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Chapter 816: "It's Pill King Huang Xiaolong!"

 Hearing that the next auction item was the Heavenly God's godhead fragment, Huang Xiaolong's back straightened a bit.

Yelu Tianhao and Beitang Zi, the young Mirage King, Jiang Wuhuang, and the others also stirred with anticipation.

It was as if everyone was holding their breaths, staring fixedly at that quiet fragmented piece of obsidian black godhead.

The obsidian black godhead fragment emitted a faint black glow. It was quiet, yet it seemed to have the power to traverse through time and space, people in every corner of the square were able to see it clearly. The fragment wasn't big, no more than two thumbs thick.

This was that Heavenly God's godhead fragment!

While everyone was still immersed in looking at the godhead fragment, the auctioneer's excited loud voice rang in the square, "That's right, this is the final item of today's auction, Heavenly God's godhead fragment!"

"As everyone here already knows, the existence of those above Highgod Realm are expelled by the heavenly law from our lower realm worlds, which is why in the many millennia of our four galaxies' history, there has been one and only one master above Highgod Realm cultivation. That was the Heavenly God Mountain's owner, and this godhead fragment was left behind after the Heavenly Mountain owner suffered a backlash from the heavenly laws.

"Although this godhead fragment does not contain any godforce from the Heavenly God, its God's Law still remains. Bring it home, just comprehending a fraction of its profoundness will allow you to dominate the galaxies!"

"Moreover, this godhead fragment can be used as a material to forge your divine armor, an armor that no one can break, giving you the mightiest invincible defense!" The auctioneer introduced with enthusiasm.

Huang Xiaolong inwardly laughed hearing the auctioneer's introduction. This auctioneer was really good with words, even if this godhead fragment had God's Law remaining within, it was most likely just an incomplete God's Law.

Even though this godhead fragment indeed could be used as one of the materials to forge a divine armor, the godhead was extremely hard. Who was even capable of melting it?

Other than Huang Xiaolong himself. For him who possessed the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires, melting the godhead fragment wouldn't be an issue.

"The bidding price of this Heavenly God's godhead fragment starts at 2oo billion, the bidding is now open!" While everyone was gazing hotly at the small obsidian godhead fragment, the auctioneer announced at the top of his lungs.

200 billion!!!

This sum was enough to terrify many Patriarchs and Ancestors of first rank forces the moment it left the auctioneer's mouth. The truth is, even the Ancestors of super families sucked in a breath of cold air.

The sum was like cold water doused over those who were staring with at the godhead fragment with fervent gazes.

Some super forces could barely pool 200 billion together by selling off every last item in their possession!

The intense atmosphere earlier plummeted, no one made a bid.

Huang Xiaolong was calm as he sat there, unfazed. To him, the price made no difference.

"210 billion." Just as it seemed like the auction floor had gone cold, a majestic voice sounded from private room one.

Everyone felt as if they were dreaming.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, this was the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi 's voice. Well, the Azure Dragon Institute did have some background. Last time at the Yaochi Mountain's stage battle, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal had lost 500 billion in a bet, yet he could still afford to take out another 210 billion?

"300 billion." While everyone had yet to recover from their shock, Huang Xiaolong called out, neither slow nor hurried. His voice wasn't loud, but it clearly sounded in these cultivators' ears.

Everyone's bodies quivered, 'That's 300 billion!!'

All heads in the square turned toward the owner of the voice.

"It's Huang Xiaolong!"

"It's Pill King Huang Xiaolong!"

Almost immediately, someone recognized Huang Xiaolong who was sitting in a remote corner. The square was in an uproar, frenzy and excitement soared sky high.

Not long ago, the tribulation grade Exalted Divinity Pellets that Huang Xiaolong refined fetched an astronomical sum of 40 billion, and now Huang Xiaolong was bidding 300 billion for the godhead fragment. It was truly like the rumors, overbearing just as in the past!

Inside private room two sat the Ascending Moon Old Man and Yang Yi.

The Ascending Moon Old Man peered down at the square below, disgruntled, "This brat needs to make a scene wherever he goes."

Yang Yi smiled, "Don't tell me that, as the Master, you're jealous of your little disciple! If I had the number one wealthiest man in the four galaxies as a disciple, I'd be laughing even in my dreams."

The Ascending Moon Old Man gave a few chuckles, "You're right. Since this brat is bidding, then I don't have to do anything, it saves this old man's money."

Yang Yi smiled watching the old man's antics.

Inside private room nine, Yelu Tianhao was about to bid when he heard Huang Xiaolong's voice calling 300 billion, his face immediately blackened. When he saw the reaction that Huang Xiaolong caused, being the center of attention, Yelu Tianhao's killing intent toward him intensified.

While the square was filled with noisy excitement, Yelu Tianhao roared without a second thought: "400 billion!"

400 billion!!

A violent quiver ran through everyone's bodies, their gazes shifting from Huang Xiaolong to private room nine.

Huang Xiaolong snickered, determining that the voice belonged to Yelu Tianhao; this Yelu Tianhao actually dared to show up in front of him.

"It's that Yelu Tianhao." Shi Xiaofei whispered in Huang Xiaolong's ear.

Huang Xiaolong smiled reassuringly at her and nodded.

"410 billion." Before everyone got over the shock of 400 billion, the Mirage King in private room twelve bid in an ethereal voice.

Annoyance flickered in Beitang Zi's purple pupils, 'It's this private room twelve again!'

Earlier, when they were bidding for the tribulation grade Exalted Divinity Pellets, it was this 'guest' in private room twelve that made him eat a loss.

Huang Xiaolong briefly glanced at private room twelve before bidding: "500 billion!"

500 billion!!

The present old monsters felt their hearts thumping madly. The attention returned to Huang Xiaolong once again.

Yelu Tianhao's expression was as ugly as it could be, his eyes scarlet as if he was on the verge of going amok, shrieking with anger, "I refuse to believe that dog Huang Xiaolong has more money than me, has more money than my Yelu Family!" His voice boomed in the square, "600 billion!"

The same indifferent ethereal voice sounded from private room twelve: "610 billion!"

The hearts of the present Ancestors and Patriarchs could no longer bear the stress, this amount was like an insurmountable mountain pressing down on their chests.

"1 trillion!" Huang Xiaolong said the words with a deliberate pause.

1 trillion!!!

Those who already felt a mountain of pressure on their chest at 610 billion, felt their hands and feet go numb, directly fainting at one trillion.

The auctioneer didn't fare much better, his knees knocking against each other as he tried not to buckle and land on his butt. He who had presided over countless auctions in his life now felt his brain blank like a sheet of white paper.

"What?! 1 trillion!" In private room nine, Yelu Tianhao felt his tongue twist, overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount. Even Beitang Zi was astounded.

Inside private room twelve, the ethereal Mirage King frowned, the tip of his fingers lightly drumming on his armrest, slowly saying, "This Huang Xiaolong is quite bold."

"There are rumors saying that he found a legendary divine grade spirit stone mine." Jiang Wuhuang ventured with care.

The Mirage King couldn't deny that, speaking toward the auction square below, "2 trillion!" Since it was like that, he would accompany Huang Xiaolong.

No doubt, he had to get his hands on this Heavenly God's godhead fragment no matter what.

This was the Great Lord's order.

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