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Chapter 774: A Horrified Wang Na

 Chapter 774: A Horrified Wang Na

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left Feng Yang's manor, he arrived at the Red Flood Mountain Range.

But, when he reached the Golden Dragon Peak, Huang Xiaolong's expression was darker than muddy water looking at his torn down Palace of Nine Halls.

The Palace of Nine Halls grand defensive formation had already been destroyed.

In the distance were two Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders instructing more than a dozen elite disciples to uproot the spiritual trees and medicinal herbs planted around the Palace of Nine Halls.

Watching this, a sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolong's eyes as he flew toward the group of people.

The dozen elite disciples that were busy uprooting and destroying the surrounding spiritual trees and herbs paused slightly when they saw someone flying toward them. But when they saw it was Huang Xiaolong, all of them stopped whatever they were doing and retreated behind the two Grand Elders in panic.

Although Huang Xiaolong hadn't been in Black Warrior Institute for more than ten years, his ferocious reputation lived on. These elite disciples still remembered how Jiang Yu was reduced to a crippled idiot by Huang Xiaolong.

Since that time Huang Xiaolong damaged Jiang Yu's soul, turning him into an idiot, both the Jiang Family Patriarch and Vice-Principal Wang Na had tried every possible method, yet still failed to heal Jiang Yu.

Hence, until now, Jiang Yu remained an idiot.

"Who told you to tear down my Palace of Nine Halls?" Descended down on the peak, his cold gaze was fixed on the two Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders.

The two Grand Elders were furious that Huang Xiaolong dared to use an interrogative tone when speaking to them, their faces showed contempt and ill-will.

"Huang Xiaolong, you're nothing but an Elder, how dare you use this kind of tone when speaking to us?" The Black Warrior Institute Grand Elder He Zhiwu barked.

The other Grand Elder, He Fei, gave an obvious cold sneer, "Your palace? Huang Xiaolong, you've already been promoted to an Elder for a long time. Don't tell me you didn't know that after being promoted you can no longer have a dwelling in the Red Flood Mountain Range. Vice-Principal Wang Na already gave the order to retrieve the Golden Dragon Peak, to be used by other elite disciples. We cannot allow you to occupy the Golden Dragon Peak for infinity just because you're the Institute Principal's personal disciple."

The gaze in Huang Xiaolong's eyes turned icy, "So, it's that old witch Wang Na's order. Does my Master know about this?"

He Zhiwu chuckled with a menacing flavor, "Nonsense, you're the Institute Principal's personal disciple that has forcefully occupied this Golden Dragon Peak for too long, Vice-Principal Wang Na doesn't need to report to the Institute Principal."

He Fei snapped, "Our Vice-Principal already ordered for this Golden Dragon peak to be retrieved. Not punishing you is already being considerate, so why don't you scram now?!"

Huang Xiaolong snickered, "According to what you've said, I should be thanking that old witch instead."

According to the Black Warrior Institute's rules, after an elite disciple was promoted to an Elder, they could no longer have their dwelling located at the Red Flood Mountain Range. The Elders had their dwellings in the Eastern Spirit Mountain Range.

Then again, rules were only rules. Many of the Elders, even after their promotion, had kept their place in the Red Flood Mountain Range.

However, no one really bothered with this matter. After all, this was a miscellaneous matter.

And now, that old witch Wang Na was using this as an excuse to tear down Huang Xiaolong's Golden Dragon Peak dwelling, it was clear that Wang Na was intentionally making things difficult for Huang Xiaolong.

"Huang Xiaolong, a mere Elder like you dared to disrespect Vice-Principal Wang Na again and again!" He Zhiwu reprimanded righteously, "I'll detain you now and let the Punishment Hall decide your crimes!" His hand formed into a claw, aiming at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong snorted watching this, he merely raised a finger to counter.

Watching this, He Zhiwu didn't mind Huang Xiaolong's action at all. His eyes filled with ridicule. Huang Xiaolong, a measly Elder, wanted to counter his attack?"

But, in the next second, He Zhiwu's face tightened.

By this point, Huang Xiaolong's finger force had penetrated He Zhiwu's palm, then proceeded toward his chest.

He Zhiwu let out a miserable scream as he was sent flying into the air.

He Fei and the elite disciples were stupefied at the outcome.

Huang Xiaolong's figure flickered, arriving in front of He Fei. He Fei had yet to recover when Huang Xiaolong's palm strike landed on his chest. His chest caved in and he was knocked back, crashing down right on top of He Zhiwu.

The surrounding elite disciples seemed to have lost their senses.

"Huang, Huang Xiaolong, you!" He Fei rolled out off He Zhiwu's body with blood spurting out from his mouth, staring fearfully at Huang Xiaolong.

"If you two don't want to end up like Jiang Yu, scram!" Huang Xiaolong's voice was icy cold.

He Zhiwu and He Fei struggled up from the ground, staggering in fear at Huang Xiaolong's words. Both of them turned and fled without daring to utter another word.

"Go back and tell that old witch Wang Na, since she gave the order to tear down my Golden Dragon Peak, a few days later I'll go and tear down her Wuhuang Peak." Huang Xiaolong said.

He Zhiwu and He Fei's body shivered before fleeing away.

The group of elite disciples was trembling with fear, but without Huang Xiaolong's permission, no one had the guts to leave.

"E-Elder Huang, we were just following orders, we don't dare now, please, please spare us." One of the elite disciples' stammered as he pleaded, "Please, spare us!"

Huang Xiaolong remained aloof, striking his palm out. The palm force knocked all the elite disciples to the air, then over the mountain peak, rolling down to the foothills.

The Golden Dragon Peak was quiet once more.

Huang Xiaolong looked around at the scattered uprooted trees and plants, his mood extremely bad. Although these spiritual trees and herbs weren't that important to him, the Golden Dragon Peak was a place he spent many years and effort.

Moreover, before he came back to the institute, his mother said that she would like to come back and have a look in the future.

His parents also had some attachment toward this Golden Dragon Peak. After all, they stayed here for several decades. This was the place where his parents and the others broke through to Saint realm and God Realm.

Looking at the ruined Palace of Nine Halls, a light glinted in his eyes. Naturally, this matter wouldn't end here. However, that old witch Wang Na had been keeping a low-profile for some time. Suddenly making a move on him, was it because of the backing from that mysterious Great Lord?

Huang Xiaolong contemplated the matter, deciding to find a chance and discuss with his Master Feng Yang about the mysterious Great Lord.

Then, with a wave of his hand, his true immortal essence fire incinerated the ruined Palace of Nine Halls down to the ground. Nothing remained.

Since it had already been destroyed by that old witch Wang Na, then he would build a bigger palace. They were departing to Saint Mother Yao Chi's banquet three days later, but three days was sufficient.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong began taking out the Divine World's iron and ores to construct a new dwelling.

However, the Golden Dragon Peak's defensive formations were an improved version placed on top of his Palace of Nine Halls Bagua Trigram Formation. He Zhiwu and He Fei shouldn't have been capable of destroying the Golden Dragon Peak's defensive formations.

What method did they use?

His instinct told him this was somehow related to that mysterious Great Lord again.

While Huang Xiaolong was busy melting the Divine World's iron to rebuild the Golden Dragon Peak, He Zhiwu and He Fei had fled back to Wang Na's Wuhuang Peak, reporting what happened to her.

Hearing their report, Wang Na was inwardly horrified. In less than two decades, that Huang Xiaolong's strength had grown to this extent! Easily defeating an early Tenth Order God Realm like He Zhiwu and He Fei!

This made Wang Na's sullen face even more gloomy.