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Chapter 813: Zhu Family Ancestor

 Chapter 813: Zhu Family Ancestor

After the Zhu Family's group left, Qi Wen hurried to Liu Yun's side, fretful and anxious, "Senior Apprentice-brother, how are your injuries?"

Liu Yun wanted to reassure her, but just as he opened his mouth, blood spewed out all over the ground.

Watching this, Qi Wen was on the verge of tears, anguish gripped her heart.

Liu Yun forced a smile, trying to comfort her, "I'm fine." But, just as he said that, he coughed up another mouthful of blood.

"Senior Apprentice-brother, we must return to the Black Warrior Institute and seek help from Master!" Qi Wen urged.

Liu Yun shook his head, "Master is in death seclusion, if only Fourth Junior Apprentice-brother was here... He has Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellets"

"Fourth Junior Apprentice-brother!" Qi Wen quivered, "Right, right, Fourth Junior Apprentice-brother! The Firmament Divinity Mainland auctioning a Heavenly God's godhead roused a big wave in all the four galaxies, maybe Fourth Junior Apprentice-brother also heard the news and came here, I'll contact him to see if he's close by." Qi Wen quickly took out a jade slip, crushing it.

At the same time, inside a courtyard within the Heavenly Feast Inn. Huang Xiaolong felt something and took out a jade slip. His expression turned stern after hearing the message.

"What is it?" Noticing the change in Huang Xiaolong expression, Shi Xiaofei's heart thumped with a bad feeling.

"Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister are also in White Tiger City, but in the message Third Apprentice-sister sent, she said that both of them have been heavily injured." Huang Xiaolong explained in a solemn tone.

Shi Xiaofei's face darkened hearing this, "Where are your Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister now? Let's go to them!"

Huang Xiaolong nodded and led Shi Xiaofei out from the yard without another word. In a flicker, both of them left the inn, heading toward the place Qi Wen mentioned in her message.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei appeared in front of the restaurant, however, when they walked inside, Liu Yun and Qi Wen had already left. On the floor were two pools of blood that haven't yet dried. Looking at them Huang Xiaolong's face darkened with anger.

Even without asking, he knew that the blood on the floor belonged to Liu Yun.

Huang Xiaolong's piercing gaze swept over the surroundings, killing intent roiled like waves in his heart.

The people inside the restaurant naturally felt the horrifying killing intent in the air and instinctively retreated to a safe distance as they looked fearfully at Huang Xiaolong.

"Big brother Huang!" Shi Xiaofei anxiously called out to him.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong snap out from his dark mood, becoming clear-headed again.

"Your Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister must have just left, contact them with the jade slip and ask for their location." Shi Xiaofei softly persuaded.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath nodding at Shi Xiaofei, then he took out the jade slip and contacted Liu Yun and Qi Wen, receiving a reply almost immediately. Huang Xiaolong was relieved to receive a response so fast, he looked at Shi Xiaofei and said, "Come, Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother and Third Apprentice-sister are close by."

Together with Shi Xiaofei, he hurried to the place where Liu Yun and Qi Wen were, meeting them shortly after at an inn's small courtyard.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong arrive, Qi Wen was overwhelmed with relief.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes fell on the heavily injured Liu Yin, his face grim. Not saying a word, he took out two Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellets, giving Liu Yun and Qi Wen one each. At the same time, Huang Xiaolong circulated his true immortal essence force, placing both palms on Liu Yun's back to help him refine the Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet.

With his help in refining the pellet's effects, Liu Yun's face gradually regained some color.

"Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother, who did this to you?" asked Huang Xiaolong.

Liu Yun was reluctant to say anything, but under Huang Xiaolong's gaze, he briefly recounted what took place earlier.

"Zhu Family Ancestor!" Murder glinted in Huang Xiaolong's eyes.

Watching Huang Xiaolong's reaction, Liu Yun tried to dissuade him, "Junior Apprentice-brother, that Zhu Family Ancestor has broken through to Second Order Highgod Realm, and I heard he has a unique physique called Myriad Poison King Physique. We'd best wait for Master to exit his seclusion before talking about this matter."

Huang Xiaolong was aware of Liu Yun's worries, but he smiled reassuringly, " Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother need not worry, I know how to handle this matter. I'll get that blood contract for you." Of course, Huang Xiaolong wanted to do more than just take back the blood contract.

Liu Yun wanted to persuade him not to be reckless, but in the end no words would come. He understood Huang Xiaolong's personality quite well.

As things were, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei decided to stay at the same inn as Liu Yun and Qi We, taking the courtyard beside theirs.

There were six days left until the auction began.

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei tried getting in touch with the Ascending Moon Old Man and Yang Yi, but there was no response from either of them. Then again, he wasn't that concerned about the two elders. Since they came for the godhead, he would naturally see them at the auction; as for the Zhu Family Ancestor, Huang Xiaolong decided to hold off until the end of the auction before 'taking care' of him.

Amidst all this, Huang Xiaolong found it odd. Knowing the power he possessed, the Zhu Family still made a move on his Senior Apprentice-brother?

Was it all just for the blood contract?

Weren't they afraid of provoking his wrath? It was no secret that, on the surface, Huang Xiaolong had fourteen Highgod Realm masters who signed a blood contract with him!

Fourteen Highgod Realm masters could easily annihilate the entire Zhu Family.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the yard pondering over this matter, cold light gleaming in the depths of his eyes.

"You're thinking about the Zhu Family?" Shi Xiaofei arrived behind Huang Xiaolong, softly asking.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, "The Zhu Family Ancestor's motive may not be so simple."

Shi Xiaofei continued in a somber tone, "He's doing this to anger you, luring you to act?"

Huang Xiaolong fell into deep thought.

"But, luring you would bring no benefit to their Zhu Family." Shi Xiaofei muttered, unable to understand the motivation behind the Zhu Family Ancestor's action.

"What if someone wanted him to do this, or ordered him to do this? Could he disobey?" Huang Xiaolong who was in deep thought suddenly spoke.

Shi Xiaofei was taken aback, "Order? In the four galaxies, who could order the Zhu Family's Ancestor?" Shi Xiaofei realized something just then, "You mean that mysterious Great Lord?"

She already knew about the mysterious Great Lord from Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Only this could explain the Zhu Family Ancestor's actions.

Six days passed quickly.

In these six days, the four of them didn't go anywhere, staying inside their respective yards to cultivate, or sometimes get together to have a drink.

On the day of the auction, Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei, Liu Yun, and Qi Wen stepped out from the inn, walking toward the auction house.

By the time the four of them arrived at the auction house, the entrance was already crowded with cultivators from all directions, the surroundings were filled with people. One could hardly move an inch forward.

However, the auction house stated that only Highgod Realm masters were eligible to rent a private room. On top of that, there was an entry fee of one million Baihu coins.

After paying four million Baihu coins, the four of them entered the auction house.

"In the future, I'll also hold auctions in Martial Spirit World, charging one million Xuanwu coins as entrance fees." Huang Xiaolong joked.

Shi Xiaofei and Qi Wen also laughed.

All of a sudden, Liu Yun's eyes turned red, glaring angrily in a certain direction.

As Huang Xiaolong followed Liu Yun's gaze, he spotted a group of people not far in front. They were Zhu Chu and the Zhu Family masters.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed, his gaze landing on the crimson-haired old man beside Zhu Chu. 'This is the Zhu Family Ancestor, Zhu Heng?'

At this point, the Zhu Family Ancestor Zhu Heng happened to look in Huang Xiaolong's direction. Two people's gazes collided in midair.

"Ancestor, that's Huang Xiaolong." Zhu Chu informed Zhu Heng, indicating toward Huang Xiaolong with his gaze.

Zhu Heng was surprised, he didn't expect to run into Huang Xiaolong here. After a brief pause, Zhu Heng walked over to Huang Xiaolong's group of four.