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Chapter 769: Jia Xiangtian Sent Flying

 Chapter 769: Jia Xiangtian Sent Flying

The several Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elders and the Golden Horned Beast King with his subordinates laughed loudly in ridicule watching Huang Xiaolong striking his palm out to counter Jia Xiangtian's attack.

While everyone's faces were red from laughing, Jia Xiangtian's smug expression suddenly changed, his eyes stared at the force coming from Huang Xiaolong's palm. In a split second, Huang Xiaolong's palm force had shattered his own, and continued forward, aiming at him.

Flustered, Jia Xiangtian attacked again with his palm.

"Azure Flames Dragon Spiralling Palm!"

Azure flames spiraled out furiously, with an azure dragon in their midst.

This Azure Flames Dragon Spiralling Palm was one of Azure Dragon Institute's highest ranked battle skills. In order to cultivate it, one was required to spend many days in the Azure Dragon Pond, absorbing its Azure Dragon qi. It took at least a thousand years to successfully cultivate this skill.

Once their cultivation of it was successful, when the user's palm struck out, the Azure Dragon qi contained inside their body would spiral out, turning into an Azure Dragon that possessed overwhelming, earth-shattering force.

On top of that, Jia Xiangtian was a Highgod Realm master and his attack was fused with the force from his godhead, making his Azure Flames Dragon Spiralling Palm even more powerful!

The Azure Flames Dragon Spiralling Palm collided with Huang Xiaolong's palm force.

A thunderous boom reverberated in the air.

The Golden Horned Beast King and the others watched with stunned faces as Jia Xiangtian was sent flying, crashing heavily to the ground several miles away.

They were dumbfounded at the result.

Not only did Huang Xiaolong take on Jia Xiangtian's palm strike unscathed, he actually held the upper hand and sent Jia Xiangtian flying!


They couldn't believe what just took place right before their eyes.

The Azure Dragon Institute's Grand Elder Deng Nian was truly shaken. He knew very well the strength of their Vice Principal Jia Xiantian, a mid-First Order Highgod Realm master that was infinitely close to advancing to peak mid-First Order Highgod Realm.

But that person was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong?!

At this point, Deng Nian's thoughts were jolted back to reality. Looking at Huang Xiaolong, his eyes reflected the great waves of shock in his heart.

'Is this really Huang Xiaolong?!'

The same Huang Xiaolong that passed the Black Warrior Institute's new outer disciple assessment a mere hundred years ago?!

Not too long ago, when Huang Xiaolong won the first place in the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition, he was just an Eighth Order God Realm... right?

And now, his strength had reached such a terrifying level, comparable to a mid-First Order Highgod Realm master?!

Even the Golden Horned Beast King was in a state of bewildered shock.

"Late-Tenth Order God Realm!" The Golden Horned Beast King blurted as he stared wide-eyed at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong's cultivation had already reached late-Tenth Order God Realm?! Yet, the alarming point was that, at late-Tenth Order God Realm strength, Huang Xiaolong could defeat Jia Xiangtian, a mid-First Order Highgod Realm master!

It had always been said that below the Highgod Realm all beings were measly existences. This was an iron rule since ancient times.

A Highgod Realm master could destroy any God Realm cultivator with just a light wave of his sleeve, there had never been any God Realm cultivator who dared to challenge a Highgod Realm master. Yet now, Huang Xiaolong broke this long-established iron rule!

The Golden Horned Beast King stared solemnly at Huang Xiaolong, shock still swirling in his heart. A long time later, he spoke, "Huang Xiaolong, it seems we have once again underestimated your talent and the speed of your growth. I really never expected you to have grown this strong! However, you must die today!"

No matter what, Huang Xiaolong couldn't be allowed to live!

In that instant, Golden Horned Beast King Jin Yiduo fully released his aura. Demonic qi rushed out from him like a giant tsunami, rushing out in all directions.

Strong winds blew and the sky darkened.

The Golden Horned Beast King was a peak late-First Order Highgod Realm master, it was only a matter of time until he broke through to Second Order Highgod Realm, similar to the Phoenix Clan Ancestor.

Huang Xiaolong responded, "Is that so?" Then he looked at the surrounding void, "Everyone, come out."

"Yes, Master!"

As these voices sounded, space rippled and the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, the three Peng brothers, and the Nine-Tailed White Fox all emerged from the void, encircling Jin Yiduo, his subordinates, and those from the Azure Dragon Institute.

"S-six, six Highgod Realm masters!!" Perceiving the momentum coming from the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, and the others, the Golden Horned Beast King's face tightened.

The Azure Dragon Institute's Grand Elder Deng Nian and the others suddenly turned deathly pale, trembling involuntarily.

There were other Highgod Realm masters at Huang Xiaolong's side!

Not one, but six!

Just now, these six Highgod Realm masters greeted Huang Xiaolong as... 'Master'?!


At this time, Jia Xiangtian had just climbed up from the ground, dirty and miserable. When he heard the six Highgod Realm masters greeting Huang Xiaolong as 'Master' ,his knees started knocking loudly against each other.

"Treat them well, don't make them feel that our Huang Clan Manor is lacking." Ignoring these people's reactions, Huang Xiaolong said to the six of them.

"Yes, Master!" The six of them respectfully complied. Akin to a tiger running into a pack wolves, they pounced on the Golden Horned Beast King.

Sieged by six Highgod Realm masters at the same time, the Golden Horn Beast King's face finally revealed fear, cursing a thousands times over in his heart. Strength-wise, he wasn't weaker than any one of these six Highgod Realm masters and wasn't afraid of fighting them one-on-one, but in these circumstances there was only death.

Moreover, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Peng Dafei, and the Nine-Tailed White Fox had strength similar to his own.

After a few moves, the Golden Horned Beast King was staggering in a sorry state, and not long after that he was pummeled to the point of being unrecognizable by the six Highgod Realm masters. Even his several subordinates stared in disbelief at the swollen pig-head that was their mighty Lord Golden Horned Beast King.

The Golden Horned Beast King wanted to escape, but Huang Xiaolong had the surrounding space locked down using the God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope, how was he going to escape?

When the six Highgod Realm masters besieged the Golden Horned Beast King, Jia Xiangtian seized the chance. Disappearing from the ground in a flicker, he appeared before Huang Xiaolong and began attacking frantically.

Watching the grim-faced Jia Xiangtian acting as if he was determined to die together him, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Just as Jia Xiangtian's attack was about to land on him, a giant dragon claw reached out from the void, slamming down. Jia Xiangtian shot down like a falling meteor, penetrating deep into the earth. No further sounds were heard from him.

A thousand zhang long golden dragon appeared in front of everyone.

The overwhelming pressure from the golden dragon immediately suppressed the Golden Horned Beast King, Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and the others.

The Golden Horned Beast King was beaten half dead when he saw Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's true form, letting out a cry of despair, "Second Order Highgod Realm Ancient Golden Dragon!!"

Second Order Highgod Realm Ancient Golden Dragon! Moreover, it was stronger than an early Second Order!

The slim hope he harbored inside his heart completely vanished, turning into absolute despair.

As for the Azure Dragon Institute's Grand Elders, Huang Xiaolong ordered the surrounding God Realm demonic beasts to 'warmly entertain' them.

Two hours later, when Huang Xiaolong felt it was enough, he ordered the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others to stop.

The Golden Horned Beast King glared viciously at Huang Xiaolong but he suddenly laughed loudly, "Huang Xiaolong, not too far in the future you will end up worse than I am today!" All of a sudden, a violent energy surged from inside the Golden Horned Beast King's body.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's face tightened, shouting, "Not good, he's going to self-destruct!" Dragon force surged out from Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi's body, protecting Huang Xiaolong and retreating at the same time.

The Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others also retreated in haste.

A heaven-shaking explosion shook the air.

The Golden Horned Beast King's body exploded into pieces, the horrifying destructive power of a Highgod Realm master blasted out in all directions.

Overburdened by the destructive force, the God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope lost its anchoring space, allowing the destructive force to spread further out.