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Chapter 762: So Many Wan Family's Masters!

 Five Wan Family core disciples were suddenly thrown back to the wall, bleeding from their seven orifices, throwing the restaurant into disarray. All the other family disciples and customers jumped to their feet, rushing to sides in order to avoid being implicated by the situation.

After a good while passed, the pointed face Wan Family core disciple was the first to struggle up, he was the strongest amongst the five disciples, a late-Fifth Order God Realm cultivator.

Fear and wrath flickered past his face glaring at the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and those with him.

"Who are you lot? You've got some guts to attack us in the Wan Family City! Do you know who we are? We're core disciples of the Wan Family, my grandfather is the Wan Family's Grand Elder, Wan Bi!" That pointed face Wan Family disciple yelled, pointing at Huang Xiaolong's group.

This city was their Wan Family's territory. More often than not, not only in Wan Family City, but in the whole Wan Family World, no one dared to oppose disciples of their Wan Family.

But now, someone dared to assault them, core disciples, right in the heart of the Wan Family City!

This was rebelling against the heavens!

Even though the other side's strength was alarming, his anger was higher than fear.

Huang Xiaolong's calm but cold voice sounded, "Who are we? I'm none other than Huang Xiaolong." Though Huang Xiaolong's voice wasn't loud, it was clear enough to reach everyone's ears.

The surrounding family disciples gasped in surprise.

"Huang Xiaolong! The Black Warrior Institute and the Ascending Moon Old Man's personal disciple, that Huang Xiaolong?!"

"Why would he appear here? Didn't the rumors say that he had secluded himself in Martial Spirit World ever since he won the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition?"

"But this isn't the Black Tortoise Galaxy, even more so not the Black Warrior Institute. He injured core disciples of the Wan Family inside their city, this matter definitely won't end so easily. Looks like this Huang Xiaolong's about to eat some bitterness."

Hushed whispers came from the surrounding family disciples.

Only now did the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, and the others find out that Huang Xiaolong was actually the Black Warrior Institute Principal and the Ascending Moon Old Man's personal disciple.

That pointed face Wan Family disciple was also stunned, "You are Huang Xiaolong?!" Who would have thought that the Huang Xiaolong they were talking about would be a young man sitting right beside them?

"Huang Xiaolong, don't think you act recklessly in our Wan Family World just because you're the Black Warrior Institute Principal's and the Ascending Moon Old Man's personal disciple!" Another Wan Family disciple that managed to stand up shouted in anger, "You think we don't dare beat you up?! It's not your place to act high and mighty in our Wan Family World!"

"That's right, Huang Xiaolong! Kneel down, kowtow and apologize!" A different Wan Family disciple yelled, "Otherwise, in a second, we'll make you eat dog shit on your knees!"

Even though the five Wan Family disciples were surprised by Huang Xiaolong's appearance, when they remembered that this place was the Vermilion Bird Galaxy, Wan Family City, their tone grew increasingly arrogant.

The Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others who were already upset were about to teach these Wan Family disciples a lesson when Huang Xiaolong suddenly tapped a finger lightly in the air. The five Wan Family disciples were thrown into the air, crashing into the restaurant doors then rolled onto the street.

When the five people stopped rolling, the pedestrians on the street could see a bloody hole in their chests, right where their Qi Sea was. The force from Huang Xiaolong's finger tap earlier not only pierced through their chests, but it also shattered all five Wan Family disciples' Qi Seas. Then again, he kept them alive.

"You, you destroyed our Qi Seas!" The pointed face disciple shrieked, staring at Huang Xiaolong with dread and hatred, his face deathly pale.

The other four Wan Family disciples' faces were also bloodlessly pale. No one was ignorant of what a destroyed Qi Sea meant. Unless a Highgod Realm master was willing to help them, they would end up as useless wastes.

"Get lost now, or die!" Huang Xiaolong's gaze was piercing cold.

With despair on their faces, all five disciples ran away in a sorry state.

"Master, these several puny runts don't warrant Master to act, just leave them to us." Phoenix Clan Ancestor respectfully said to Huang Xiaolong, "They should count themselves lucky just having their Qi Seas destroyed."

Huang Xiaolong lightly shook his head, "No hurry, we have time. They'll come back."

That several Wan Family disciples would surely return for revenge, and the reason why Huang Xiaolong didn't kill them was to have them return with reinforcements.

"Waiter, is our order ready?" At this point, Huang Xiaolong tilted his head slightly toward the waiter, asking.

The waiter shivered, quickly answering, "It's ready, it's ready, we're bringing it up right now." Then he ran off, returning almost immediately with Huang Xiaolong's food and wine.

Most of the surrounding customers stood around, not planning to leave.

They too understood that those Wan Family disciples wouldn't let this matter end like this, therefore, a good show was almost certain if they waited.

Huang Xiaolong ignored those family disciples hanging around. Raising his wine bowl in a toast, he said, "Old Dragon, let us drink!"

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi grinned, clicking wine bowls with Huang Xiaolong and gulped down his share of wine.

Noticing that the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others did not move, Huang Xiaolong indicated they could start eating, only then did they dare to pick up their chopsticks or wine bowls.

Shortly, a Wan Family disciple arrived. Not the reinforcements, but Wan Long.

After receiving Huang Xiaolong's summon, Wan Long had rushed out from his own courtyard, but when he reached the restaurant, he was inwardly surprised at the broken and messy restaurant.

"Wan Long! I didn't expect the Wan Family would send Wan Long over to deal with Huang Xiaolong!"

"Wan Long is the top master on the Highgod Advancement List, and also the strongest person in the four galaxies below the Highgod Realm. Having Wan Long here is more than enough to deal with Huang Xiaolong!"

"You guys take a guess, will Huang Xiaolong flee or beg for mercy from Wan Long?"

As the first ranked on the Highgod Advancement List for so many years, Wan Long was a legendary figure in the four galaxies, and also the invincible idol in the hearts of many people living in the Wan Family World.

Wan Long's appearance instantly raised a wave of commotion.

Though most of the surrounding disciples wondered why Wan Long arrived so fast, most of them assumed that he was sent here by the Wan Family elders to take care of Huang Xiaolong, thus everyone was excited and looking on with anticipation.

While the surrounding disciples whispered in hushed excitement, Wan Long walked straight up to Huang Xiaolong's table. Then, all of a sudden, he knelt down, respectfully greeting, "Wan Long greets Master!"

The surrounding noises abruptly died down.

All the surrounding disciples that had been whispering in excitement wore dumbfounded expressions watching the scene in front of them, looking at Wan Long who was kneeling before Huang Xiaolong.


Did their ears heard wrongly?

"Stand up." Huang Xiaolong said.

"Thank you, Master!"

Wan Long's second 'Master' completely shattered the last hopes these disciples harbored.

They turned to look at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief, then back again at Wan Long.

"Sit." As if he didn't notice the gazes directed at him, Huang Xiaolong pointed at an empty seat to Wan Long.

Wan Long complied respectfully and sat down.

Only after Wan Long sat down did Huang Xiaolong ask, "What is the issue with that Wan Taoyang?"

Wan Long was startled by Huang Xiaolong's question, but he recovered quickly, answering, "That Wan Taoyang is our current Wan Family Patriarch Wan Runshan's son. Initially, Patriarch Wan Runshan planned to have his son succeed the next Patriarch's position, but the majority of our family's Grand Elders and Elders support me as the next Patriarch."

Huang Xiaolong nodded; so that Wan Taoyang was the son of the current Wan Family Patriarch. No wonder he was eligible to compete for the Patriarch position with Wan Long.

All of a sudden, a loud ruckus sounded from outside.

Some family disciples were already exclaiming, "So many Wan Family's masters, the Wan Family's masters have arrived!"

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