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Chapter 825: The White Tiger Divine Fire's Whereabouts

 Huang Xiaolong leaped up, sitting in a cross-legged position above the Hundred Spirits Beast King's giant legs and circulated Asura Tactics as he began refining the blood essence from the giant leg belows.

Immediately, wisps of red energy floated up, entering his body.

Ever since the last time Huang Xiaolong refined the Hundred Spirits Beast King's head, he had been suppressing his soul sea, Qi Sea, and dantian, delaying his cultivation from breaking through to Highgod Realm, but his refining speed was now ten times faster.

The Treasure Dragon diagram emerged on its own, greedily absorbing the Hundred Spirits Beast King's blood essence that entered his body like a black hole, spreading its energy to every corner of Huang Xiaolong's body.

As this rich energy continued to travel through Huang Xiaolong's body, it supplied a great amount of energy, causing his soul sea to once again tremble violently.

Golden, black, and blue lights swirled together in his soul sea.

Huang Xiaolong pulled his focus together, making every effort to repress the surging energy. At the same time, he carefully controlled his Qi Sea's god battle qi as well as the true immortal essence force inside his dantian.

Although Huang Xiaolong repressed the Asura god battle qi, his Qi Sea would be brimming once again in a short while after absorbing the Hundred Spirits Beast King's blood essence, but he would press it down again. A similar situation was taking place in his dantian, again and again, seemingly without end.

While he was refining the Hundred Spirits Beast King's blood essence, the devil cultivators on the Devil Domain Mainland were living in trepidation. The entire Hundred Devils Gate was completely annihilated by Flaming Devil Ruan Ji overnight. Not a single living being escaped, even their dogs were all killed.

Unfortunately, even after he annihilated the entire Hundred Devils Gate, flipping the headquarters upside down, Ruan Ji failed to find 'Bai Zhisheng.' He issued lockdown order over the whole Devil Domain Mainland for a thorough search, anyone who could provide the whereabouts of the Hundred Devils Gate Patriarch Bai Zhisheng would be rewarded ten thousand sacred grade divine pellets and ten billion Baihu coins.

In an instant, the whole Devil Domain Mainland's devil cultivators were searching every nook and cranny for Bai Zhisheng.

Naturally, Huang Xiaolong was oblivious to all of this.

One month quickly passed. Inside the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong was enshrouded in layers of blood mist, the black and blue twin dragons flickering behind him.

Apart from the black and blue twin dragons, the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires spirits also hovered around him, absorbing the blood essence energy that floated out from Huang Xiaolong's body.

After two months, dense blood mist was brimming out from the Xumi Temple.

Huang Xiaolong, who was sitting cross-legged at the center of the layers of blood mist, was emitting a colorful light.

Three months went by.

The colorful light shining from Huang Xiaolong's body was brighter than ever, making him look like a rainbow-colored ancient divine stone.

At this time, his internal organs were also emitted a colorful light. Not only his internal organs, even his meridians, veins, Qi Sea, dantian, and his soul sea were glowing with the same colorful radiance, it looked as if there were a thousand brilliant suns in Huang Xiaolong's soul sea. The light in his souls sea condensed, forming a swirling colorful light vortex.

This colorful light vortex swirled and released a pure ethereal aura.

Time continued to flow and four months passed, the blood essence floating out from the Hundred Spirits Beast King's legs weakened and gradually stopped. The legs crumbled into ashes, disappearing from the world.

Huang Xiaolong was like a whale swallowing water, devouring every last wisp of blood mist inside the Xumi Temple. The black and blue twin dragons flew back into his body together with the two divine fire spirits.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong slowly opened his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared in the outer space above the uninhabited planet. He then clenched his fist, striking toward the planet below.

The thunderous explosion that followed sent turbulent ripples outward as the planet below quaked violently. The earth cracked and mountains crumbled, starting from the mountain right beneath Huang Xiaolong. The underground magma rivers splashed to the surface, spurting hot air like a geyser.

The strength of that single fist destroyed one thousand li, three thousand li... ten thousand li! In a short while, deep fissures ran through an area of ten thousand li. The mountains that previously stood tall now turned to piles of rubble, the earth sank in.

The destructive force from Huang Xiaolong's first continued to spread further out of the ten thousand li area.

Only a long time later did the destruction below calm down.

Huang Xiaolong watched the result of his punch and gauged his own strength. Even though he was still a God Realm cultivator, his strength didn't lose in the slightest to the late Second Order Highgod Realm Shi Jiutian. Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian, as a devil cultivator, had strength comparable to a peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm master.

Joy shone in the depths of Huang Xiaolong's eyes at this result, not expecting his strength to grow to such a level after refining the last part of the Hundred Spirits Beast King's body.

Furthermore, the changes in his soul sea were even more prominent. His soul clarity reached an even higher level, and the colorful whirlpool of light in his soul sea was none other than the Spirit Devouring Physique's soul-devouring vortex.

Now, his True Dragon Physique not only possessed the attribute of the Ethereal Physique, but also the Soul Devouring Physique.

After observing the result for a moment, Huang Xiaolong flew away at rapid speed.

A few days later, he once again appeared in White Tiger City.

As this was the White Tiger Institute's most important city, Huang Xiaolong planned to slip into the White Tiger Institute using the same method he previously used to enter the Vermilion Bird Institute while searching for the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

However, this time, Huang Xiaolong used the identity of a White Tiger Institute Grand Elder instead of a core disciple. Based on his current strength, he need not be as scrupulous as he was before.

Three years later, Huang Xiaolong left the White Tiger Institute, appearing at the Heavenly Mountain's foothills where he entered the huge Lulong City.

Through those three years of searching, elimination, and deduction, Huang Xiaolong's finally reached a conclusion; the White Tiger Divine Fire was actually somewhere at the peak of the Heavenly Mountain!

This conclusion made Huang Xiaolong feel depressed and wry at the same time.

When he first came here looking for the Heavenly God's blood pool, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi had mentioned in passing that, in hundreds and thousands of years, numerous Highgod Realm masters had tried to reach the peak of the Heavenly Mountain in search of its main formation. With no exception, all of them lost their lives!

But, Huang Xiaolong wasn't ready to give up after coming this far.

Though his current strength was comparable to the late-Second Order Highgod Realm Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian, Xiang Mingzhi had already stepped into the Highgod Realm. Furthermore, he condensed a top rank ten godhead, his cultivation was improving by leaps and bounds every day. Huang Xiaolong was not confident in being able to kill Xiang Mingzhi as he was now.

It would be different if he could obtain the White Tiger Divine Fire. With three divine fires inside of him, as powerful as Xiang Mingzhi could be, he would be dead for sure!

Huang Xiaolong sat in a restaurant inside Lulong City, sipping his wine as he contemplated matters about the White Tiger Divine Fire. Since he had decided to venture toward the Heavenly God Mountain's peak, he would need to collect as much information about it as possible.

"Did you hear? A few days ago, the Piercing Sky Beast King arrived here!"

"Not only the Piercing Sky Beast King, Ancestor Mountaingoat, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang are all here on the Heavenly Mountain!"

"These old monsters, why have they gathered here all of a sudden?"

"I don't know, but there's a rumor going around saying that a peerless treasure is about to appear here, alerting these old monsters."

While Huang Xiaolong was pondering about the White Tiger Divine Fire, the discussion in the distance hooked his interest.

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