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Chapter 810: This Is For You

 Chapter 810: This Is For You

White Tiger City was a place built and governed by the White Tiger Institute, and also the location where the grand auction was going to be be held.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei reached the White Tiger City. After paying twenty thousand Baihu coins as entry fees, the two of them walked into the city.

As they walked through the city gates, the surrounding people couldn't resist taking a second look, a third look, and more at Shi Xiaofei. Although there were many masters flocking to White Tiger City in recent days, a beautiful young woman like Shi Xiaofei was rare, and these White Tiger City disciples had yet to see someone with her beauty.

After reaching White Tiger City, looking at the busy and prosperous streets, Shi Xiaofei was in a good mood, enthusiastically looking left and right. She pulled Huang Xiaolong's hand, dragging him to go shopping.

Watching her actions, Huang Xiaolong squirmed inside. He would rather fight a Third Order Highgod Realm master than accompany a woman shopping the whole day.

Upon entering the city, Huang Xiaolong had the phoenix and Dark Hell Tiger converge their auras, but even so, they couldn't avoid being the center of attention.

This was because of Shi Xiaofei.

Those who had seen her would turn their heads again and again.

The men did this, and even the women!

There was a young family disciple who couldn't take his eyes off Shi Xiaofei as he walked and ended up banging his head into a stone pillar in front of him.

Watching this, peals of laughter bubbled up from Shi Xiaofei's mouth.

That family disciple was fuming in anger at his misfortune, but was dazed looking at Shi Xiaofei's laughing face, unconsciously starting to laugh like a fool.

Huang Xiaolong was beyond speechless. He finally experienced for himself the troubles a beauty could bring.

Ever since Shi Xiaofei awakened her Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique, her every gesture, every smile, every frown possessed an indescribable charm.

This was precisely the reason why small problems like these came in endless waves after they stepped into the city, troublemakers appearing one after another.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to handle every person that thought with their lower brain, passing the important task of handling these people to the Phoenix and Dark Hell Tiger.

There was no lacking of God Realm cultivators amongst those who came to disturb them, including Eighth Order and Ninth Order God Realm cultivators, but before the two perfections stage late-Tenth Order God Realm demonic beasts, they were nothing.

Huang Xiaolong was glad that he brought these two beast mounts out with them, or else he'd have to handle all the annoying pests himself.

In every shop they entered, Shi Xiaofei would buy everything she liked. She knew that Huang Xiaolong was a rich man with no place to spend his money, thus she didn't bother to be frugal for his sake.

A while later, various things began to fill Huang Xiaolong's spatial ring. By the end of the day, piled together, these things reached a hundred zhang tall.

"Big brother Huang, let's rest at this inn tonight." When they were passing by an inn, Shi Xiaofei suggested.

Huang Xiaolong raised his head to read the signboard, the inn was called Heavenly Feast Inn.

Judging from the outside, the inn was magnificently decorated. Huang Xiaolong nodded, as it was already dusk and they indeed needed a place to rest for the night and eat something.

The two of them entered the inn, while the phoenix and Dark Hell Tiger shrunk to miniature sizes, no bigger than a kitten, resting on the left and right of Huang Xiaolong's shoulders.

Due to the sudden influx of cultivators coming to the White Tiger City, many places were already full. Huang Xiaolong's eyes swept over the hall and saw three empty tables, but the locations were less than ideal. Thankfully, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei weren't picky about this.

Sitting down at an empty table, they ordered some dishes and wine.

Feeling the stares coming from the other tables evoked a bitter smile in Huang Xiaolong's heart, 'Looks like it'll be hard to sit down and have a drink in peace.'

No doubt, these intense stares were directed at Shi Xiaofei.

According to Huang Xiaolong's prediction, there would definitely be some big family's young master or prominent sect's young lord coming over, trying to strike up a conversation.

As expected, shortly after Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei placed their order, from a table not far from theirs, a young man dressed in a goose yellow brocade robe was staring feverishly at Shi Xiaofei's alluring face, clucking his tongue, "I never imagine there would be this kind of little beauty in the world, coming to White Tiger Galaxy this time was truly the right decision."

"Young Lord, shall I go invite that little missy over?" Beside the yellow-robed young man sat two withered old men, one of which spoke.

That young man waved his hand, saying, "Such a beauty, this Young Lord shall personally go invite her." He stood up and approached Huang Xiaolong's table. Watching this, the two withered old men could only stand up and follow behind him.

Huang Xiaolong already noticed the young man's actions. Watching him approach their table, a frown creased Huang Xiaolong's brows. Although he didn't put the yellow-robed young man in his eyes, the two withered old men were actually Highgod Realm masters! Even though they were only mid-First Order Highgod Realm masters, it showed the power behind this young man.

However, Huang Xiaolong was unable to determine which force in the four galaxies could allocate two Highgod Realm masters as bodyguards for their young lord.

'Could it be, they are not from the four galaxies?' This possibility flashed in his mind.

There was also a tiny frown on Shi Xiaofei's smooth forehead. Apparently, she too had noticed the yellow-robed young man. Then again, even frowning, Shi Xiaofei was a still beauty. The yellow-robed young man's eyes lit up looking at her expression.

"This young miss, I am Yelu Tianhao of Saint Lord Galaxy. I would like to invite miss over for a drink, if miss cares to give me this bit of face." The yellow-robed young man reached their table, courteous and polite as he spoke to Shi Xiaofei.

The yellow-robed young man was quite dashing, with elegant features. Solely his looks were enough to charm a sea of women.

Huang Xiaolong blinked his eyes a few times, 'Saint Lord Galaxy? As expected, they aren't from our four galaxies.'

Yelu Tianhao?

At the other side's invitation, Shi Xiaofei didn't even consider for a moment, bluntly rejecting: "Not interested."

At the receiving end of such direct refusal, Yelu Tianhao's charming smile froze on his face, but he quickly regained his composure, "Since miss is not interested to sit at that table, me sitting here is just the same."

Clearly, this Yelu Tianhao's face was thicker than the average person.

Yelu Tianhao sat down before Shi Xiaofei or Huang Xiaolong could say anything. However, only after he sat down did he notice Huang Xiaolong. In a commanding tone, he said to him, "Your business here is finished, you can leave now." Yelu Tianhao threw a high divine grade spirit stone in front of Huang Xiaolong.

"This is for you." Yelu Tianhao said, pointing at the high grade spirit stone. In Yelu Tianhao's mind, Huang Xiaolong would hold the high divine grade spirit stone preciously with both hands, thanking him gratefully.

Huang Xiaolong was stumped for a second looking at the high divine grade spirit stone in front of him, nearly exploding into laughter. He managed to hold back, but Shi Xiaofei did not. Her laughter sounded like the tinkling of bells, a music to the ears.

Looking at the carefree Shi Xiaofei as she laughed, Yelu Tianhao's burned with desire.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong threw ten top divine grade spirits stones in front of Yelu Tianhao, "These spirit stones are for you. Now take your two dogs and roll off!"

Yelu Tianhao was stunned looking at the ten top divine grade spirit stones on the table. Vaguely hearing Huang Xiaolong telling him to scram, his expression was as ugly as it could be.