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Chapter 777: Lu Cong

 Chapter 777: Lu Cong

In truth, Huang Xiaolong had a peculiar feeling when he heard that the Qi Family Ancestor wanted Liu Yun to give a bride token of twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones before he would be willing to rescind the marriage agreement with the Zhu Family.

What he, Huang Xiaolong, didn't lack the most were high divine grade spirit stones.

"That Qi Family Ancestor really said it like that?" Huang Xiaolong laughed, laughing so much that Liu Yun was baffled.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong wouldn't stop laughing, Liu Yun said, "I know Junior Apprentice-brother has the Hailstone and Xuanji Treasures, but those twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones are not a small sum."

To Liu Yun, even the Hailstone and Xuanji Treasures combined couldn't have twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones even if they emptied and sold all the spirit pellets and the Divine World iron and ores. It still wasn't enough to gather 1.2 trillion!

Then again, despite their good relationship, Liu Yun couldn't and was too embarrassed to extend his hand asking his Junior Apprentice-brother for it. Their relationship was another matter, but that was 1.2 trillion after all, not twelve billion!

Just as Liu Yun said that, Huang Xiaolong slightly turned his wrist. The hall quivered as countless spirit stones fell from the void.

In a few short seconds, spirit stones filled the hall. In that instant, vibrant spiritual energy surged madly.

Liu Yun stared dazedly at the hill of divine grade spirit stones, unable to react for a long time. And when he finally reacted, he went from astonishment to disbelief, then to trembling as he jumped to his feet, wobbling toward the spirit stone hill. Liu Yun's hand reached out gingerly, touching and picking up one of the spirit stones. He mumbled incoherently, "Di-divine, h-high divine grade spirit stone! This, this, this is real, it's real!"

Huang Xiaolong's laughed sounded, "Of course it's real, are there any fake high divine grade spirit stones?"

Liu Yun sucked in a breath of cold air, spinning around to face Huang Xiaolong, "Junior Apprentice-brother, this...!"

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, "Senior Apprentice-brother, I know what you want to say. Just consider these twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones as my wedding gift to you and Third Apprentice-sister, therefore you must absolutely accept it!"

Liu Yun still hesitated, "Still...!"

Twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones, this wedding gift was overwhelmingly expensive!

Huang Xiaolong interjected, a smile on his face, "High divine grade spirit stones are something that I don't lack, so you need not feel embarrassed. On the day you and Third Apprentice-sister get married, I'll send another twenty thousand as a congratulatory gift."

Liu Yun shuddered, his eyes widened in shock staring stupidly at Huang Xiaolong.

Send another twenty thousand as congratulatory gift!

At that moment, Liu Yun felt his head spin.

It was a long time later before Liu Yun finally regained his senses, and when he did, he hugged Huang Xiaolong tightly in gratitude.

The predicament that he had been agonizing over for so long was finally resolved. Like a small child a few years of age, he was laughing one second, crying the next.

Watching his Senior Apprentice-brother's antics, Huang Xiaolong was speechless twice over. But he could empathize with Liu Yun's feelings.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong was glad that Liu Yun did not ask him how he got so many high divine grade spirit stones.

Some time later, Huang Xiaolong left Liu Yun's courtyard, whereas Liu Yun almost ran to towards Qi Wen's place, wearing a happy smile. No doubt, he couldn't wait to share the good news with her.

Watching his Senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun disappearing from sight, a faint smile tugged at the corners of Huang Xiaolong's mouth as he walked out from the courtyards, strolling around idly.

While he was strolling around, he came across quite a few disciples from the four galaxies walking around in groups of two or three. They were exploring the place with their companions, talking and laughing.

"Rumours say that several people on the Highgod Advancement List are also here, even the third-ranked Lu Cong is here!"

"What?! Lu Cong's here as well?! These disciples on the top of the Highgod Advancement List, even though they aren't Highgod Realm masters yet, each of them are freak geniuses with strength almost comparable to a Highgod Realm master. If they're also here, there goes our chances..."

"It's just that, I don't know for what reason, the first-ranked Wan Long actually isn't here! Oh, but I've heard that Huang Xiaolong is!"

"Huang Xiaolong? With his Eighth Order God Realm strength, what is he doing here? Although his talent is amazing, I heard that one of the first conditions Saint Mother Yao Chi put up in selecting the inheritor disciple is a cultivation of late-Tenth Order and above."

That group of disciples passed by Huang Xiaolong's side. Not recognizing him, they walked on.

Listening to that group of disciples' discussion, Huang Xiaolong was curious.

Third on the Highgod Advancement List, Lu Cong? Huang Xiaolong suddenly remembered that time on the Hailstone Mainland when he was searching for the Hailstone Treasure. He met a tall young man of the Azure Dragon Institute that displayed the Ten Thousand Words Dharani to break the restrictive formation.

That young man was also called Lu Cong.

'Looks like that tall young man I encountered on the Hailstone Mainland was the same Lu Cong on the Highgod Advancement List.'

Even though there were quite a few similar discussions, Huang Xiaolong didn't pay them much attention.

Just as he turned around, planning to return to his courtyard, a group of five disciples in Azure Dragon Institute brocade robes was walking toward his direction.

One of them was the same tall young man, Lu Cong!

Lu Cong was surprised seeing Huang Xiaolong, blurting out: "Huang Xiaolong!" Clearly, he didn't expect to run into Huang Xiaolong here.

The other four Azure Dragon Institute disciples spread out and encircled Huang Xiaolong as if they were trained dogs when they heard Lu Cong say his name. All of them fixed a deathly glare at Huang Xiaolong.

But Lu Cong reprimanded the four: "What are you all doing? This place is Yaochi Mountain!"

Only then did the four Azure Dragon Institute disciples shuffle back to Lu Cong's side.

Lu Cong's glare was fixed on Huang Xiaolong, sneering in ridicule, "Huang Xiaolong, I didn't expect you to also be attending Saint Mother Yao Chi's banquet, you're really overestimating yourself wanting to be her inheritor with your meager strength."

That year, he and several others went through great trouble to break the Hailstone Treasure's outer barrier, but who would have thought that all their effort was for naught. Instead, Huang Xiaolong was the one who got the Hailstone Treasure.

Due to this, his resentment and hatred toward Huang Xiaolong had only grown stronger through the years.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent even after hearing Lu Cong's ridicule, "You think you can win the first place on the battle stage?"

Lu Cong laughed reverberated, "He Feifan broke through to Highgod Realm, but he didn't come. Wan Long isn't here either, so the first place is in my grasp. When that time comes, you can also challenge me. Too bad though, I don't think you have the strength." With that said, he signaled the four disciples behind him and left.

"Senior brother Lu, are we letting that punk off just like this?" One of them was unwilling.

An evil smile rose on Lu Cong's face, "Don't worry. During the stage battle, even if this punk doesn't dare to challenge me, I'll call him out in front of everyone, he cannot run from battling me. I'll crush him in front of everyone, then have him roll off the stage!"

Lu Cong purposely did not lower his voice, hence, his exact words reached Huang Xiaolong's ears.

Huang Xiaolong watched the backs of these Azure Dragon Institute disciples with a sneer, 'Overestimating myself?' Well then, in a few days during the stage battle, he would show Lu Cong who was the one overestimating themselves, who wins and who loses.

However, this Lu Cong wouldn't have the chance to roll off the battle stage.

Because he was fated to die on the stage!