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Chapter 727: Qi Qianqian

 Chapter 727: Qi Qianqian

The Vermilion Bird Institute's elite disciples opened their cultivation dwellings on the Virile Fire mountain range of the Vermilion Bird World Surface.

According to Cheng Huai'an's memories, a large fire element spirit stone mine was sealed below this Virile Fire mountain range. This is why the spiritual energy in the Virile Fire mountain range was many times richer than any other locations in the Vermilion Bird Institute.

Cheng Huai'an was a late-Sixth Order God Realm, as well a personal disciple of Grand Elder Wude, the overseer of the Punishment Hall, thus Cheng Huai'an's cultivation dwelling shouldn't be bad.

Not only it wasn't bad, Cheng Huai'an's Lightning Fire Peak was shrouded in thick spiritual energy throughout the year, located right at the center of the fire element spirit stones mine. Despite the Lightning Fire Peak's rich spiritual energy, its defensive formation was only so-so.

After half a day of flying, Huang Xiaolong reached the Lightning Fire Peak. Looking at its defensive formation, Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

The defensive formation arranged by Cheng Huai'an around Lightning Fire Peak was filled with holes and weak points in Huang Xiaolong's eyes. Perhaps it was sufficient to prevent cultivators of Seventh Order God Realm and below from entering, but then again, there would also be Seventh Order God Realm cultivators that could break this defensive formation in a few attacks.

Pondering slightly, Huang Xiaolong took out some Divine World iron and ores and rearranged a new defensive formation around the mountain peak.

Searching through old records in the Vermilion Bird Institute library would take an indefinite amount of time. Since he would be staying for quite a while on this Lightning Fire Peak, it was necessary to strengthen the defensive formation around it.

After some refinement, the defensive formations' strength had increased more than tenfold. This was merely Huang Xiaolong casually improving the formation slightly in case it caught unwanted attention.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently used one thousand divine grade spirit stones to arrange a Spirit Amplifying Array to further increase the spiritual energy on the Lightning Fire Peak. In the end, Huang Xiaolong added two other ancient divine formations. When activated, these two divine ancient formations would isolate the Lightning Fire Peak from the outside world, so that when Huang Xiaolong cultivated or broke through, it wouldn't alarm anyone.

When he finished all this work two days later, he felt more secure. He no longer needed to worry that the Vermilion Bird Institute masters would notice when he was absorbing Black Tortoise star force during cultivation.

In leisure strides, Huang Xiaolong went inside the Lightning Fire Peak's palace residence.

As he passed by a spiritual tree, a gentle force from his hand wrapped around a fiery red fruit, falling into his palm. Biting into the fruit, a tasty sweet fragrance filled his mouth.

This fiery red fruit was called Fire Essence Fruit and was a renowned spiritual fruit in the galaxy. It was said that consuming it could strengthen one's physical body, even changing one's physical attributes. Cheng Huai'an got this tree from a world surface named Fire World in the Vermilion Bird Galaxy.

Although this Lightning Fire Peak's defensive formation was shabby in Huang Xiaolong's eyes, Cheng Huai'an, that guy, managed to turn the inside of the residence into a picturesque wonderland, lined with spiritual items and some rare treasures.

Of course, most of them were robbed from others, relying on his identity. The number of family disciples that had things stolen by Cheng Huai'an would make a long list. Many of them were even killed by Cheng Huai'an and had their bodies destroyed; a clean job.

'I should head to the Vermilion Bird Institute's library tomorrow.' Huang Xiaolong thought to himself as he bit into a Fire Essence Fruit.

Huang Xiaolong was sitting cross-legged inside the Xumi Temple, circulating Asura Tactics as he absorbed Black Tortoise star force from the deep void. Although heg was currently in the Vermilion Bird Galaxy, this didn't hinder him from absorbing Black Tortoise star force.

The Black Tortoise star force poured down from the void like a waterfall into Huang Xiaolong's body.

The night passed peacefully.

When morning arrived, Huang Xiaolong ended his practice for the night and exited the Lightning Fire Peak residence, heading out in the direction of the library. That was when he saw several figures flying toward the Lightning Fire Peak in panic.

"Big bro, it's bad! Qi Qianqian, that wench, is coming over with that Liang Guang guy!" A man with a burly stature yet good-looking features cried out to Huang Xiaolong from afar.

This burly, yet good-looking man's name was Liu Yilong. He was also an elite disciple of the Vermilion Bird Institute taken in by Cheng Huai'an as his right-hand man, a mid-Sixth Order God Realm.

The remaining five people were also followers taken in by Cheng Huai'an, all of them were also Vermilion Bird Institute elite disciples.

Just as Liu Yilong's group of six reached Huang Xiaolong's side, a group of Vermilion Bird elite disciples, both men and women dressed in black brocade robes, were seen chasing behind Liu Yilong.

There were twenty-something people, with half of them women. They were all pretty women, especially the young women leading in the front with a murderous expression. Breasts, check. Face, check. Legs, check.

This woman was Qi Qianqian. The one Liu Yilong was screaming about.

Watching that murderous expression on Qi Qianqian's face, Huang Xiaolong more or less guessed what this ruckus was about.

Cheng Huai'an and Qi Qianqian were never on good terms.

A few days ago, Cheng Huai'an made some snide remarks when he ran into Qi Qianqian. Infuriated, Qi Qianqian started to attack. She was also a late-Sixth Order God Realm like Chang Huai'an, so their strength was more or less equal. However, Cheng Huai'an recently got his hands on a treasure and subdued Qi Qianqian while using it.

Subduing Qi Qianqian was still fine, but Cheng Huai'an was a lustful rascal. Before a crowd, he rubbed Qi Qianqian's derrière and breasts several times, commenting loudly with a wicked laugh, 'very big, very soft, very comfortable.'

Before leaving, Cheng Huai'an even took away Qi Qianqian's sword which always hung at her waist. He announced that if Qi Qianqian wanted her sword back, she should come to the Lightning Fire Peak. As long as she satisfied him, not only would the sword be hers, even he himself was willing to be hers.

Obviously, Qi Qianqian had chosen to take back her sword today.

No doubt, she didn't come to satisfy 'Cheng Huai'an', but to settle a debt.

Huang Xiaolong's gaze turned to the stalwart young man beside her. This must be the person Liu Yilong mentioned earlier, Liang Guang.

The Black Warrior Institute had the Great Five Elite Disciples, and the Vermilion Bird Institute also had something similar. This Liang Guang was one of four Great Elite Disciples of the Vermilion Bird Institute, a peak late-Sixth Order God Realm, close to breaking through to Seventh Order God Realm.

This Liang Guang had always been interested in Qi Qianqian, but Qi Qianqian had never bothered with him. According to Cheng Huai'an's memories, this Liang Guang wasn't anything good. Countless young women and young madames had rolled the bedsheets with him, sowing seeds everywhere.

Looks like Qi Qianqian's anger was so strong that she was willing to ask Liang Guang for help.

The truth is, among the four Great Elite Disciples, only this Liang Guang would help her because the other three Great Elite Disciples didn't dare to offend the Cheng Family or Grand Elder Wude that oversaw the Punishment Hall.

Whereas this Liang Guang's master was the Grand Elder that supervised the Vermilion Bird Institute's Inheritance Hall, and the Liu Family where Liang Guang originated from was also one of Vermilion Bird Galaxy's super families, almost comparable to the Cheng Family.

Moments later, Qi Qianqian and Liang Guang's group arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Qi Qianqian was furious the moment she saw Huang Xiaolong, speaking through gritted teeth, "Dog thief, I'll see if your Master can still protect you this time!" That look in her eyes made it obvious that she wished for nothing more than to tear Huang Xiaolong apart with her hands.

It would be a lie to say to say that she wasn't furious when Cheng Huai'an touched her breasts, in public on top of that!

Hearing Qi Qianqian scold him as 'dog thief', Huang Xiaolong's eyebrow rose, but he didn't say anything. After all, this matter was indeed Cheng Huai'an's fault.

"This Purple Frost Sword, take it back, you can leave now." Huang Xiaolong took out the sword that Cheng Huai'an took from Qi Qianqian and threw it over, speaking with an aloof tone.

Catching the Purple Frost Sword with her hand, Qi Qianqian's furious expression blanked, as if she never expected Chang Huai'an to return her sword so easily.

From Cheng Huai'an's record of imperious attitude, it was impossible for him to be so nice.

"Leave?" Liang Guang chuckled with an evil light in his eyes, "Cheng Huai'an, do you think this matter can be settled just like this?"