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Chapter 761: The Wan Family

 Chapter 761: The Wan Family

Not long after leaving the Fire World, Huang Xiaolong's group of seven reached the closest world surface that had a transmission array, transferring to another world surface.

They continued to travel by the transmission arrays until they arrived at a world surface under the Wan Family's governance. Remembering something, Huang Xiaolong stopped and said to everyone, "We'll stay for two days here in this Wan Family World and continue after that."

Of course, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, and the three Peng brothers had no objections.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi could roughly guess Huang Xiaolong's plan when he heard him say they were going to stay in the Wan Family World.

This world surface was the place where the Wan Family's headquarters was located!

This was the place where the the family of Wan Long, the Highgod Advancement list's first ranker, was located!

Huang Xiaolong and the others strode out from the transmission array, then inquired the location of the Wan Family's headquarters and headed straight to Wan Family City.

With Huang Xiaolong and the others' speed, half an hour later they arrived at the center of the Wan Family World, at a city called Wan Family City.

After entering the Wan Family City, Huang Xiaolong, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, and the rest came to a big restaurant named Heaven's Capital. Seating down around a table next to the window, Huang Xiaolong communicated with Wan Long through a jade slip, saying that he was currently in the Wan Family City and wanted him to come over.

Wan Long promptly replied in a respectful tone that he was rushing over that instant.

"Gentleman, what dishes and wine would you like to order?" A waiter came scurrying over to Huang Xiaolong's table, inquiring.

Everyone at the table turned to look at Huang Xiaolong. Without his permission, they dared not jump ahead and order as they liked.

"Your best wine, first bring up eight jugs. Add several of your best dishes as well." Huang Xiaolong simply said. Before the waiter could utter another word, he placed a top saint grade spirit stone on the table.

Seeing this, the waiter beamed and repeatedly bowed, his manner and tone courteous as he informed them that the wine and dishes would be served right away.

While Huang Xiaolong's group was waiting for their orders to be served, five young men walked into the restaurant, all clad in Wan Family's disciple robes. Sewn on the chest of their brocade robes was the head of a divine beast, the White Fox.

Judging from their appearances, all five of them were core disciples of the Wan Family.

The Wan Family had a Nine-Tailed White Fox ancient divine beast as guardian, hence, all the Wan Family core disciples would have the emblem of a white fox's head on their robes.

The five swaggered in with obnoxious attitudes right up to a table near the window, chasing out the other families' disciples that were occupying the table and took over.

After taking their seats, the five Wan Family core disciples shouted loudly for the waiter, ordering the best wine and dishes and demanding for theirs to be served first. If they saw that others' orders were served before theirs, they would take down the restaurant.

The waiter could only bow and repeated nodded.

At this point, tiny frowns creased the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the several Highgod Realm masters' brows.

"His mother, what kind of dog-shit luck did that Wan Long run into, taming an ancient fierce beast's descendant, a Tenth Order God Realm Fire Patterned Leopard! Now all the Elders and Grand Elders are strongly supporting him as the successor for the next Wan Family Patriarch position!" One of them grumbled angrily.

"That's right! Initially, it was Big brother Wan Taoyang who had the most potential in succeeding the Patriarch position. But now, everything fell right between his fingers." Another one chimed in.

Another Wan Family core disciple with a pointed face snickered, "That Wan Long's good days are about to end, let me tell you, Big brother Wan Taoyang is now associating with the Vermilion Bird Institute's Vice Principal He Feifan, and he gave his word to Big brother Wan Taoyang that he would support him as the next Wan Family Patriarch!"

"Vice Principal He Feifan!" The other four exclaimed in surprise.

Huang Xiaolong's interest was piqued, even Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi looked stunned for a second.

Huang Xiaolong and Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi did not expect the struggle for the next Wan Family Patriarch position to involve He Feifan.

Watching the four people's expressions, the pointed face Wan Family disciple complacently added, "Exactly, none other that Vice Principal He Feifan! Anyways, after the Highgod Advancement Tournament ends, it will be the time for our Wan Family to select the next Patriarch. At that time, Vice Principal He Feifan would also attend to support Big brother Wan Taoyang. Therefore, it doesn't matter if I'm telling you guys about this now, but when Vice Principal He Feifan wins the top spot in the tournament, he'll no longer be just the Vice Principal, but the Vermilion Bird Institute's Principal!"

The other four were elated hearing this, understanding all too well what this news represented.

If He Feifan really succeeded the Principal's position, with his identity as the Vermilion Bird Institute Principal supporting their Big brother Wan Taoyang, the Wan Family higher echelon would be swayed, casting their votes to their Big brother instead.

"But, can Vice Principal He Feifan really get the top spot in the Highgod Advancement Tournament?" One of the four was a little doubtful, asking in a hushed voice.

The same pointed face disciple sneered, "Vice Principal He Feifan has broken through to the Highgod Realm, do you think any of the participants will be his opponents?"

"But I heard that the Azure Dragon Institute's Xiang Mingzhi has obtained the Azure Dragon Divine Fire and has entered the Azure Dragon Institute's forbidden land to cultivate. Moreover, some say that he has a very high chance of receiving the first Azure Dragon Institute Principal's heritage!" That disciple weakly protested.

"True ah, although Xiang Mingzhi's cultivation time is comparably shorter, if he really did get the first Azure Dragon Institute Principal's heritage before the Highgod Advancement Tournament begins, who knows to what extent his cultivation would improve. He has the most powerful divine fire in the four galaxies, the Azure Dragon Divine Fire!" Another Wan Family core disciple said.

"Don't forget the Black Warrior Institute's Huang Xiaolong, his monstrous talent is acknowledged by many people. I heard that in the last Alchemist Grandmaster Competition, he was already a peak mid-Ninth Order God Realm. Who can say how much he will improve until the tournament begins." Another Wan Family core disciple added.

When the pointed face disciple heard that, he laughed like he had heard a joke, "Huang Xiaolong? You think that Huang Xiaolong is worthy of being a threat to Vice Principal He Feifan? That's the biggest joke in the world! Do you think that Huang Xiaolong is capable of breaking through into the Highgod Realm within a hundred years' time? Didn't you all hear what Vice Principal He Feifan said during his celebration banquet? Huang Xiaolong is not qualified to be his opponent."

That pointed face disciple raised his head, a derisive smile on his face, "Vice Principal He Feifan also said that if Huang Xiaolong cultivates for another thousand years or so and breaks through to the Highgod Realm, at that time he might consider if Huang Xiaolong is worthy to be his opponent."

Listening in on the five people's conversation, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, and the three Peng brothers were enraged.

At first, at the mention of Huang Xiaolong's name, the Highgod Realm masters' interest was aroused and thus listened attentively. It never crossed their minds that their Master was so famous. He was a disciple of the Black Warrior Institute, yet even these Vermilion Bird Galaxy's prominent families' disciples were aware of their Master's name.

But, that pointed face Wan Family core disciple actually revealed what He Feifan said about their Master, that he was not qualified to be his opponent and he should cultivate for a thousand years more!

Killing intent boiled in their hearts.

If Huang Xiaolong was not qualified to be that He Feifan's opponent, what about them?

Though Huang Xiaolong did not say anything this time, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor couldn't hold himself back, issuing a cold harrumph.

The five Wan Family disciples' consciousness felt a violent shake, as if struck by multiple streaks of lightning. All five disciples were knocked back against the wall, bleeding from their seven orifices.