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Chapter 814: Beitang Zi

 Chapter 814: Beitang Zi

Zhu Heng stopped in front of Huang Xiaolong with a glacial expression, "You're Huang Xiaolong? Last time, you took advantage of my absence from and made a bet with Zhu Chu. You ambushed him when he was distracted, hence winning the bet."

Liu Yun boiled with anger at Zhu Heng's shameless words. The bet that time was fair and square, yet it suddenly turned into Huang Xiaolong using an underhanded method to win the bet!

Huang Xiaolong didn't look like he was agitated by Zhu Heng's words at all.

"The blood contract is in my hands." Zhu Heng went on, "If you want it, come to the New Stone World, make a fair and square bet with me. If you win, you can take the blood contract away and our Zhu Family will not interfere any further with your Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister's relationship."

This was Zhu Heng's true purpose.

More accurately, the mysterious Great Lord's intention-baiting Huang Xiaolong to the New Stone World.

And if Huang Xiaolong really went there, a trap would be awaiting him.

Zhu Heng added, "However, I prefer you to come alone at that time, or else you will never get your hands on the blood contract." The threat in his tone and words was clear as day. With that said, Zhu Heng turned around, leading the Zhu Family masters away.

Huang Xiaolong's cold gaze followed the Zhu Family members as they walked away. Looks like this Zhu Heng was betting on Huang Xiaolong's willingness to venture to the New Stone World once again for his Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister.

"Fourth Junior Apprentice-brother." Liu Yun called out, deep lines of worry on his face.

Huang Xiaolong turned back to look at Shi Xiaofei, Liu Yun, and Qi Wen, all three had worry written all over their faces. He shook his head with a faint smile, "It's alright. Come on, the auction is going to start."

Seeing this, Liu Yun and the rest could only follow Huang Xiaolong into the auction square.

Due to the auction house rules stating that only Highgod Realm masters were eligible for private rooms, Huang Xiaolong's group of four could only sit in the prepared seatings on the square like most of the other families' masters.

The auction square was large enough to accommodate several tens of thousands of people. However, by the time Huang Xiaolong entered, the seats were almost full.

Looking around, they found four empty seats in a corner that were in the same row and sat down.

Huang Xiaolong had just sat down when he felt an intense gaze filled with hatred directed at him, his brows creased slightly as he turned to look at the origin of the gaze. It came from private room number nine.

However, every private room had restrictive formations to ensure their privacy, hence the people outside couldn't see inside those private rooms.

Inside private room number nine, sat the person who had his 'eggs' scrambled by Huang Xiaolong a few days prior, Yelu Tianhao. Other than Yelu Tianhao and the two withered old men, there were three other people.

One of them was a young man with purple pupils, who also had two old men behind him. The invisible pressure from these two old men was actually a bit stronger than the two withered old men behind Yelu Tianhao.

This purple-eyed young man detected the hatred surging from Yelu Tianhao's eyes, hence felt it was strange. Following Yelu Tianhao's gaze, he sighted Huang Xiaolong.

"That's Huang Xiaolong?" The purple-eyed young man suddenly realized, then his gaze shifted onto Shi Xiaofei sitting beside Huang Xiaolong. When he saw her alluring beauty, a feverish light flickered unnoticeably in his purple eyes. "No wonder Brother Tianhao would be so infatuated with this woman. If it were me, I'd feel the same."

A few days had passed and Yelu Tianhao had obviously investigated Huang Xiaolong's identity and background.

Remembering what happened a few days ago, the hatred in Yelu Tianhao's eyes intensified, his gaze was fixed on Shi Xiaofei's face, "There'll be a day when I push this wench under my body, taking my pleasure in a hundred and eight positions, I'll play her to death!"

The purple-eyed young man chuckled, "But, that Huang Xiaolong actually made you suffer, this truly piques my interest." The purple-eyed young man unconsciously licked his lips, a wicked light shining in his purple pupils.

Yelu Tianhao laughed evilly, "Beitang Zi, I have no problem if you want that Huang Xiaolong, but you cannot let him die, I want to send him to hell personally!"

Beitang zi beamed, "Sure, but this Huang Xiaolong's power in the Black Tortoise Galaxy is quite a handful ah, not taking into consideration the Black Warrior Institute Principal and that Ascending Moon Old Man behind him, those dozen Highgod Realm subordinates of his aren't just clay dolls."

Yelu Tianhao's eyes were spine-chilling cold, "I don't believe he'll stay within the four galaxies his whole life! As long as he dares to take a step out of the four galaxies, that's when he dies!"

"This brat, how does he have so many divine grade spirit stones?" Beitang Zi's brows creased slightly, "Does he really have a divine grade spirit stone mine? If that is so, I'm afraid we won't be able to win the bidding for that shard of the Heavenly God's godhead if he joins in."

However, when Yelu Haotian heard this, he laughed loudly, "So what if he has a divine grade spirit stone mine? In the surrounding thousands of galaxies, could there be anyone richer than my Yelu Family?" Yelu Tianhao's eyes emitted a violent, ruthless light, "Today, that godhead fragment is mine! I really want to see how that dog Huang Xiaolong is going to compete with me!"

Beitang Zi grinned, "You're right! Comparing wealth, no one is richer than your Yelu Family."

Sitting outside in the square, Huang Xiaolong was ignorant of what transpired in private room nine. Other than the guests in private room nine, there were many eyes that were observing Huang Xiaolong and his group.

For example, inside private room twelve.

Sitting there were the Jiang Family Patriarch Jiang Wuhuang, the Black Warrior Institute's Vice-Principal Wang Na, Gudu Family Patriarch Gude Ye, Wang Family Patriarch Wang Dingyi, as well as the Zhu Family Ancestor Zhu Heng who offered Huang Xiaolong a bet, together with the other Zhu Family masters.

A total of twenty-eight Highgod Realm masters!

Every person in this room was an existence that brought awe and respect in the outside world, but these twenty-eight Highgod Realm masters were actually sitting in a lesser position before a young man enshrouded in an illusory glow.

The illusory glow shrouding the young man gave a mysterious and profound feeling to the others, obscuring the young man's features at the same time. They could only tell that this person's features belonged to a young man.

"That one is Huang Xiaolong?" A young sounding voice spoke with indifference, neither low nor loud, yet imposing.

"Yes, Lord Mirage King." Jiang Wuhuang, sitting beside the young man, flinched before answering. Wang Na and the others were sitting accordingly, no one dared to say a word.

"Pity ah, pity." The young man, Mirage King, suddenly lamented.

As for what was a pity, no one dared to ask.

"Have you all prepared the money?" Young man Mirage King changed the topic.

"Yes, it's ready." Jiang Wuhuang, Wang Na, Gudu Ye, Wang Dingyi, and Zhu Heng all respectfully replied.

The Mirage King nodded, "This time, no matter what, that godhead fragment must fall into our hands, the Great Lord is very interested in it. If we fail to bid for it, all of you know the consequences."

Jiang Wuhuang, Wang Na, and the others shivered, quickly acknowledging the young man's words.

On the square, Huang Xiaolong's group of four sat in a remote corner, ignoring the many gazes directed at them. They were talking and laughing amongst themselves while waiting or the auction to begin.

Roughly an hour later, when there were no more people entering the auction square, an old man walked up to the auction stage.

The auction begins!