roar earlier, I wonder what kind of treasure it is, could it be inside this Heavenly God's cultivation dwelling?" Ancestor Bifang licked his lips, a greedy light flitted in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong sneered in his heart hearing this, Ancestor Bifang was most likely referring to his White Tiger Divine Fire.

At this time, the Piercing Sky Beast King, Ancestor Mountaingoat, and the other two started attacking the light barrier again. Another booming blast shook the air, however, the light barrier still remained unaffected.

As the four of them continued their barrage, a day was unknowingly gone.

Tge Piercing Sky Beast King and the others were fuming with rage, they had been attacking nonstop for a day's time yet there were barely any chances to that thin layer of light.

All four of them were Third Order Highgod Realm masters.

Attacking for so long the way they did could have shattered an entire world surface to pieces, yet they actually failed to break through that thin defensive formation.

Every bang and strike on the light barrier ate away their patience.

"His mother, this ancestor doesn't believe this damn light barrier won't break!" Ancestor Bifang hollered in anger, then his hands enlarged to twice their size with claws as sharp as swords, slamming forcefully on the light barrier.

The Piercing Sky Beast King, Ancestor Mountaingoat, and Green Dragon Beast King no longer held back their strength, striking down with full force at the same time.

A tempest howled and the space was filled with cracks.

Rumble~! A thunderous blast shook the mountain peak.

The colorful light barrier finally quivered. Even though it only quivered gently, the four of them were overjoyed looking at it.

"Continue to attack, this colorful light barrier will break down soon." The Piercing Sky Beast King shouted.

The four begin attacking frenziedly, however, after a day's labor, the light barrier merely quivered. Their initial joy had long vanished, while their anger exploded.

Concealed within the space pocket, a schadenfreude light shone in Huang Xiaolong's eyes watching the Piercing Sky Beast King's group. The harder it was to break through this light barrier, the better it was for him.

He could see that, after two days of consecutive attacks, their godforce was depleting faster than ever, even if they consumed medicinal pellets to recover, they wouldn't be able to recover their godforce in a short time.

'If this situation continues for half a month...' A sharp light gleamed in his eyes.

Just like this, the Piercing Sky Beast King's group of four continued to attack the light barrier. In the blink of an eye, seven days passed. The four of them were now attacking out of rage and the light barrier's quivering grew violent. Although it had yet to break, it was showing signs of fracturing.

During this time, the four people did stop to rest a few times, but later on they noticed that if they stopped to rest the light barrier seemed to recover as well by a large margin.

Hence, they had no choice but to attack continuously.

On the tenth day, fine crack lines finally appeared on the light barrier's surface.

The four enraged people were ecstatic noticing this and further increased their attacking force.

On the thirteenth day, those fine crack lines expanded, spreading out all over the surface of the light barrier.

"In another three days, we'll be able to break this light barrier!" The Piercing Sky Beast King encouraged Ancestor Mountaingoat and the other two.