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Chapter 729: Entering the Vermilion Bird Institute Library

 Chapter 729: Entering the Vermilion Bird Institute Library

Seeing that Qi Qianqian's group still stood there dazedly instead of hurrying off, Huang Xiaolong's eyebrow raised suspiciously, putting on a wicked grin, "Baby girl, if you all are not leaving, I'm going to strip everyone's pants off!"

Strip their pants off!

Huang Xiaolong's scare was effective, Qi Qianqian and the female elite disciples that came with her all paled, fleeing in panic and as fast as they could. In an instant, not a single person left.

Liu Yilong and the other five followers hastened to Huang Xiaolong's side, chuckling evilly watching Qi Qianqian's group of female disciples escaping for their lives, "Big bro, you're gonna let Qi Qianqian go just like this? If it were me, I'd rape and kill."

"Raping first then killing is meaningless. If it were me, I'd kill then rape!" Another follower laughed atrociously.

Based on Cheng Huai'an's behavior, these followers wouldn't differ much.

Huang Xiaolong's palm struck the back of Liu Yilong's head, snapping, "Roll away for me!"

Liu Yilong rubbed his throbbing head, flashing an awkward smile, "Big bro, I'm not lying, why don't we chase up and catch them? Qi Qianqian is Big bro's, and the remaining several female disciples for us brothers."

Huang Xiaolong glared at Liu Yilong, baring, "If you all don't leave now, I'll cut off your 'little brother'!"

Hearing this, Liu Yilong and the other five unconsciously tightened their legs, not daring to utter another word, bowing repeatedly at Huang Xiaolong, "Big bro, we're leaving, leaving right now."

Huang Xiaolong ignored them. After Liu Yilong's group flew away, the Lightning Fire Peak returned to its usual quiet.

Glancing at Liang Guang's piece of meat on the ground, Huang Xiaolong flicked a small spark of true immortal essence fire over, incinerating it into ash, blown away by the breeze.

Then he disappeared from the spot, heading to the Vermilion Bird Institute's library.

The Vermilion Bird Institute library was located on the One Solitude Peak, some distance away, therefore it was half a day later by the time Huang Xiaolong reached the One Solitude Peak.

The library was built on halfway up the mountain by digging the earth in the center out, creating a recess.

When Huang Xiaolong descended on the square in front of the library, he could see many Vermilion Bird Institute disciples going in and out of the entrance, from inner disciples, elite disciples, and occasionally one or two Elders.

Outer disciples were not allowed into the library, only those who were promoted to inner disciples and above were allowed to peruse the knowledge guarded inside.

When Huang Xiaolong walked toward the Vermilion Bird Institute library, inner disciples and elite disciples in his path scurried to the side to give way. Fear as well as hatred could be seen on their faces.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly inside, noting these expressions directed toward him. Evidently, this Cheng Huai'an's personality was really one of the worst, evoking animosity from this many inner and elite disciples.

Pushing these things out of his mind, Huang Xiaolong strode into the library.

The library entrance was actually normal, slightly over a dozen meters tall, but after crossing over the entrance threshold, the scene in front of Huang Xiaolong's eyes changed. Rows and rows of shelves lined to the top with books, further than the eye could see.

Every column had two large shelves placed on the left and right. There were three paths altogether, one between two shelves, and the other two paths were on the other sides of the shelves. Every path was thirty meters wide.

According to Cheng Huai'an, the Vermilion Bird Institute had ten floors above ground and another ten underground floors. The scene in front of Huang Xiaolong was the first floor above built above the ground.

However, just the books on this floor, forget reading all of them, just counting the books one by one would probably take ten years, even twenty years!

Fortunately, Huang Xiaolong's divine sense was able to cover a large area, therefore he didn't need to read like a mortal, word by word, flipping page by page.

Huang Xiaolong stood in front of a random bookshelf and spread his divine sense, instantly enveloping the entire large bookshelf. Every single word in that bookshelf flooded into Huang Xiaolong's mind.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong left, walking toward another bookshelf.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was looking for information and not to learn techniques that required time to comprehend.

Some disciples that passed by Huang Xiaolong's side noticed his strange behavior, unmoving as he stood beside a bookshelf. It raised their curiosity and a few more glances.

Then again, most of these disciples recognized Cheng Huai'an. Thus, despite feeling strange, no one dared to question or disturb Huang Xiaolong.

This saved Huang Xiaolong a lot of trouble, being interrupted in the middle would slow down his progress.

The day passed quickly and night arrived.

The soft glow from night pearls laid inside the library recess lit up every corner.

In order to find the information he needed, Huang Xiaolong did not leave the library that night, he continued to search the bookshelves one by one with his divine sense, memorizing all the information.

For three consecutive days, Huang Xiaolong stayed inside the library, not taking a step outside as he repeated the same action, moving onto the next bookshelf every half an hour.

Huang Xiaolong's strange behavior roused certain disciples and library supervisors' interest.

Although there were many disciples that stayed for more than three days inside the library, Huang Xiaolong's odd behavior of standing in front of a bookshelf for half an hour before moving onto the next bookshelf stood out from the rest.

One of the disciples supervising the library reported this matter to the Elder in charge of the first floor.

The Elder shook his head saying, "As long as that brat doesn't damage any books or break library rules, leave him alone."

Despite the Elder saying that, he himself was curious as well. He knew Cheng Huai'an's personality-arrogant, imperious, lustful, a troublemaker through and through. Someone that didn't step into the library once in a hundred years, yet now he was in the library, behaving, for three days straight...?!

Piqued, the Elder began to secretly monitor Huang Xiaolong.

However, after several days of monitoring in secret, that Elder did not find anything suspicious, so he gave up and left Huang Xiaolong alone.

Another ten days passed by in a blink.

On this day, just as Huang Xiaolong was done with a bookshelf and was about to move on to the next one, someone clad in an Elder robe approached Huang Xiaolong with a smiling face, "Junior Brother, here you are!"

Grand Elder Wude had received three personal disciples, and Cheng Huai'an was the youngest. This middle-aged man clad in an Elder robe was Cheng Huai'an's Second Senior Brother, He Jing.

"Senior Brother He, you have matters looking for me?" Huang Xiaolong politely asked.

Although this He Jing was Cheng Huai'an Senior Brother, his personality was completely different from Cheng Huai'an-honest and a little blockhead, which was why Huang Xiaolong responded politely.

He Jing waved his hand, smiling, "It's not me looking for Junior Brother, it's Master who wants to see you. I went to the Lightning Fire Peak, but I couldn't find you there and heard that you were here in the library."

Wude wanted to see him?

Huang Xiaolong's mind quickly ran through the possibilities. Was it due to the matter with Liang Guang, or his breakthrough to Seventh Order God Realm?

But he had no choice in this. If Wude wanted to see him, Huang Xiaolong could only follow He Jing out from the library to Wude's Death Prison Peak.

In charge of Vermilion Bird Institute's Punishment Hall, Wude was someone with a heavy slaughter aura, even the name of his residence emitted a strong bloodlust.

Huang Xiaolong walked behind He Jing as they entered the palace hall and saw Wude there. He had a thin and small stature, but his eyes seemed to be laced with a hint of green; an old man with thick muscular arms and red hair.

When Wude saw him walk in, those eyes with a hint of green were fixed on Huang Xiaolong.