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Chapter 793: Zhu Chu Actually Los

 Chapter 793: Zhu Chu Actually Lost

Zhu Chu was inwardly boiling with anger, wishing for nothing more than to squash Huang Xiaolong to death with his palm, but it seemed like the angrier he got, the calmer his mind became.

Since Huang Xiaolong had the guts to take out twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones to bet, it showed that he had great confidence in his own strength.

Zhu Chu slowly approached Huang Xiaolong. With every step he took, everyone could feel the ground shaking intensely under their feet.

Zhu Chu exuded an awe-inspiring divine might that only increased with every step he took.

The godforce within his godhead rapidly churned, rushing out like giant waves, layers over layers, forming a high curtain of earth-yellow energy around Zhu Chu.

Zhu Chenyi and the others Zhu Family members who had retreated earlier distanced themselves even further with frightful faces.

Liu Yun also swiftly backed away in trepidation.

Zhu Chu's divine might was too overpowering, standing too close made them feel as if they were about to die of suffocation.

While Liu Yun was retreating, he was even more worried and anxious about Huang Xiaolong. Judging from the fraction of strength that Zhu Chu had shown, he was even stronger than the rumors claimed.

'Is Junior Apprentice-brother a match for Patriarch Zhu Chu?'

As for what Huang Xiaolong said earlier, having Zhu Chu take one of his palm strikes, Liu Yun had already thrown this to the back of his head. To him, it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to harm Zhu Chu. Even a late-First Order Highgod Realm master couldn't confidently say that they would be able to defeat Zhu Chu in one strike.

Right at this time, an astounding momentum rose from Huang Xiaolong's body, piercing the sky. The clear sky over the New Stone City was suddenly overcast by dark clouds.

Influenced by the frigid Asura qi within Huang Xiaolong, the nearby streets and buildings were frozen under a layer of black ice.

The frigid Asura qi rushing out from his body formed a dark Hell Asura Barrier.

The sound of countless ghosts howling and crying could be heard, and in between them one could hear the deep voice of a Hell Asura.

However, in the ears of the Zhu Family's Grand Elders who were watching from the distance, these sounds made them feel as if they had sunk into the deepest recesses of Hell, causing their blood to stagnate.

The group of Zhu Family Grand Elders was panic-stricken, yet agape with astonishment. They circulated their qi at the fastest speed to resist the influence of the Asura qi, but their efforts were futile.

"Quick, arrange the Demon Expelling Incantation Formation!" At this time, Zhu Chenyi shouted an order to the Zhu Family members even though his fingers were digging tensely into his palm.

The Zhu Family Grand Elders clumsily came to their senses as they quickly tried to move in positions to form the Demon Expelling Incantation Formation. Each Grand Elder was chanting some kind of obscure hymn under their breath. At the same time, their palms joined with the person next to them.

The obscure-sounding hymn gained power from the Zhu Family Grand Elders' chant, becoming more solid as it condensed into an enormous ancient symbol.

The ancient symbol grew increasingly radiant and bright, glimmering with a mysterious power.

Only then did they manage to reduce the influence of Huang Xiaolong's Asura Domain. But even then, the Zhu Family Grand Elders had a film of cold sweat on their foreheads, not daring to relax in the slightest. Now, looking at Huang Xiaolong again, fear dominated their hearts.

Just the barrier formed from Huang Xiaolong's internal battle qi nearly destroyed their souls, silent and unpredictable. If it weren't for Zhu Chenyi's reminder, if their Zhu Family's heritage wasn't the ancient Demon Expelling Incantation Formation, they would have...!

Then, two dragons, one black and one blue, more than a thousand zhang long flew out from Huang Xiaolong's body, merging with him in soul transformation. Boundless ancient divine dragon pressure blanketed several streets.

From afar, Huang Xiaolong resembled an ancient demonic dragon that came out from the ninth layer of hell.

Zhu Chu's Earth Barrier that was condensed from his earth element godforce seemed extremely powerful, but in front of Huang Xiaolong's Asura Barrier, not only did it fail to advance, it even wobbled unsteadily as if it was being pressured.

This series of events dumbfounded Liu Yun, who was standing far away.

'Fourth Junior Apprentice-brother is actually so formidable!'

Huang Xiaolong's momentum was standing toe to toe with Zhu Chu's divine might. Moreover, it even appeared that Zhu Chu's divine might was the one being pressured!

At this point, Liu Yun noticed that Huang Xiaolong had reached perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm!

How was this possible?!

A decade ago, on the battle stage at Yaochi Mountain, Huang Xiaolong was just a late-Tent Order God Realm!

Zhu Chu's initial boiling anger made him want to slap Huang Xiaolong to death, but now, watching Huang Xiaolong's momentum had instantly doused his anger. It was followed by disbelief, astonishment, and in the depth of his heart, a sliver of fear.

Huang Xiaolong did not miss the changes in Zhu Chu's expression, his voice aloof, "I'm going to attack. According to what we agreed earlier, if you can withstand one palm strike from me, those twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones are yours."

Huang Xiaolong's voice jarred Zhu Chu's mind back to the present. This time around, no one dared to mock Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong's momentum rose higher at the end of his words.

If earlier Huang Xiaolong was going toe to toe to Zhu Chu, then now, the latter had fallen into a disadvantage!

Everyone felt their hearts miss a beat watching this.

Just now, Huang Xiaolong was actually holding back?

All of a sudden, everyone saw one thousand arms emerge from Huang Xiaolong's back, each arm looked real and solid. One thousand arms subsequently curled in, their palms shining in an aureate light.

"Earthen Buddha Palm!"

Following Huang Xiaolong's below, the thousand arms behind him simultaneously struck out at Zhu Chu. In that instant, the sky was filled with shining palm imprints, big and small fissures appearing in space. The surrounding buildings collapsed, pulverized into dust. Images of golden Buddha statues emerged in the sea of aureate light.

These golden Buddha statues seemed to come alive, their mouths moved, chanting ancient Buddhism scriptures. Along with the chants of Buddhism scriptures were dark red strands of an Asura's frigid cold qi.

Buddhas and Asuras were originally opposing sides, but at this moment they complement each other, merging together, mutually enhancing the other and giving birth to an even more powerful dark gold qi.

Looking at the sky being overcast with palm imprints, golden Buddha statues, and hearing the heavens resounding with chants of Buddhism scriptures, Zhu Chu felt terror. Letting out a thunderous roar, every ounce of his strength was used to trigger the godforce inside his godhead. Earth element godforce rushed out frantically, increasing the thickness of his Earth Barrier. From afar, Zhu Chu looked like he was enveloped by a whole mainland.

At this point, the Earthen Buddha Palm's force finally arrived.

Numerous palm imprints slammed down on the Earth Barrier, the abundant collision force caused it to shake violently. A crack emerged, then more and more cracks appeared, spreading out.

The thick as a mainland Earth Barrier shattered entirely.

With another thunderous roar, Zhu Chu's arms suddenly grew twice as big as he pushed his palms out. Lines of palm imprints could be seen flying out from him. Seismic waves ran through the earth, each wave stronger than the last.

With every wave, Zhu Chu staggered back a meter, and with every step backward, the lights of his palm imprints would dim a little. By the time he retreated more than a hundred meters back, he could no longer defend against the Earthen Buddha Palm that was still crashing against him. In the blink of an eye, Zhu Chu's figure was drowned in the sea of aureate palm imprints and was sent flying into the air the next moment, crashing heavily at the other end of the street.

Another tremor ran through the street.

The Zhu Family's elders and disciples watched dazedly as their Patriarch crashed onto the street at the other end. No one moved.

Liu Yun was stupefied, the Zhu Family's Patriarch, Zhu Chu, actually lost! He really lost to one palm strike from his Junior Apprentice-brother!!

But Patriarch Zhu Chu was a genuine peak mid-First Order Highgod Realm master ah!

Liu Yun could already imagine the great waves this battle would make in the galaxy!

Huang Xiaolong ignored the expressions of the surrounding Zhu Family members, a suction force from his palm wrapped around the twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones and transferred them back into his Asura Ring. At the same time, the blood contact also fell into Huang Xiaolong's hand.