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Chapter 763: Nothing But A Fool!

 Chapter 763: Nothing But A Fool!

The ruckus outside caused everyone at Huang Xiaolong's table to peer toward the entrance as a large group of people was striding in, slightly over thirty people.

Naturally, the pointed face disciple and the other four were within the group.

Among the large group of over thirty people, four of them were clad in Grand Elder brocade robes, while more than a dozen were wearing Elders' robes. This was the reinforcement that Wan Yu and the other four were able to gather in the shortest time after fleeing.

When the Wan Family reinforcements walked in and saw that Wan Long was actually sitting at the same table as Huang Xiaolong, all of them were stunned.

So was Wan Long when he saw the group of Wan Family members walking in, exuding strong killing intent.

"Hehe, I was wondering what gave Huang Xiaolong such dog-guts to act so arrogant in our Wan Family City, daring to assault and injure us, destroying our Qi Seas! So it's because there's someone backing him!" The pointed face disciple, Wan Yu, spoke sarcastically.

Wan Long frowned.

"Wan Long, hehe, I didn't expect you would dare to conspire with people from Black Warrior Institute." A thickset Wan Family Grand Elder seized the opportunity, speaking in a cold voice, "Once we capture this Huang Xiaolong, I shall report this matter to the Patriarch, to abolish your Grand Elder position!"

The Vermilion Bird Galaxy and Black Warrior Galaxy had always been at odds. Not to mention Huang Xiaolong being the Black Warrior Institute Principal's personal disciple.

This thickset Grand Elder was none other than Wan Yu's grandfather, Wan Bi.

Wan Long turned toward Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong placidly stated, "I'll handle this."

"Yes, Master!" Wan Long complied.

Like the other family disciples' reaction earlier, when Wan Bi, Wan Yu, and the rest of the Wan Family members heard Wan Long referring to Huang Xiaolong as 'Master', their expressions varied between shock and astonishment.

Getting past his shock, Wan Bi burst out laughing, "Wan Long, what did you call this little punk Huang Xiaolong just now? Have you fallen to the extent of being this Huang Xiaolong's slave, what a farce!"

Huang Xiaolong turned toward Huang Hongtian, who had the lowest strength, "Kill him."

Wan Bi, who was laughing heartily, laughed even louder hearing Huang Xiaolong's words, "Huang Xiaolong, you're ordering a mere slave to kill me? I'm Wan Family's Grand Elder Wan Bi. Let me enlighten you, I'm a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm master!

Wan Yu and the other Wan Family members let out mocking laughs, laughing wantonly, bending over from laughter

Wan Long also looked doubtfully at Huang Hongtian.

Although he knew that Huang Xiaolong possessed strength comparable to a Highgod Realm master, killing Wan Bi might not be difficult, but this ordinary-looking middle-aged man, was he capable of killing Wan Bi?

Huang Hongtian stood up before Wan Long could reach a conclusion. In the next moment, his Highgod Realm pressure rushed out to the surroundings, boundless divine might swept over the restaurant like a vast wave.

Then, Huang Hongtian raised his arm, pressing down in the air.

Wan Bi watched with horror, "H-God!"

Wan Bi was about to blurt out 'Highgod Realm master', but Huang Hongtian's palm imprint had already landed on him. Wan Bi's body exploded into blood mist.


Wan Yu and the other Wan Family Grand Elders, Elders, and disciples were trembling in fear looking at Huang Hongtian.

"H-Highgod Realm master!" A Grand Elder mumbled intelligibly. In the next second, he was already kneeling in fear.

The remaining Wan Family members hastened down to their knees.

A wet dark patch spread over Wan Yu's crotch. He was so scared that he pissed his own pants.

Those family disciples that hung back to watch a show were also on their knees.

Highgod Realm master's divine might wasn't so easily withstood, not everyone was like Huang Xiaolong.

Though Wan Long was able to remain sitting, unlike Wan Yu and the rest of Wan Family kneeling on the street, it was obvious that he was more than horrified as well.

This ordinary looking middle-aged man sitting at the same table and greeting Huang Xiaolong as Master, just as he did, was actually a Highgod Realm master! A true-blue Highgod Realm master!

Unlike Huang Xiaolong, who had strength rivaling a Highgod Realm master despite only being a Tenth Order God Realm cultivator.

Huang Xiaolong stood up.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and the three Peng brothers followed, getting up from their seats.

Huang Xiaolong slowly walked toward the Wan Family's Grand Elders, Elders, and disciples.

"Huang, Huang Xiaolong, no, I don't..." Wan Yu's face had lost all color, petrified.

Huang Xiaolong right hand raised.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was really going to kill him, Wan Yu's eyes rolled back and fainted on the spot.

Looking at this, Huang Xiaolong shook his head and lost interest. He turned to Wan Long, "We're going to your Wan Family's main mansion!"

Wan Long was stumped at first, but quickly acknowledged Huang Xiaolong's order.

At the same time, within the Wan Family's secret chamber, the Wan Family's current Patriarch Wan Runshan and Wan Family Ancestor, Wan Lixiong, were discussing matters related to the next Patriarch when Wan Lixiong detected Huang Hongtian's divine might and was alarmed.

"There's a Highgod Realm master inside our Wan Family City? A phoenix aura? A master from the Phoenix Clan!" Wan Lixiong didn't expect this.

"Ancestor, I'll go out and see." Wan Runshan took his leave with a somber face. Any super force would handle matters related to Highgod Realm masters with caution.

The Wan Family's Ancestor Wan Lixiong nodded, "Alright, if the other side came bearing ill-intent, there's no need to maintain courtesy, that person only has an early First Order Highgod Realm strength."

Wan Rushan nodded, indicating he understood.

"No need, we're here." Just as Wan Runshan turned around to leave the secret chamber, a voice sounded. A bright light flashed as several figures appeared inside the secret chamber.

The Wan Family Ancestor Wan Lixiong and Patriarch Wan Rushan were startled.

"Wan Long!" Wan Rushan immediately spotted Wan Long standing beside Huang Xiaolong, snapping in anger, "How dare you violate the Wan Family's rules, bringing outsiders into our Wan Family's restricted chamber?!"

The Wan Family Ancestor Wan Lixiong raised his hand, silencing Wan Runshan with a wave. His gaze swept over the several intruders, finally stopping on Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi and the Phoenix Clan Ancestor Huang Yixiao, "You all are? What purpose do you have coming to my Wan Family's main manor?"

With his keen sight, he already determined that the strongest among these intruders were Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi and the Phoenix Clan Ancestor.

But neither Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nor the Phoenix Clan Ancestor answered him.

Huang Xiaolong spoke: "I am Huang Xiaolong."

The Wan Family Ancestor was stumped, he and Wan Runshan looked doubtfully at Huang Xiaolong.

"You, Huang Xiaolong? The Black Warrior Institute Principal's and the Ascending Moon Old Man's personal disciple?" Both Wan Lixiong and Wan Runshan observed Huang Xiaolong with strange expressions.

"Yes." Huang Xiaolong continued indifferently, "My purpose in coming here today is to subjugate the Wan Family."

Wan Lixiong and Wan Rushan were taken aback once more, then laughter set in.

Wan Lixiong was on the verge of tears from laughing, "Huang Xiaolong, even if your Master, the Black Warrior Institute Principal, comes here personally, he wouldn't dare spout such a lie. I've heard you're the most promising and talented genius in all four galaxies, but who knew, meeting you today, that you're nothing but a fool!"

Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to exchange any more words back and forth, he signaled Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and the Peng brothers from the corner of his eye.

Thus, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi and the others no longer concealed their auras, fully spreading them out.

Overwhelming divine might shook the sturdy secret chamber.

Wan Lixiong and Wan Runshan stared wide-eyed petrified at six people" "Six, six Highgod Realm masters!!"