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Chapter 744: First Exchange With The Highgod Advancement List’s First Ranker

 Chapter 744: First Exchange With The Highgod Advancement Lists First Ranker

Their companion who attacked Huang Xiaolong was a mid-Tenth Order God Realm master!

Yet he was forced back with a casual wave of his hand!

Wan Long's face sank as he coldly stared at Huang Xiaolong, "What is the meaning of this?"

Huang Xiaolong slightly tilted his head, his expression all too clear that he was looking an idiot, mockery in his tone, "I'm enjoying my wine here, yet you guys cause trouble out of nothing, wanting to seal my mouth by killing me, but you're asking me what's the meaning of this? I didn't expect the number one person on the Highgod Advancement List to actually be such an idiot!"

An idiot!

Huang Xiaolong's words reverberated in these five people's minds, disbelief stamped all over their faces.

There was someone who dared to call the number one person on the Highgod Advancement List, Wan Long, an idiot!?!

Wan Long's killing intent rose like a storm, quickly replacing his shock.

Black gaseous energy surged out from Wan Long's body, shrouding the surrounding trees and plants, instantly dyeing them black. A moment later, all of them disintegrated into the same black gaseous energy, rising up to the air.

The other four of Wan Long's companions retreated in haste, afraid of the slightest contact with the black gas. Fear was written all over their faces.

However, when this black gaseous energy came close to Huang Xiaolong, it was sucked away by an invisible whelming force. Not a wisp of the black gas remained, not a wisp touched Huang Xiaolong.

Wan Long's eyes narrowed darkly watching this.

This was the first time he encountered someone below the Highgod Realm who didn't fear his dark energy!

By now, Huang Xiaolong had finished the jug of Heavenly Pill Wine in his hand, throwing the empty jug to the side with a casual flick of his wrist and stood up as he looked directly at Wan Long. Although this Wan Long had yet to breakthrough to the Highgod Realm, he was someone holding the top position on the Highgod Advancement List, he could be considered the strongest person below the Highgod Realm that Huang Xiaolong had met so far.

Which was why Huang Xiaolong purposely didn't dodge his attack.

Wan Long stood righteously with his hand clasped behind his back, his cold gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong, "It has been a long time since I last fought, because below the Highgod Realm, there is no one worthy for me to act personally. You should feel honored that you made me act, but it is also your misfortune!"

With Wan Long's status and strength, his four companions didn't feel that Wan Long's words were arrogant. In fact, to them, it was only fitting.

However, Huang Xiaolong couldn't resist laughing out loud when he heard Wan Long's words. Though it was a low sounding laughter, Wan Long's face went slightly red with anger, "What're you laughing at?!"

Huang Xiaolong was still laughing as he answered, "Why do I feel you're just like the Ascending Moon Old Man? But you have the aura of a bastard."

Aura of a bastard!

"What did you say-?!" Fury erupted in Wan Long's eyes. Though he had no idea who this damn Ascending Moon Old Man the punk in front of him was referring to, he dared to call him a bastard?!

"Die!!" Wan Long gave a sharp holler, leaping up into the air and attacking Huang Xiaolong at lightning speed.

Two enormous palms made of dark energy howled through the air, slamming down on Huang Xiaolong.

Wherever those two dark energy palms passed, everything remotely close-by turned into a dark gray color, as if all light was drowned out in the dark gray vacuum.

"This is Holy Dark Energy, I didn't expect this kid to have cultivated the Holy Dark Scroll's highest stage, forming holy dark energy in his body." Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi hurried to remind Huang Xiaolong, "Don't let the holy dark energy touch you."

In truth, not needing Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to caution him, Huang Xiaolong had already dodged far away from Wan Long's attack.

Although Huang Xiaolong had no real fear of Wan Long's holy dark energy because of his the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, contamination was quite troublesome.

Dodging the other party's attack, Huang Xiaolong employed the Phantom Shadow martial ability, arriving in front of Wan Long in a split second. Then, the true immortal essence force in his dantian roared, his palm striking out at Wan Long's torso.

Huang Xiaolong's strike was purely his physical strength and his true immortal essence fire, without using any other skills.

The golden-white palm force cut through the vacuum created by the holy dark energy. Against Huang Xiaolong's true immortal essence fire, the holy dark energy was reduced to nothing.

Wan Long closed his eyes by reflex, hurt by the blinding golden-white light from Huang Xiaolong's palm. Startled, Wan Long forcefully twisted his body to one side, and with this twist, he vanished from the spot.

Huang Xiaolong's palm landed on empty air where Wan Long was standing just a split second ago.

Space rippled and his palm left a clear handprint in space, as if the palmprint was a solid entity standing in the air, not dispersing.

Some distance away, Wan Long's four companions paled significantly watching this. Only Highgod Realm masters that had comprehended God's Law could preserve their attack in midair, not dispersing for a long time.

Yet this young man was obviously no Highgod Realm master. On top of that, Wan Long was actually forced to use his Greater Teleportation talisman?

This Greater Teleportation Talisman was something Wan Long found inside cave dwelling belonging to an ancient God. When the talisman was in effect, it allowed the owner to perform short distance Greater Teleportation. There were only five talismans in total, and each one was extremely precious. Wan Long didn't even use this talisman when he recently faced a Highgod Realm master.

Yet, Wan Long used it now!

While the four were still in shock, Huang Xiaolong made an abrupt half-turn, striking a palm at a space behind him.

The golden-white palm force crossed the distance in an instant, exploding thunderously, as if it struck a target.

Wan Long's figure flew out awkwardly from the void.

"You can actually detect where I was hiding?!" He was utterly shocked.

This Greater Teleportation Talisman could hide his presence for a full five minutes once used. During this time, any average First Order Highgod Realm master wouldn't be able to detect his location, yet this young man was able to tell exactly where he was hiding. It was clear to Wan Long that Huang Xiaolong's attack was a random guess.

"In this world, nothing is absolute." Huang Xiaolong sagely enlightened.

Ever since he refined that two-million-year-old Black Lotus, Huang Xiaolong's eyes and ears obtained unique abilities, able to see through his surroundings. Not only in his immediate proximity, even if Wan Long had concealed himself in a space pocket several hundred li away, Huang Xiaolong could still see him.

Ignoring the shock on Wan Long's face, Huang Xiaolong used Space Concealment this time, vanishing from the spot just like Wan Long earlier. When he appeared, he was right in front of Wan Long.

Huang Xiaolong's fists had punched out toward his chest.

Wan Long became ashen, shouting in panic, "Dark Radiance Thistle Boundary!" Brutality glinted in his eyes, and his fists punched out to counter Huang Xiaolong's fists. Holy dark energy burst out from his left hand, whereas in his right hand were bright spheres of light force.

The two opposing forces merged together as they attacked Huang Xiaolong, expanding in size and forming an enchantment around Huang Xiaolong, sealing him inside.

Huang Xiaolong's fists struck the wall of the Dark Radiance Thistle Boundary enchantment.

Wan Long watched dazedly as his most powerful defense, the Dark Radiance Thistle Boundary that could trap a Highgod Realm master for a good while, was incinerated under Huang Xiaolong's golden-white fists.

Huang Xiaolong's fists continued onward, flying toward Wan Long.

"Holy Dark Armor!" Unable to dodge in time, Wan Long summoned his Holy Dark Armor. Dark force wound around his body, protecting him entirely.

At the front of Wan Long's armor was an emblem of a wrathful ghost that seemed alive, baring its fangs.

Huang Xiaolong's fists landed exactly on the fangs baring ghost emblem.

Wan Long felt his body shake violently and was knocked backwards into the air.