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Chapter 768: He Plans To Take On My Palm Strike?

 Chapter 768: He Plans To Take On My Palm Strike?

Inside a big city of the Crimson Spring World, not too far away from Martial Spirit World, was a middle-aged man in golden brocade robes. His elongated eyes had lines of minuscule symbols at the corners, giving him an eerie yet domineering aura.

This middle-aged man was the famed Golden Horned Beast King of the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

Receiving the news from Vice Institute Principal Wang Na, he sneered, "Wang Na, this wench, has a big appetite, she actually wants to swallow the Hailstone Treasure alone, leaving the Xuanji Treasure to be split between me and the Azure Dragon Institute!"

"Lord Beast King, since the Ascending Moon Old Man and Yang Yi have departed from Martial Spirit World, when shall we make our move?" One of Golden Horn Beast King's subordinates, a demonic beast clan master, cautiously inquired.

"This is the Great Lord's order, the sooner we complete the task, the better." The Golden Horned Beast King said in a solemn tone, "All of you follow me, we'll converge with the Azure Dragon Institute's people and then proceed onward to the Martial Spirit World."

"Yes, Lord Beast King!" The same demonic beast clan subordinate complied, then added flatteringly, "In truth, there is no need for the Azure Dragon Institute's people to come along. With Lord Beast King personally going, that Huang Xiaolong is dead for sure!"

Beast King Jin Yiduo stated, "Since it's Great Lord's order, just do as told."

The demonic beast clan master complied.

The Golden Horned Beast King, Jin Yiduo, stood up. He then flew off from the Crimson Spring World with several of his subordinates. Reaching the Cloudsea Mainland, they met up with people from the Azure Dragon Institute, Vice Principal Jia Xiangtian and several Grand Elders.

When the two sides met, after some perfunctory greetings, they headed to the transmission array, to Martial Spirit World.

Days passed and the two groups finally reached the world surface closest to Martial Spirit World with a transmission array, the Iron Radix World. Stepping out from the transmission array, the group flew at their fastest speed toward Martial Spirit World. Barely fifteen minutes later, they already reached Martial Spirit World's outer space.

Jia Xiangtian looked at the planet hovering before him with a sneer, "That Huang Xiaolong having us,two Highgod Realm masters, personally come to kill him is also a kind of honor."

The Azure Dragon Institute's Deng Nian laughed, "When that Huang Xiaolong sees Vice Principal Jia and Golden Horned Beast King, he'll be so petrified that he won't even be able to remember who his ancestors are."

The group laughed loudly.

"Let's go." Jia Xiangtian said to the Golden Horned Beast King. The latter nodded in reply.

People from both sides tore the barrier and dove into Martial Spirit World's atmosphere.

"What is this? Why is Martial Spirit World's spiritual energy so rich and abundant?!" Upon entering Martial Spirit World, feeling the rich spiritual energy passing through their bodies, Jia Xiangtian was shocked.

As were the others.

"Such rich spiritual energy, this is almost comparable to the Cloudsea Mainland!" A light flickered in the Golden Horned Beast King Jin Yiduo's eyes, "More than a decade ago, when several different forces came to Martial Spirit World wanting to snatch Huang Xiaolong's two-million-year old Black Lotus, Martial Spirit World's spiritual energy was just so-so. I didn't imagine that in less than three decades, the environment here could improve so drastically!"

Jia Xiangtian's eyes flickered with the same kind of light, "Without a large number of spiritual energy gathering arrays, it would be impossible to improve Martial Spirit World's spiritual energy to this extent in a short thirty years! Clearly, that Huang Xiaolong has quite a lot of divine grade spirit stones on him!"

A wide radiant smile spread over Jin Yiduo's face, "For the sake of those divine grade spirit stones, I'll let that kid die a little more comfortably."

Everyone broke out in laughter hearing that.

A while later, the group flew toward Snow Wind Continent. The closer they got to Snow Wind Continent, the more amazed they became. When they were hovering above the Snow Wind Continent, Jin Yiduo couldn't resist exclaiming again. The spiritual energy on Snow Wind Continent was even richer than other places they flew past along the way.

"This city actually gives birth to more spiritual energy!" When they were flying above the Duanren Empire, Jia Xiangtian was amazed.

So were the Golden Horn Beast King and the others.

"Birthing spiritual energy, could this be an array even more profound than the spiritual energy gathering array?" Golden Horn Beast King's eyes flashed with greed, "If we manage to acquire the method of laying out this array, then...!"

Everyone's eyes burned with the same greed thinking about it.

"Quick, to the Huang Clan Manor, we must absolutely not let Huang Xiaolong escape!" Jia Xiangtian was suddenly anxious and in a hurry.

"Don't worry, that punk won't be able to escape." The Golden Horned Beast King said in a domineering manner, "Unless he knew beforehand that we're coming and went into hiding."

Everyone's speed tacitly increased.

It wasn't long before the Huang Clan Manor's outline came into view.

Looking at the expanded Huang Clan Manor from afar, Jia Xiangtian mocked, "That punk really does know how to enjoy life. Unfortunately, his good life is fated to be a short one."

"That's right ah, the talent he has shown so far is too shocking, even the Great Lord feels apprehensive." The Golden Horned Beast King lamented, "If not, he could have lived longer."

Jia Xiangtian harrumphed loftily, "That punk thinks that no one dares touch him because he has the Black Warrior institute Principal and the Ascending Moon Old Man shielding him. If it weren't because Great Lord wasn't able to extract himself from the things on hand these past few years, he would have dealt with the Ascending Moon Old Man and Huang Xiaolong in one fell swoop."

"The upcoming God Ranking battle is the Black Warrior Institute Principal's end." The Golden Horned Beast King spoke in a gloomy voice, "At that time, this master-disciple duo can reunite in hell."

"Strange, why are there so many God Realm demonic beasts that weren't here before?" Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder Deng Nian wondered out loud.

Hearing that, Jia Xiangtian brushed it, "Hey were probably captured by the Ascending Moon Old Man before he left, though I have no idea what method he used to capture so many God Realm demonic beasts and have them listen to orders from this Huang Clan Manor. But does Huang Xiaolong think that his Huang Clan Manor is safe with these God Realm demonic beasts around?" As he was saying this, he made a gripping gesture in the air.

Almost instantly, two late-Tenth Order God Realm demonic beasts guarding some distance away exploded into pieces.

"A bunch of ants." Jia Xiangtian ridiculed.

Just as Jia Xiangtian and the others prepared to attack the Huang Clan Manor's defensive formation, a light flickered and space rippled in front of them. A figure appeared before them.

"Huang Xiaolong."Seeing the face of the person, Jia Xiangtian flashed a sinister grin, "Hm? Knowing we're here, you come out to welcome us?"

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as his glance swept over the group of people. He had seen Jia Xiangtian before.

That year, during the Black Warrior Institute's inner disciple assessment, it was this Jia Xiangtian who led Xiang Mingzhi's group.

"Welcome?" Huang Xiaolong shook his head sneering, "Jia Xiangtian, you have yet to possess this qualification."

Everyone was stunned.

Jia Xiangtian was fuming with anger, "Huang Xiaolong, don't think that just because you have the Ascending Moon Old Man and the Black Warrior Institute Principal shielding you, we won't dare to kill you! Now, both the Ascending Moon Old Man and Yang Yi have left Martial Spirit World, let's see who's going to save you today." Jia Xiangtian's palm had struck toward Huang Xiaolong even before his last word fell.

In Jia Xiangtian's eyes, even though Huang Xiaolong's strength wasn't weak, it was still far from being able to withstand his palm strike. Of course he wouldn't kill him immediately, he needed Huang Xiaolong to spill out what he knew about the array that was able to birth spiritual energy and give them all the divine grade spirit stones together with the Xuanzhi and Hailstone Treasures.

While Jia Xiangtian and the Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elders thought that Huang Xiaolong would be sent flying, suffering grave injuries, Huang Xiaolong struck his palm out to counter Jia Xiangtian's attack.

Watching this, Jia Xiangtian let out a shrieking laughter.

"What is this punk doing? He's planning to take on my palm strike?" He said to Golden Horned Beast King.

The Golden Horned Beast King Jin Yiduo also shook his head, laughing.