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Chapter 797: Evil Ghost Ancestor

 Chapter 797: Evil Ghost Ancestor

Huang Xiaolong stopped and said to Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others present in the hall, "Activate the defensive formation!"

The several Highgod Realm masters respectfully acknowledged.

Huang Xiaolong already left the hall, instantly appearing in the air above the Huang Clan Manor.

He coldly observed the dark cloud condensed from ghost qi.

Even though the enormity of the ghost cloud formed by the Evil Ghost Ancestor was scary, it did not faze Huang Xiaolong.

When the ghost cloud came within thirty meters from Huang Xiaolong, it was swallowed by a tremendous suction force until the ghost cloud lost more than half of its size, as if there was a bottomless black hole around Huang Xiaolong.

The Evil Ghost Ancestor couldn't help crying out in surprise.

"You're the Huang Xiaolong that everyone's talking about? Hehe, skillful indeed." The Evil Ghost Ancestor quickly got over his surprise and began chortling with an ugly voice despite seeing that Huang Xiaolong was unafraid of his ghost qi. Then again, it wasn't enough to make him act cautiously over a mere God Realm ant.

"My purpose in coming here, you already know." The bone-thin old man demanded haughtily, "I've decided to be at your service for one hundred years, which amounts to ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones. Quickly take them out for this Ancestor!"

Despite the words 'at your service' having been used, the Evil Ghost Ancestor's haughty tone made him seem more like the master, as if it was Huang Xiaolong who wanted to serve under him. On top of that, Evil Ghost Ancestor demanded Huang Xiaolong to immediately give him ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones.

The tone, that attitude, it was as if Huang Xiaolong owed him those ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones. Him coming to Martial Spirit World was to collect his debt from Huang Xiaolong.

If the Evil Ghost Ancestor dared to treat Huang Xiaolong in this manner, he naturally had a reason for his confidence. Although he was just a peak late-First Order Highgod Realm master, he had succeeded in cultivating his body into an Infernal Ghost Body a few days prior.

This Infernal Ghost Body was nicknamed the undying body, being able to change into countless forms. It was said that the Infernal Ghost Body could use the Ghost King qi to increase its power by having it merge with his body. It was powerful enough that an early Second Order Highgod Realm master couldn't harm him in any way.

Which was way, despite all the rumors saying that Huang Xiaolong's strength rivaled an early Second Order Highgod Realm, the Evil Ghost Ancestor was confident that Huang Xiaolong wouldn't be able to injure him.

Watching the Evil Ghost Ancestor's attitude, demanding ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones from him, Huang Xiaolong couldn't help snickering in ridicule, "I indeed want to recruit a batch of Highgod Realm masters, but I'm not a refugee shelter. Not just any stray cats and dogs will be accepted. You want to serve me, but that depends on whether I want to accept you."

Stray cats? Stray dogs?

Listening to Huang Xiaolong likening him to a stray dog, the Evil Ghost Ancestor initially failed to react, but soon his anger erupted. The Evil Ghost Ancestor's eyes widened and two faint green lights shot out, "Huang Xiaolong, don't assume I won't dare to kill you just because you have the Black Warrior Institute Principal and the Ascending Moon Old Man backing you!" His eyes deliberately looked down below where the Huang Clan Manor was, "You'd do best to offer those ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones with both hands to this Ancestor, if not...!"

"I'll annihilate your Huang Clan Manor from top to bottom!"

"Not one will be spared!"

Just as the Evil Ghost Ancestor's voice fell, Huang Xiaolong moved.

Huang Xiaolong struck out his palm, its force whistling through the air. Countess shadows of golden Buddha statues flew out, filling the sky with Buddha luminance.

In a split second, the Earthen Buddha Palm cut through the ghost cloud almost without any resistance, coming out from the other end.

Accompanying a furious shriek, the ghost cloud was forcefully ripped apart, dissipating in the air. A bone-thin old man with hair long past his shoulders appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong, the person who had been hiding within the ghost cloud, the Evil Ghost Ancestor.

Originally, if that attack was a common palm attack, it couldn't have cut through his cloud formed from ghost qi so easily, however, what Huang Xiaolong used earlier was the Earthen Buddha Palm.

The Buddhism qi contained within the Earthen Buddha Palm was the bane of all ghostly creatures. Adding on top of that the Evil Ghost Ancestor's own carelessness, being caught off guard by Huang Xiaolong's attack, it resulted in the Evil Ghost Ancestor being struck by that palm.

Wherever Huang Xiaolong's palm struck, green smoke floated out from the Evil Ghost Ancestor's body. The Buddhism force was purifying his body, greatly damaging him.

"You, your god battle qi actually contains Buddhist force!" A while later, the Evil Ghost Ancestor managed to expel the Buddhism force harming his body, glaring furiously at Huang Xiaolong.

Although his Infernal Ghost Body was nicknamed 'undying', being able to change into various forms, unafraid of divine artifacts, it still couldn't withstand the purifying power of Buddhism force.

Huang Xiaolong didn't respond to the Evil Ghost Ancestor's screams. With a wave of his hand, ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones seemed to rain down from the void, falling to the ground below with loud thumping sounds.

"Ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones, they are yours if you have the capability to take them." Huang Xiaolong's aloof voice sounded, a cold light glinted in his eyes, "But if you fail, the price is death!"

When Evil Ghost Ancestor threatened Huang Xiaolong with the Huang Clan Manor, he had touched Huang Xiaolong's bottom line and roused Huang Xiaolong's killing intent.

In Huang Xiaolong's eyes, this Evil Ghost Ancestor was already a dead person!

Then again, this was his plan all along, killing one as a warning to the others!

When Huang Xiaolong told the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the other to release the news, he had long known there would be people like this Evil Ghost Ancestor coming over, thinking they could take advantage of him.

Since it was like that, he didn't mind killing a few more to deter the rest.

The Evil Ghost Ancestor stared with feverish eyes at the pile of ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones below, bursting into laughter. "Huang Xiaolong, I've decided! Not only am I going to take these ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones, I'll capture every member of your family and make you hand over the treasure!"

Before his last word sounded, the Evil Ghost Ancestor's figure blurred, arriving above the pile of spirit stones in a flicker. Then, his hand reached out, wanting to take them all away.

But Huang Xiaolong was faster. Just as the Evil Ghost Ancestor appeared above the pile of spirit stones, Huang Xiaolong was already behind him, striking another palm at his back.

It was another Earthen Buddha Palm!

Vast Buddhist qi surged out.

The Evil Ghost Ancestor's face paled. This Earthen Buddha Palm's power was several times stronger than the first one!

Unable to give his attention to the ten thousand spirit stones at the moment, the Evil Ghost Ancestor swiftly executed a body dividing art. His entire body separated into more than a hundred black balls of energy.

This was one of the Infernal Ghost Body's transformation abilities.

Huang Xiaolong's Earthen Buddha Palm fell on empty space.

Far away in the distance, the hundred black balls of energy combined again into the Evil Ghost Ancestor's original body.

Successfully dodging Huang Xiaolong's attack, he revealed a complacent snicker, "Punk, you'll be my guinea pig today, so everyone will know how powerful the body of the Evil Ghost Ancestor is." Black lights rolled around him. From the void above, abundant ghost qi entered the Evil Ghost Ancestor's body.

This was the Ghost World's Ghost King qi.

Having the Ghost King qi merge with him, the Evil Ghost Ancestor's body suddenly enlarged. At the same time, his Infernal Ghost Body was shifting. In the blink of an eye, the Evil Ghost Ancestor was now a hundred zhang tall giant. Every inch of his body was covered with a black-scaled armor, his eyes glowing green.

Ghost qi swept out in all directions.

Affected by the overwhelming ghost qi, strong winds howled over several tens of thousands of li, spreading extreme cold everywhere.