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Chapter 823: Alarming The Old Devils

 Chapter 823: Alarming The Old Devils

When Flaming Devil Ruan Ji reached the deepest part of the Devil Cave, the deep violet flames around him suddenly burst outward from his body, turning into a stretch of deep violet sea of flames. Within the area of that deep violet sea of flames, all that insidious devil qi dispersed.

Ghost Demon Pan Hai, Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian, and Gorb Fiend Shi Wang each displayed their skills, searching for the Demonic Devil Bead.

Although they were certain that the Demonic Devil Bead was formed in the deepest part of the Devil Cave, the location was different each time. Hence, they had to find it before the other three old fellows did. Once they found the location of the Demonic Devil Bead, their chances of obtaining it would greatly increase.

Flaming Devil Ruan Ji and the others were searching for the Demonic Devil Bead above, whereas Huang Xiaolong was inside the gray space underground, flying at the fastest speed toward the source of the hundred spirits demonic qi.

This gray space sealed the last part of the Hundred Spirits Beast King's body-its legs. Among the four sealed gray spaces, its head contained the most powerful demonic qi, next was its body, and third would be its legs.

Therefore, the hundred spirits demonic qi here was half as weak compared to the last gray space that sealed the Hundred Spirits Beast King's head. With Huang Xiaolong's current strength, it would be easier to handle the sealed legs.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong reached the familiar enormous altar.

On the altar was a giant pair of demonic beast legs covered in glimmering golden fur. The hundred spirits demonic qi gathering above the altar actually formed various demonic beast clans' symbols, containing a mysterious power.

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply looking at the pair of Hundred Spirits Golden Ape legs.

At this time, the entire gray space's demonic qi violently roiled, condensing into a hundred zhang tall Hundred Spirits Beast King's upper body. This was also a familiar scene to Huang Xiaolong. without another word, he summoned the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires to attack the hundred zhang tall Hundred Spirits Beast King.

Time was running out the moment he entered, Huang Xiaolong had to use the shortest time to subdue and take away this pair of giant legs.

The first time he came across a hundred zhang tall incarnation of the Hundred Spirits Beast King condensed from its demonic qi, Huang Xiaolong battled several days with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's help. However, at that time, he had just broken through to Tenth Order God Realm, and now, his cultivation had reached the perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm. Therefore, slightly over an hour later, Huang Xiaolong easily destroyed the Hundred Spirits Beast king's remnant will inside the legs even without Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's help.

After destroying the Hundred Spirits Beast king's remnant will, he flew up to the altar and stood before it. Huang Xiaolong's palm struck down on the sealing formation, trying to forcefully break it.

He only had ten days' time inside this Devil Cave, which meant that he didn't have enough time to remain here and refine the Hundred Spirits Beast King's legs. Therefore, he planned on destroying the sealing formation to take out the sealed legs and temporarily place them inside the Xumi Temple. Once he was out of the Devil Domain Mainland, he would find a safe place to refine them.

However, the sealing formation on the altar was inscribed by a powerful ancient master. Despite thousands of years had passed while being corroded by the hundred spirits demonic qi, the sealing formation was still strong.

Thankfully, he had studied the sealing formation in the past and knew where the eye of the formation was located, thus every palm strike fell directly onto the eye of the formation. As long as it was destroyed, he would able to take out the Hundred Spirits Beast King's legs.

Every time Huang Xiaolong's palm struck the sealing formation, bright golden ripples spread across the space, diffusing Huang Xiaolong's palm force.

But as time wore on, three days later, the golden ripples grew increasingly dim and weak. Watching this, Huang Xiaolong's eyes glimmered with excitement, if this continued, he would be able to take out the Hundred Spirits Beast King's pair of legs in another day's time.

A day later, when the golden ripples were reduced to a faint gray, Huang Xiaolong attacked with a full force Earthen Buddha Palm at the sealing formation. The entire grand sealing formation broke with a booming sound.

Layers and layers of horrifying shockwaves spread out, colliding with each other, their violent energy surging as to break the gray space.

From the center of the sealing formation, a crack appeared. It spread out, multiplying until the entire formation was covered in crack lines.

The hundred spirits demonic qi from the Hundred Spirits Beast King's legs soared to the world outside.

Exactly at the same moment the sealing formation shattered, the entire gray space shook uncontrollably, causing large amounts of hundred spirits demonic qi to escape into the cave.

The tremors went up all the way to the deepest part of the Devil Cave. Flaming Devil Ruan Ji, Ghost Demon Pan Hai, Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian, Gorb Fiend Wang Han and their subordinates also felt the violent quakes.

"What's happening? This is?!" Flaming Devil Ruan Ji's face tightened.

"Such overpowering demonic qi! How could there be such overpowering demonic qi inside the Devil Cave?! It's coming from underground!" Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian exclaimed.

"This is no ordinary demonic qi, only peerless demonic beast kings of the ancient times could have such a terrifying demonic qi!" Gorb Fiend Wang Han stated, a bright light flickered in his eyes.

"Could there be an ancient demonic beast king's cultivation dwelling below the cave?!" Ghost Demon Pan Hai exclaimed.

Just as the group of old devils tried to guess what was happening, the deep violent flames around Flaming Devil Ruan Ji expanded even farther, and he dove into the ground, toward the gray space. He no longer cared for the Demonic Devil Bead.

When the other old devils saw Flaming Devil Ruan Ji actually abandon the search for the Demonic Devil Bead, they were stunned at first, exchanging baffled glances amongst themselves.

"Big brother, are we going down as well?" Gaunt Devil Shi Jiuxin asked Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian.

"Go down!" Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian gritted his teeth, leading his brothers underground, also heading toward the gray space.

Gorb Fiend Wang Han and Ghost Demon Pan Hai also made their way underground after a slight hesitation.

Inside the gray space, when the hundred spirits demonic qi rushed out after the sealing formation's destruction, Huang Xiaolong had predicted the violent reaction. He immediately summoned the Godly Mt. Xumi, squeezing the Hundred Spirits Beast King's legs inside.

Huang Xiaolong activated the Godly Mt. Xumi's formation with all his might, causing it to release wave after wave of radiant golden light. Each wave of Buddha luminance was stronger than the previous one, tightly suppressing the Hundred Spirits Beast King's legs.

Regardless of how the legs struggled, how violent the hundred spirits qi surged, it was unable to free itself. Moreover, under the Buddha force, its demonic qi was weakening at a fast rate. At this speed, all the demonic qi inside would quickly be expelled and the legs were taken away.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised watching the miraculous effect of Godly Mt. Xumi in suppressing the demonic qi.

While the Godly Mt. Xumi's Buddha luminance continued to expel the demonic qi from the pair of legs, a powerful aura suddenly arrived in the gray space, causing the entire space to quiver.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed. As expected, he had alarmed the group of devils above. Judging from the powerful momentum, it was probably Flaming Devil Ruan Ji. However, from the place where Ruan Ji was, it would take him about ten minutes to reach the altar.

Thinking of this, Huang Xiaolong was extremely anxious, pushing the true immortal essence force from his dantian to the limit into the Godly Mt. Xumi, increasing its speed in taking in the giant ape legs.