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Chapter 779: Saint Mother Yao Chi Arrives

 Chapter 779: Saint Mother Yao Chi Arrives

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal's bold words drew low but indignant whispers and gasps from the nearby guests. Some families' Ancestors and Patriarchs who had good relationships with the Feng Yang frowned at Qin Yi's arrogant tone.

Even though they disliked Qin Yi's arrogant and proud attitude, in terms of strength, they couldn't deny that the Azure Dragon Institute's Lu Cong and others were indeed stronger than the Black Warrior Institute's Liu Yun, Huang Xiaolong, and the other two.

Hence, no one dared to say anything in reproach.

Feng Yang harrumphed coldly, "Let's wait and see the results."

Qin Yi issued a derisive chuckle, "Feng Yang, how about we make a little side bet? If the inheritor that Saint Mother Yao Chi will select comes from my Azure Dragon Institute, you'll give me a hundred billion, if the selected person comes from your Black Warrior Institute, then I'll give you one hundred billion."

One hundred billion!

Quite a few Ancestors and Patriarchs were shocked.

To the majority of the ones present, one hundred billion was an astronomical figure.

Feng Yang's expression sank. Anyone could see this was a plot-a pit.

He had to admit that, strength-wise, the Azure Dragon Institute disciples had a higher chance of being selected as the legacy inheritor, whereas his disciples' chances were practically zero.

"What? You lack the guts?" Seeing Feng Yang remain silent, Qin Yi taunted with a mocking laugh, "Or, as the Black Warrior Institute Principal, you can't afford to take out one hundred billion? Please don't tell me you're poor to that extent!"

Lu Cong and the other Azure Dragon Institute disciples laughed loudly.

Feng Yang's face was darker than murky water, "What if the disciple that Saint mother Yao Chi chooses is not from either of our institutes?"

"If that is the case, then our little bet is void." Qin Yi paused momentarily before answering.

"Fine, I'll bet a hundred billion with you!" An unyielding light shone in Feng Yang's eyes, agreeing in a solemn voice.

"A verbal promise is no guarantee, I ask everyone present here to bear witness, both sides will now take out one hundred billion." Seeing Feng Yang agreed, Qin Yi laughed with glee, a sly light shining in his eyes as if his scheme had already succeeded. With a wave of his hand, a spatial ring floated to the table in front of him. The restrictions on the spatial ring were already opened, thus everyone present was able to see numerous Qinglong coins piled high like mountains within.

Looks like Qin Yi had prepared well in advance.

From all directions, divine senses swept over the spatial ring. Inside it was exactly one hundred billion.

Feng Yang's expression turned even darker.

Although he could take out a hundred billion, who really carried so much money on them at all times?

"Haha, Feng Yang, you're not planning to agree to the bet purely based on empty words, right? And then go back on your words later?" Qin Yi mocked.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong spoke indifferently, "Our Master is thinking that a bet of one hundred billion is too small, therefore he wants to change the betting amount to one trillion. It's just that Master is not sure if Institute Principal Qin can take out this sum."

One trillion!!

The surrounding guests nearly choked on their own saliva hearing Huang Xiaolong's words.

Including Qin Yi. Just like everyone else, his gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

Although Huang Xiaolong's action in this kind of occasion was considered rash, ignorant of proper etiquette given his identity, no one reprimanded him. Everyone was too flabbergasted by Huang Xiaolong's words to reprimand him.

Moments later, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal recovered his senses, glaring at Huang Xiaolong even while he laughed, "Little punk, are you sure you can take out one trillion? As long as you can take out one trillion, I'll bet one trillion with you! But, if you cannot take it out, then, hehe..." Qin Yi's expression turned cold, "I'd be forced to teach you some manners on behalf of your Master!"

Not a trace of fear could be seen on Huang Xiaolong's face, "And if I manage to take out one trillion and Institute Principal Qin can't?"

Qin Yi was taken aback by the retort. His gaze on Huang Xiaolong grew sharp and hostile, then he answered nonchalantly, "What a joke! I can't take out one trillion?" He refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong could take out such a huge sum. Even though Huang Xiaolong had the Hailstone and Xuanji Treasures, one trillion was still impossible for him.

To Qin Yi, Huang Xiaolong's actions were nothing but false bravado, trying to pull wool over their eyes.

Feng Yang was about to speak when Huang Xiaolong lightly turned his wrist and a spatial ring floated to the table in front of Feng Yang. Just like Qin Yi's, its restrictions were also opened.

The instant the spatial ring appeared, the spiritual energy around the pond rose to an inexplicable level, surging out like a tempest and shocking everyone.

Their eyes wide with shock, the present guests slowly shifted their eyes toward Huang Xiaolong's opened spatial ring, where a tall mountain of high divine grade spirit stones glittered with an alluring light.

Qin Yi was dumbstruck.

The Jiang Family Patriarch and Gudu Family Patriarch were dumbstruck.

Those distinguished guests were filled with disbelief staring at that mountain of high divine grade spirit stones.

Even Feng Yang looked like his eyes were about to fall to the ground in shock.

Time passed, and several families' Ancestors and Patriarchs seemed to have forgotten their manners. They slowly got to their feet while staring at the spatial ring with undisguised greed burning in their eyes, their throats making audible gulping sounds.

Ignoring these people's astonishment and greed, Huang Xiaolong's calm yet cold voice rang, "This ring here contains twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones. According to the current market price, it's close to 1.2 trillion. Of course, if Institute Principal Qin is poor and can't take out 1.2 trillion, taking out just one trillion is fine ."

If Institute Principal Qin is poor!

If he can't take 1.2 trillion, taking out just one trillion is fine!

All the guests regained their composure, but there was a strange look on their faces. That was because earlier it was Qin Yi who mocked Feng Yang for being poor!

The strange thing was, no one thought that Huang Xiaolong was being arrogant, for there was 1.2 trillion worth of high divine grade spirit stones placed right in front of them.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong again, everyone's gazes had changed. Some were hot with greed, some were envious, some had admiration, some apprehension, some were flattering, and even a few containing killing intent.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong turning the tables and say that he was poor, Qin Yi's face flushed red, scrunched up in anger. The Azure Dragon Institute disciples weren't looking great either.

A ball of fire burned in Qin Yi's chest, a ball of violent, raging fire.

"What? It can't be that Institute Principal Qin is so poor to the extent of being unable to take out one trillion?" Huang Xiaolong snickered, "Could it be that Institute Principal Qin is planning to bet based on empty words and then go back on them later?"

Qin Yi's face was red one second and white the next, finally turning a morbid green.

Even though he was the Azure Dragon Institute Principal, it was still impossible for him to take out one trillion, unless he auctioned off every single treasure inside their Azure Dragon Institute's treasury.

Huang Xiaolong then icily added, "To me, it seems like Institute Principal Qin is really too poor to take out one trillion. How about this, if you can take out five hundred billion, this bet is on."

Five hundred billion?

Qin Yi and the present guests were dazed.

"Five hundred billion against your twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones?" Qin Yi asked, a light shining in the depth of his eyes.

"Correct." Huang Xiaolong confirmed.

Qin Yi hesitated, but a second later he gritted his teeth: "Agreed!" Despite feeling that something wasn't right with Huang Xiaolong being willing to accept a five hundred billion bet against his 1.2 trillion, Qin Yi was confident that Liu Yun, Huang Xiaolong, or the other two of Feng Yang's personal disciples couldn't defeat Lu Cong's group.

The distinguished guests all around looked at Qin Yi with envious looks, feeling that it was a sure win, that the Azure Dragon Institute had picked up a fabulous deal.

Almost everyone felt that the Azure Dragon Institute had already won the bet.

At the end of the banquet, the Azure Dragon Institute would be leaving with twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones in their pockets! Twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones ah!! Thinking of this amount, the present Ancestors and Patriarchs felt their hearts tremble.

Qin Yi practically emptied out all the present Azure Dragon Institute people's spatial rings of their spirit stones and Qinglong coins, but he barely gathered three hundred billion. Left with no option, Qin Yi borrowed two hundred billion from several Ancestors and Patriarchs that came from the Azure Dragon Galaxy to reach five hundred billion.

Just as Qin Yi placed the five hundred billion on the table in front of him, in the distance, one of the Saint Mother Yao Chi's maids announced: "Saint Mother Yao Chi has arrived."