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Chapter 749: The Phoenix Clan Alerted!

 Chapter 749: The Phoenix Clan Alerted!

When Wan Long's group was out of sight, Huang Xiaolong turned toward a direction and sped away, riding on the perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm Horned Fire Lion, together with the remaining demonic beasts toward the Phoenix Volcano.

With a group of high-levels demonic beasts following behind Huang Xiaolong, it was a grand sight as they flew toward the central region.

Although the Horned Fire Lion and Luminous Wings Flying Serpent hid their auras, their presence still caused those Seventh Order, Eight Order, and Ninth Order God Realm demonic beasts to scatter away in terror.

Even some Tenth Order God Realm demonic beasts were fleeing away in panic regardless of direction. Those Tenth Order God Realms that struck Huang Xiaolong's fancy would be captured and tamed, adding to the group behind him.

After giving Wan Long's group one beast mount per person, only nineteen demonic beasts remained at his side. However, ten days later, eight new demonic beasts were added onto the nineteen, increasing their number to twenty-seven!

Twenty-seven Tenth Order God Realm and above, and amongst them, five had cultivations at perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm. A group with such massive fighting power was sufficient to destroy any one of the four galaxies' first rank forces.

When the group arrived at a particular mountain range, Huang Xiaolong stopped high in the air.

"We'll probably reach the Phoenix Volcano in another day." Huang Xiaolong said in a low voice, to no one in particular. However, before reaching the Phoenix Volcano, he decided to first refine the two Fire Scaled Beasts' cores.

Though the two beast cores couldn't help him breakthrough to late-Tenth Order God Realm, they could still, ever so slightly, increase his strength.

He jumped off the Horned Fire Lion's body and landed in a valley in the mountain range below. Huang Xiaolong then ordered the demonic beasts to guard around the valley while he took out both Fire Scaled Beast cores, swallowing them down at the same time.

The moment the two beast cores were swallowed, a scorching hot fire energy spread madly in his body.

On the outside, the surface of Huang Xiaolong's skin was flushing a deep red, as if he was being burned.

Almost instantly, the Black Tortoise Divine Fire in his body glimmered with a beautiful snow white glow, emitting a gentle cold energy. The sudden scorching energy from the beat cores turned into warm strands.

Huang Xiaolong felt warm and comfortable from head to toe. His lobster red skin slowly returned to normal.

The Treasure Dragon diagram inside Huang Xiaolong's body activated, greedily absorbing the fire element energy coming from the beast cores.

Both Fire Scaled Beasts were only half a step away from breaking through to Highgod Realm, their beast cores contained abundant energy that was almost comparable to a Highgod Realm existence.

Even so, one month later, Huang Xiaolong had fully refined both beast cores' energy. At the end, the two Fire Scaled Beasts' cores slightly elevated Huang Xiaolong's strength to peak mid-Tenth Order God Realm, but what really delighted him was the fact that those Fire Scaled Beasts' cores could truly enhance one's soul clarity.

His diamond-like soul clarity was shining even brighter than before.

'I wonder if the current clarity of my soul is enough to condense a rank ten godhead.' Huang Xiaolong inwardly thought. He asked Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, but the old dragon shook his head and answered, 'I don't know.'

Never in the four galaxies' history had anyone been able to condense a godhead ranked ten and above.

Therefore, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi didn't know the required conditions for condensing a rank ten godhead.

"If you're able to find the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire here and integrate with it, your soul's clarity will be further enhanced. At that time, you will definitely be able condense a rank ten godhead!" However, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi sighed in lament the next moment, "Rank ten godhead ah, if you succeed, it will absolutely astound the four galaxies, even other galaxies!"

Even in thousands and thousands of other galaxies, cultivators that were able to condense a rank ten godhead were scarcer than hen's teeth.

The appearance of a single rank ten godhead was enough to cause extreme changes under the heavens.

"Rank ten godhead..." A light flickered Huang Xiaolong's eyes, he absolutely must find the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire!

He then strode energetically out from the valley.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong, all the demonic beasts quickly gathered around him.

In this one month, with the group of demonic beasts on guard, Huang Xiaolong wasn't disturbed during his refinement of the the Fire Scaled Beast cores.

Huang Xiaolong leaped onto the Horned Fire Lion's back, and all the demonic beasts flew in the direction of Phoenix Volcano that Huang Xiaolong pointed to.

Knowing there was no way he could enter the Phoenix Volcano without alerting the Phoenix Clan, Huang Xiaolong decided not to conceal his movements at all. With a large group of demonic beasts behind him, they flew in a matter-of-fact manner closer to Phoenix Volcano.

As long as the Phoenix Clan living around the Phoenix Volcano had less than two Highgod Realm level phoenixes, Huang Xiaolong was confident that, with his strength and the demonic beasts behind him, they had the power to go head to head with the Phoenix Clan.

At worst, his group was only slightly weaker.

As time passed, Huang Xiaolong's group was getting closer to the Phoenix Volcano.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong tamed another perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm, a Golden Pupils Fire Ape, increasing Huang Xiaolong's demonic beasts to twenty-eight.

At this time, his movements finally alerted the Phoenix Clan.

"What did you say? There are twenty-eight Tenth Order God Realm and above demonic beasts coming toward our Phoenix Volcano?" The Phoenix Clan's Patriarch, Huang Hongtian, was shocked when he heard the report from the clan's Elder Huang Huaiyuan.

So were the other twenty over Grand Elders of the clan.

Initially, the Patriarch and all the Grand Elders were gathered to discuss the violent energy fluctuations coming from underneath the Phoenix Volcano, they did not expect to hear such a report.

"That is so, moreover, six amongst them are perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm, and eleven are late-Tenth Order God Realm!" Elder Huang Huaiyan emphasized.

This brought a bigger reaction out of everyone present.

"Are you sure they're flying toward our Phoenix Volcano?" Phoenix Clan Patriarch Huang Hongtian asked in a solemn voice.

Six perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm!

Eleven are late-Tenth Order God Realm!

Even if their Phoenix Clan could defeat and kill this demonic beast group, they would pay a heavy price.

"From the direction they are flying, the chances are nine out of ten that they are coming our way!" Huang Huaiyuan answered, his voice sounded just as solemn. "One strange thing is, there's a mid-Tenth Order God Realm human among them."

"A mid-Tenth Order God Realm human!" Echoes of astonishments rang in the hall.

"From what this subordinate could see, so many high-level demonic beasts heading to our Phoenix Volcano is most likely related to this human." Huang Huaiyuan added.

"Oh, speak the reason for your speculation." Huang Hongtian asked.

"Because that human is riding on a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm Horned Fire Lion that is at the front of the group, the other demonic beasts are following behind him." Huang Huaiyuan answered.

"This is impossible!" Hearing Huang Huaiyuan's answer, the thoughts that ran through everyone's mind was impossible.

"You're saying that this group of demonic beasts is listening to the orders of a mid-Tenth Order God Realm human?" Huang Hongtian too found it unbelievable.

Why would a group of Tenth Order God Realm and above demonic beasts follow the orders of a mid-Tenth Order God Realm human? Not to mention the fact that there were six perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm demonic beasts in that group.

"This subordinate thinks it is probably true." Huang Huaiyan replied, despite he himself not believing that something like this was possible, but this was the most logical answer.

"Patriarch, should we report this matter to the Ancestor?" One of the Elders asked.

Huang Hongtian shook his head, a sharp light gleamed in his eyes, "That isn't necessary for the time being, let's first determine the other party's purpose in coming here. Pass down my order, the entire clan is to prepare for battle!" Finished saying this, Huang Hongtian stood up, "All of you come with me to stop them!"